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It Was Keeping Me Awake on 2014-04-15

My experience started when I was about 14/15 years old. I had been having a very difficult time at school, due to exam stress and bullying, which had led to my feeling extremely low and negative. I state this because I wonder whether it was being in such a dark place that allowed the entity as I thi...

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Date: 2014-04-19
[at] mamachong: It definitely was, though weirdly as it was going on for so long, I was just growing weary of it before the end. I had wondered whether or not it was the dog returned at the beginning, too- but then I figured she wouldn't be quite so malicious, or attention seeking whichever it was being, plus I think if she did come back, it'd be to trot at my dad's heels.

[at] lady-glow: Well in my case some of the more powerful prayers had no effect!;^^ I had said at least 4 before I reached my guardian angel prayer but it wasn't until then that anything happened. Have to admit, while I was and am extremely glad that my angel intervened, I was pretty upset that it hadn't acted sooner when I had been asking for the clawed thing to go. Maybe it coudln't act until that moment or something, but yeah. While I now do have a very strong belief in angels, I have to admit my faith in religions overall fell by a lot. 😕

& thank you very much! I'm glad too!

[at] JeunaBella: Did he return the branch to the jungle then? That is very strange! Yeah I mean it's why I'm a bit unsure as to whether there were two, possibly represented by the bugs in the dream. The clawed thing I think now looking back on it just wanted attention, but the second one was definitely a lot more sinister and malignant in its intentions, whatever those were. Pretty glad I never had to find out!