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Mother And Daughter's Love on 2014-05-05

This story took place awhile ago when I was nursing a young girl who was diagnosed with brain tumor.Β In my high school years, I used to earn extra pocket money by babysitting or walking the dogs/caring for pets in my neighbourhood area. One weekend I was required to nurse a young girl who was ter...

The Vending Machine on 2014-04-22

This is my second story but it wasn't my second encounter with paranormal stuff. Also I wasn't really sure if it was paranormal or not. Just thought of sharing and here it goes. I was sixteen at that time and was still living in a rental two storey bungalow. Near my house was a local mini market ...

A Missing Person on 2014-04-15

I am a regular reader of this site as I am interested in paranormal experiences and stuff like that. I prefer this site better because I can read paranormal experiences all over the world. I never thought of registering to this site before as I am kind of lazy doing the commenting stuff like that. B...

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Date: 2014-05-15
Hi samtillie. I've always longing to see an orb and I think those who saw 'it' are very lucky. My elders believe an orb is some kind of spirit wandering and visiting places to re-live some kind of emotion it once had. My great great grandmother used to tell us, the children when we were kids that the orb is very warm and full of emotion. She told us she was granted an opportunity to hold the orb when she was a teenager. I never experience it so I have no idea.
Thank you for reading. Glad I can share it with other readers. Btw, I had problem accessing the site for few hours. Glad it was fixed 😊
[at] sheetal

Before I start off with my explanation, I want to make it clear that even though I am a Christian, I do respect other religions, faiths and beliefs. And by any means, I am not trying to disgrace others by my following explanation. If any of the readers feel offended, I am trully sorry.

I wasn't intend to post this story at first because the family except the grandmother doesn't believe in 'deceased person's spirit can come back to visit the living ones'. The family is Muslims and there were no such thing in their beliefs and hadith. When I posted this, I am already against their beliefs as in my belief the deceased mother's spirit does come to visit her girl. This story was related to the family so considering they might venture into the same site and probably will read my story, they will get upset or offended, aren't they?

But I didn't put up real names or location in my story so the anonymity is still present as to shield their privacy but the above thought still voicing in my head when I was narrating the story down.
Date: 2014-05-13
And for the latest event I think it wasn't the red haired woman (maybe another residual or spirit). But it was possible that the cats didn't notice she wasn't a human at first and then they start becoming aware of the fact. Cats' mood can also change at times. I have a cat who sometimes will climb on my aunt's shoulder or rolling his back for petting when she comes to visit us and sometimes acts differently like showing anger to my aunt to the extent of scratching her feet. Did you freak out on the latest event? Sometimes cats can absorb their owner emotion and feelings too and thus expressing it according to your current emotion. I've been cats owner for nearly 10 years so I'm quite familiar with their reactions.
Date: 2014-05-13
Hi tanya771007.

Maybe it was residual considering the 'woman' repeats the same habits i.e sitting on sofa and passing through. Since your husband saw it 3 times in the living room, probably the residual emotion or energy is a lot heavier there. Could be attached to the living room too. And I think it was harmless since your cats did not felt threatened or afraid of the 'being'. And I'm pretty sure she was kind to animal too because your cat was ready to make contact with her. Animals have a unique intuition and they will know if a person is good or bad in the first place. Your husband might be sensitive to paranormal and thus he was able to see the woman. But you might consider cleansing the house (google it for the cleansing method) as an option.
Date: 2014-05-12
[at] notjustme Thank you very much for that interesting explanation and opinion. I was curious because deceased ones can still visit you even after they were gone for years and that's why I think they have some sort of will and portal to enter the living world at times. And who knows what is there behind the light, right?

For my 2nd question, I intended to write roaming not residual but I can't edit my sentence. I copy pasted it from my other comment but forgot to change the 'residual' to roaming because I have read stories where spirits are seen on street, around the house, at clearings, etc.
[at] notjustme Thank you for commenting. This is one of my precious encounters with paranormal.
Date: 2014-05-12
I had quite similar experience like yours few years back. But I didn't really engaged real conversation with this man, just the head gestures and some sort of replies like 'umm', 'hmm' but unclear. I offered this man a shelter under my umbrella because it was raining and walked with him to my brother's hang out place but my brother claimed I was walking alone because from the higher floors he saw me on the street ALONE. I posted that experience as my first story on this site. I feel excited to discuss this with someone who shared the same experience. Hope to hear from you soon.
Date: 2014-05-12
Hi paranormallovr.

This is my opinion. Maybe you got a visit from deceased relatives or pets because you did mention on familiar smell so it could be one of them. The cold might be some sort of sign to let you know they are there for you. When my first cat died, for the first 3 months I have always felt like I have a company in my bed when I was sleeping (when my cat was still alive, she used to sleep with me). And my room was cold like freezing back then even though the heater is working just fine. That was the hardest months for me because in tears, I have to repeat those parting words every night. "I know you love me and I love you too dearestly but it is time for you to go to a better place".
Date: 2014-05-12
Try asking the previous owner or your neighbours. Who knows, it might unlock the details behind that repeating cough mystery.
Date: 2014-05-12
Seriously I didn't know what a Razai really is before I asked Mr. Google about it (thanks mister). But I'm not surprised if it can dissappear just like that because I have seen a man who walked with me under my umbrella dissappearing into a locked, vacant apartment. The driver must have noticed the razai (bedquilt) if he has kicked it over unless he did it on purpose. I wonder why the driver has refused to discuss or talk about it?
Well to be honest, at times I wouldn't be able to return to the homepage of current stories due to my internet connection being 'too fast' in establishing connection so alternatively I just press on the current comments or random stories suggested. And because I don't mind looking at the date, I just assumed the latest comments was from current stories (I was wrong). And yes I know how pot-water tastes because pot-water will be served every year in harvest festival (30-31 May) in my hometown and it is real refreshing. I am from North Borneo anyway (a state in Malaysia but our land is divided by South China Sea).
[at] mothernigtshade23

I am very sorry for your loss. It wasn't my intention to ignite sadness to the mothers out there by reliving the sad memories of losing a child. I'm just sharing a story of what I think as great bonding between a mother and daughter even though they live in different realms. I would love to think that the mother in my story has always been there as a guardian angel for her girl. And I'm sure your lost child is just fine and alright and she might visit you at times. I think the babies crying are signs that your child is paying a visit.
I was terribly sad on learning the news from the grandmother but I wasn't able to attend the funeral as I am in the middle of my examination. But she is always in my prayers.
Date: 2014-05-10
I agreed with allesgute154. I have read on certain sites that menstruation period could attract a number of spirits cause of the 'blood' but I am not sure how to explain it. Associating with negative feeling and emotion i.e sadness and anger could attract spirits too because 'they' like the negative vibes. Stay positive and take care. And you should seek medical help if you are still having the hormones problem because from the way you posted it, I think you are very uncomfortable with it. I know it changes your mood too so seeing a medical expertise might be an option.
Thank you for all the comments. Not all of my stories are 'tissue-needed' but I'll remind myself to write down 'sad story' next time when I post another similar story.

[at] swimsinfire My real name is Jemma. Bella is my nickname. I was quite surprise when you wrote down my name right (just missing an 'm'). Misstypo coincidence.
I didn't mean to get you offended by my earlier comments. I know you are very keen and interested in learning the paranormal and the 'mystery' behind it. Just merely expressing my opinion because I think there are definite barriers between us and the other world. Good luck in your study and please get us informed if you find something interesting. 😊
Maybe the dog was hybrid type? My uncle used to have this Great Dane breed back in 2006. The dog was tall, big and I think more than 5 ft length but I am not sure the exact measurement.

And personally I think no matter how much we tried to learn or study about 'them', we will never get the perfect answers as what we have are all theories. Theories can be tested but to trully understand the nature and occurences, that was beyond our capabilities as human. Who knows what really are in the other side of non-human world.
Date: 2014-05-10
I got your point Taycaoco. Residual spirit and interaction doesn't fit together so it was either residual or intelligent. But some residuals with strong energy and heavy emotions can indirectly make itself known to the living beings i.e deep sadness and grief will be passed off to the surrounding and delivers the message of pain and grieving to us.

And my apologies for not answering the O/P original questions earlier. Commenting has driven my focus from the real subject.
Since the house was old probably from the Victorian age, a number of people might occupied the house before and after they died, their imprints, energy and emotions might still attached to the place (thus become residual). Think of the residuals as recording, playing over and over again. They are harmless and since you didn't feel any negative vibe I think it's a kind or common residual i.e reading newspaper, having chat or just passing through.

They are probably previous tenants of the house so you don't need to get worried. Residuals can be in various form like visual, sounds or merely emotion.
Date: 2014-05-09
But it could possibly a residual too. Since Violet91 has just moved into the house a short while ago, the residual goes unnoticeable due to another presence of stronger and negative entities. And when everything has calmed down and probably the O/P has taken more attention to it that the sound is now more audible to sense. If the sound was repeating at almost the same time at night, it was possibly residual because there was no interaction involved.