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When it comes to the paranormal, I may or may not be a believer, I am very interested in ghosts and demons and the supernatural, I love going to places that are haunted or have anything to do with the supernatural and I love watching horror movies
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The Scream on 2016-08-31

First to start, my story may sound like a dream or an illusion of some sorts, but it's not, I have no idea what it was but I know I was fully awake and conscious. This happened a couple years ago (not exactly sure) but it was the middle of the night, when everyone in the house was asleep (just to ...

Weird Phone on 2014-04-15

I'm not sure if this is an actual ghost experience or not but what happened with me and my friend Sally scared me and I didn't know what to think. This happened about a year or 2 ago but I just recently found this web site. About a year or 2 ago my friend Sally came over to my house. She was sta...

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Date: 2014-04-22
ok thanks for the help everyone I really appreciate the help and at least know that it could have been something else 😊