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Sellene is the Greek goddess of the moon. I love ancient cultures and civilizations. I have had Physic dreams that have come true and only one dream that was like a physic dream but of the past. I believe in the paranormal and paranormal experiences.
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Shadows Or Shadow Things Attached To Me? on 2014-04-30

please read the previous story I have posted as it will help with this story. Http:// After living in the previous house that I had some paranormal experiences in. Such as: things being moved around, eyes appearing under a bed, a...

Work Experience on 2014-04-23

After graduating high school I got a job during the summer months before going to college and then I would have to go to part time work (mostly weekends). I graduated with a CNA certification and was hired at a local nursing home. After working there for about a month I was on the night shift so tha...

Basement Movement on 2014-04-23

So earlier I had posted a different experience about this house that I had when I was about 7 years old. This next experience I had we were moving into a different house in the valley that I live in about 7 years later. We had packed up most of everything in the house and we still had the basemen...

First Time Experience, Age 7, Demon Or Negative Energy? on 2014-04-16

When I was about 7 years old I was sleeping upstairs where my bedroom and my brother's bedroom was located along with a spare bedroom and a bathroom. For some reason I was half asleep half awake and felt like the whole room was closing in and moving around like I was on a boat or ship. I was fully a...

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After this occurance I had a big finger/hand print bruise on my left calf, like someone with hands like if they were 7ft tall but with a thumb and then 3 fingers above the thumb bruise. I usually get feelings but I can tell the difference between good and bad.
The dreams have all been distant future, all very vivid, and only once one seemed to have been in the past. If you check out my story for the psychic stories (the sister sight. Http:// you can read it there. I have Cherokee heritage, german (back to the Grimm brothers even), and lots others mixed in.
I don't mind the lengthy comments at all! 😁 It makes sense about staying positive and I do believe in something (I'm just not sure what religion yet-I mean if there are spirits and things unexplained that I'm witnessing there has to be something out there, right?). I guess I am sounding more and more like a sensitive (read some other stories I have posted) but I also have had precognitive dreams that have ended up playing out later in life. So I guess I do have some 'gifts'. I would really like to know how to start harnessing and using these 'gifts' more and understanding them.

Please comment with your ideas and thoughts!
Date: 2014-05-05
yes the entryway to the basement is outside, bad neighborhood and this way we knew if someone had been in there messing around and a padlock on top of it, lol you get paranoid living in a bad neighborhood.
Date: 2014-05-05
Thank you all for the kind comments 😁. I'm actually a Med Tech now so I can assist with medications and also sometimes work as a CNA. I'm considering going into the Veterinary Science but undecided right now. But I know for sure I would love to do event/wedding planning.
Date: 2014-05-01
I totally agree with you JeunaBella! That is how I look at it too!
First off I would like to tell you that I have had an experience with shadow things in my own bedroom and had like a sleep paralysis (but I was awake-felt like a half dreamstate but I was awake). My friend suggested to me to wear a cross necklace (I'm not really religious but I didn't have any more problems with shadows appearing the whole week that I wore the necklace).

Like Lady-Glow said if it is antique it could have some attachment to it, but reproductions will not.
We have no way any other animals could get into the house (like raccoons, and other bigger sized animals). The basement to the house did not have an entrance into the house, the only entrance to the basement was outside. The house was constructed very well and repairs were done by my father so there were never any ways to get into the house besides breaking through the doors or windows (which we always kept locked because we lived in a bad neighborhood-drug dealers/sex offenders).
The eyes were not the shape of a cat's eyes, too big and spaced apart too much for a cat. I also thought of that possibility with the cat and the eyes were more pointed than round like a cats' eyes.
I don't know the history of the house before my parents bought it. But it was in a bad neighborhood and I guess before my parent's bought the house the neighbors would sneak into the house from the basement and use it as a sort of hang out and trash the place. There was a trap-door in the master bedroom's closet that my parents ended up sealing shut.

However, we do live next to a Native American reservations so who knows before our area was more settled what has happened. The valley I live in was the first capital settled for my state and I can imagine that there was violence with the Native Americans and settlers. But the actual house's history I believe that there is about 20-40 years of unknown history.

I do remember that after this experience, my parents did make my brother clean his room and things that were under his bed were: dirty clothes, papers and trash, no toys (those were in his closet, thrown haphazardly about, and not much clothes in the closet actually).