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Hola! I haven't been online for some time. School and dance classes are very important, but here I am! I have TONS of things to write abut that have been bothering me lately. I have one particular thing that's not exactly paranormal, but its still creepy (for me at least). I can't wait to start writing aging and reading stories and helping other people with there own paranormal encounters. I know a lot for my age and I feel that I would be a good help and go to person for someone who is new to the supernatural.
Love you all,
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Three Sets Of Hands - Part 2 on 2015-01-20

If you haven't already read part 1, please look up the story Three Sets of Hands and then come back here. After making the first story, I decided it was time to take action and relieve myself of the three girls who have been following me around. Helen, the protector, I decided to tell her that I...

Three Sets Of Hands on 2014-04-22

This is my first story and this is basically more then one encounter but that all lead to one thing. This is still something that happens now in my life. It all started in Boston. I lived in a green house with two floors. The first floor was where me and my brother and mom lived and the second i...

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Date: 2015-05-07
A truly interesting story indeed. I feel in my heart that the man who used to live there had something to do with the little girl. Have you ever met him before? If you have, what was he like? His actions and behaviors? Did you feel strange around him? Certain questions like these are good to ask yourself since this could easily be more then just a little girl haunting a house. I might be thinking ahead but in this sickening world we live in, any possibility is open for examination.

If you are able too, ask old neighbors if you get a chance to visit again about any of their own experiences or of the people who used to live there before. Research is also important! Researching the house would be good.

Now these choices are solely if you wish to learn more about the girl. If you don't just continue your like in peace.

Best regards,

-Pumpchick15 ❤
Hopefully! Also I think they might even be sisters, cousins, and type of relative because they look so similar. Though the darker girl has blue eyes and black hair, for some reason I feel like they might be relatives. But them being friends also seems very likely. I don't really know how I want to help her though.

I get really confused.
Date: 2015-02-04
I like to think outside the box! So, her dad (if it WAS him) wanted not that, as in a goodbye, but probably wanted to tell you something about you and his daughter. Maybe a kind of relationship? Not romantic but any kind. Juts a guess 😁 That's all I got for now. I loved it though!
Thank you tweed! Lately I have been trying simple prayers to make myself feel calmer and they work. But I have realized that I still want to help the darker girl. One thing that puzzles me is why the lighter girl is there if there seems to be no problem.
Date: 2015-01-23
So sweet and so sad. I do believe that's your mother. Keep being strong and holding on. Don't give up!

Best regards,
Similar to valkricry, you shouldn't get to worried. Its not all made up but it might not be paranormal ether. What I suggest is as valkricry sated to keep a journal of all these incidents. Also record the old ones so when something new happens, you can compare it to older memories to see if anything looks familiar or matches up. Try to remember all of your old memories so you can record them and analyze them. Also compare them to newer ones.

If it is paranormal, or if you come to that conclusion, you should probably figure out why its there, if it feels good or bad, what it wants, ect. I have one word of advice: DO NOT IGNORE THE ENITIY IT WILL NOT GO AWAY! A lot of people say just ignore it but that just makes the spirit want more attention and some will even go to the extreme to get it. Embrace and accept the fact that its there so then you will be calmer and so will the spirit then it will also be easier to figure out what to do to stop it.

Personally I believe its just a playful spirit or a troublemaker perhaps. Just a spirit that wants some attention and wishes to startle you ether to have company or just to be mean. Its like an annoying child basically. But don't be afraid because then it has more of a reason to bother you.

Also look into the history of your home, neighborhood, ect. Research is always good to help find out who or what the spirit may be or if it even is one.
Hmm... Weird story but interesting! I think it might be a few things:

1. A house or shack of some sort was built there before that new house was made. Were I Live, many old houses are taken apart and the land is left alone for years until someone buys the land or someone builds on it. It could be a previous person from a previous home that it haunting you and your family.

2. But because the ghosts seem to me as recent deaths instead of super old ones, it could be souls that are looking for help from you. Have you ever had any physic or medium experiences before? If you have, look at the physic and medium site they might be able to help. That's if the ghosts need or want help.

3. Ghosts that died and lived in a house nearby or died nearby. They could be haunting the house because maybe that was a hangout area in the past or a play area for them. Or they just don't like your family and that house there.

What I suggest is that keep doing whatever makes you and your family safe and calm. Mediate a lot and instead of ignoring it, embrace it so then you will have peace. The more you ignore the stronger the force gets it. When you accept it then you will see minor or major progress. Ask physics or mediums or any other experts you wish to contact so they can help you identify if these things are good or bad, what they want, ect.

Hopefully this helped and also keep me posted!

Date: 2014-12-23
Swimsinfire- Sorry that I'm replying late. I thought only relatives protect too, but I guess this ghost has some kind of special connection to me. I'm not sure why. I'm making a follow up story about them though.
First of I would like to say that I'm sorry for your loss.

Now to the story:
This was a really good story. I wouldn't deny the fact that it could have been ether of them, but did you have any colored lights in your room? Where you really tired? Once aging, not doubting your experience, but just think about those two questions and answer me back. I myself have never seen an orb but I think it would be wicked cool! I have seen mists and shadows never orbs.

Hopefully you can understand this more and find out who was the messenger.

Date: 2014-12-23
[at] elnoraemily I was a bit confused about that too. But she probably meant because the boy had the same birthday and everything, he was like her twin but no biologically related. Like, my friend and another guy in my class are the same age and have the same birthday and they were born on the same hour so people call them "the twins" even though they aren't related. That's probably what she meant.

In terms of the story I really enjoyed it. I've heard a lot about spirits who enjoy speaking to certain people. Me and My godmother used the board once and the spirit wanted to talk more to her because she was shy. Then after my godmother loosened up, She wanted to talk more to me then to both of us. The child might've just wanted to connect with you because you both were born on the same date. I probably would've been curios and nervous.
Yay! Someone who has the same dreams I do 😁 I'm trying to write a story of some collections of dreams I've had when it comes to places I have never been too, people I have never seen, ect. I need help understanding it all. I'm only young I can't actually investigate this on my own! (Because I'm not allowed to spirits and also had the same dreams as me. She wants to protect me that's all.)

I love your story! It's so exciting and funny, just like how I would tell my stories, real or fake. Maybe we could help each other on this whole dream thing. I've been trying to understand what this all means and where it comes from. Is it because I'm more sensitive to these things or is it a gift an sense? Ugh confusing!

Always I enjoyed the story. It's amazing!

Hello! I did like your story, but like everyone else I had my doubts. First off like everyone else, why would your friend's mother allow you too play with a oujia board? And another, the way the mom did not cut in during the part where the spirit was abusing you both. Also, tell your friend that her immaturity made the spirit angry, hopefully she knows that already.

Now, I do have some answers of my own from what I just said:p. First off, when your fiend's mom did not interject she might've just been in shock possibly. Other things but I don't have time. I will comment later on.
Date: 2014-05-02
[at] teenytiny I have stopped the Ouija board a long time a go, even before I made this story. Thank you for all of your suggestions.