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A Disturbing Noise Late At Night on 2014-06-30

I am writing this story because I am confused of what this is and to this day me and my family have never discovered what it was. It was around 9:30 and I was upstairs watching an episode of Supernatural with my mum and dad in the pitch black with the blinds open and no light but the street lamps...

Girl With The Blonde Hair on 2014-04-21

My name's ghostdancer and I'm new to the your ghost stories website. Throughout my life so far I haven't experienced a lot of experiences, but when I have,they've been quite frightening to me. What I'm about to tell you is 100% true, so if you have a comment or suggestion on what this phenomenon was...

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Thanks for all the great advice, I have tried to research my house a lot of time but it just doesn't work nothing comes up at all and if I ask my parents they say theyre havnt got a clue [at] sds I will try this although I am a bit worried incase something responds but I will give it a go thank you [at] sheetal we were the first people to live in the house and I don't know aptrox how long but I do know that we were the first peolle to live they're [at] rookdygen I was the first people to live there and I try to research the land before my time

Best regards

[at] miracles51031 thank you as I'm only a teenager I don't want to to be rude and get kicked off this site so thank you very much and I am aware you had been the editor of mu story so thank so much
Thanks everyone and I asked my grandparents and parents and they all said that at that time know one had passed away and my mum stil remembers the day.
Thank you so much will take this into account hope to be posting other stories too wee think it may have been my great grandmothers sister in law.
Try and communicate with her, ask her why she is still there. As I think she still has a emotional connection. Try and communicate with her.
Have you seen her again since?
I bet she was a wonderful person especially if she visited you when she passed away I wish my grandmother visited me. So has she reappeared?
[at] femaelstrom, You make a very good point, We may be intruding the after life as we think they are to us.

This could may well of been Poltergeist with them ripping your clothes and all, But at the time you could have asked a priest to bless your house. Hope this helped 😁
[at] jane01, Thank you for uploading your story it was very touching, And was nice to here she decided to pay you a little visit before she had gone. Your grandmother I'm assuming did not want to startle you so she left you to be, But wanted to make sure she had said her last goodbyes. Did she say anything at
Date: 2014-04-17
[at] ronapony, First off I'm sorry to hear about your cat I have had the same experience, but If you only saw a glimpse of a white cat it may well be your imagination as it has happened to me a few times.

Second of all, My mum lost one of her horses and felt the exact same, But anyway your other horses or other horses at the stables may have an emotional connection with you other horse and having watched your horse pass away could have put them off as they think it's them being respectful and seeing your horse I bet was really shocking I have no doubt that you saw your horse.

Third thing, A ghost detector on the App Store is most likely to be a fake as a modern device is doubted to find a ghost. And the feeling of anxiety was probably you just worrying about the app and scared of the outcome but there may well have been a ghost.

And last of all, when you encountered with the spirit did it try and communicate with you or did it try to reach out for you...?
Perhaps this could be a relative or someone you have met as a kid. This woman could be a older family friend that you have met only a few times or just a ghost passing by. Or it could be a neighbour that knew you as a child. Hope this helps 😁
Date: 2014-04-17
Hi mumoffour, First off thanks for sharing your story it was very interesting and it gave you something to think about. My grandfather had the same problem at his workplace but know has retired. I would suggest going to your nearest church and ask a priest for help or too ask if he could do some sort of communication session with the spirits in your home.
Date: 2014-04-17
[at] ghostgurlie15 The ghost you had an experience with may well have been a older resident of your family that has passed away or the owner of your grandmothers house at a previous time. The ghost might have been trying to tell you something? Do you have any idea what he was saying?
Date: 2014-04-17
Im sorry to here about your grandfather. Your grandfather may have payed a visit to your sister because he did not have the chance to say a proper goodbye and and she may have been depressed aswell. You may not have had the chance either but it was good that he visited both of you. 😁