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I am a 40 year old man from the Tidewater are of Southeastern Virginia. I tried adding my state to my profile and it wouldn't take. I grew up in a haunted house. We moved there in 1977 when Iwas only 3.Almost from the beginning I would experience strange occurences which I hope to eventually share with you all. I know many will think these are just "stories "but I swear everything I will tell you is true.Incidentally,I'm not the only one to experience these things. Please respond to my posts and thaniks for acceping me into your fold and letting me share my experiences.
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Strange Ouija Experience: Coincidence Or Paranormal? on 2017-02-27

This story takes place in Southeastern Virginia, about 2005 or thereabouts, and is one of many unexplainable events that myself and others have witnessed in the home during the 40 years that I lived there. The house itself is a beautiful, three story Colonial in a historic district. It was built...

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I agree, that story was interesting yet unclearly written. Of course Pennhurst is an infamous place, right up there with places like Waverly Hills Sanitorium, Whaley House, Cohen Bray House, Eastern State Penitentiary, The Sallie House (which I'm pretty sure is just as much of a hoax as the Amityville house), etc...

Did you wander around and that's how you were alone or do you mean that you were all together and your friends mysteriously vanished. The red eyes also could use some more clarification. Did they appear to be what may have been red eyes or were they clearly red eyes? Was there some incoming, ambient light that could be reflecting a glow somehow? If I saw multiple sets of red eyes staring at me, I would open fire.

Date: 2017-09-15
My first, go-to answer to most stories like this is usually to attribute it to fatigue, over-active imagination (especially when a child), or some mundane thing, like an underlying psychiatric cause. That's without getting into powerful hallucinogens and stimulant induced psychosis. Since you experienced these phenomena when you were very young, I doubt you were staying up for days on crystal meth and experiencing stimulant induced psychosis or taking acid, mushrooms, DMT, etc... Also, your mother has both felt and seen it. Have either of you ever done anything with the occult?

I agree with AugustaM in that, just because something is unknown or takes a shadowy form, isn't automatically some indication that it's evil. Even in the case of "demons", not all of them are malicious. It could have been just as curious about you and was checking you out with a sense of wonder just as great as your bewilderment. It may have entered this dimension/world/plane/whatever you want to call it accidentally, thus being as confused as to where it was and what you are. The fear may have been something you projected because you saw an entity your brain wasn't capable of wrapping itself around, it may have not even thought you may be frightened of it.

If the activity escalates to a threatening and menacing level, then you probably have a dark, and/or chaotic entity. If that is the case, I would recommend that you don't attempt a cleansing, either yourself or by an experienced occultist like a shaman. Sage bundles and cleansing rituals are more likely piss the spirit off and the activity may escalate dramatically, even to violence. If this entity is dark and has attached itself to you, I would recommend the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, some other kind of abjurment, or a spirit binding. There are many to choose from, use the method that makes the most sense to you and that you feel you can effectively perform. Keep us posted about the entity's activities and the results and successes of the method you choose, should you do this. Remember, don't project fear, that will strengthen such an entity.
Date: 2017-09-14
I agree with Zaruje's theory. Having been a Veterinary Technician for several years, I have seen animals with this luminous eye condition. If you live in a rural or semi-rural area, I would give it a wad of buckshot. If you have a house/houses across the street/in the line of fire, a few shots in the ground will let you confirm if this is a type of animal with this condition.

If gunfire seems ineffective, who knows what you may have.
Hi Miracles, I realize this story is several years old, but I just found it in the collections and thought I could add to some explanations and offer additional theories as to why it happened and seemed to center on you the most.

As a long time occultist, I have a different understanding of such things, so please don't be offended if my thoughts differ from your upbringing and beliefs. Firstly, I would say that "demons" are not all some forces of evil that were angels, did naughty things, and now are Earth-bound. Are there dark, and/or chaotic entities? Sure. But some are quite beneficial and kind, if treated with respect, and many are patient and enjoy revealing knowledge that would otherwise remain hidden. Examples would be King Paimon, Belial, Azazel, Bune, Bael, and Lucifer.

What most Christians seem to have forgotten is that such entities were often worshiped as gods by various religions that pre-date the Abrahamic religions by hundreds, and even thousands, of years, and have a misconstrued view of what demons actually are. They look at demons in the Biblical sense, agents of "the devil" (no such thing as some grand master of evil who is bent on the destruction of mankind, and everything evil comes from him. True evil resides in the hearts of mankind) and want to trick us out of our souls. Some are dark, some are patient and kind, and some want no human contact. The word demon comes from the Greek daemon, which means spirit. In that sense, all spirits are demons.

As the Judeo-Christian religion became dominant, pagan civilizations were raided and plundered in the name of God, people slaughtered,raped, and survivors enslaved and forced to convert or die. They were told their gods were now evil demons (e.g. The goddess Astarte/Ishtar, who was goddess of love, beauty, and the arts, became the male demon Astaroth). Since you have a strong faith in the religion that displaced them, it may be reasonable to assume that a dark, chaotic entity latched onto you, attracted by the strength of your faith in a religion that caused it to be forgotten, and perhaps wanted some revenge. Sorry about the book I just wrote you, I was merely trying to shed some light on the subject with a point of view you might haven't thought of, and it requires a bit of explaining to even scratch the surface. Regards, funeralmass
Wow dude, that is hard core. I think most of us on here wouldn't be afraid of an entity if we saw one, but you saw three and punched one of them! Bradyv32 likes romantic evenings in front of the fireplace, long walks on the beach, and picking fights in graveyards;).

Seriously tho, I'm not sure what to make of that. As Rook pointed out, I have experienced the "dream within a dream", and mixed dreaming and wakefulness that was different than sleep paralysis. How long have you lived in your current house, and is this your first paranormal experience there (or anywhere)? Again paraphrasing Rook, for such activity to go from nothing to several, full-bodied apparitions (including the ability to physically touch you) is strange (but not unheard of). If I may ask, have you performed any type of occult path workings (left or right hand path, it's all the same energy. Your intent is the only difference) recently, or ever? If so, that could explain it, even if you did the working at some other location years ago. Let us know if the activity repeats itself or ramps up. If you have any questions about occult practices, including demonolatry, I would be happy to answer to my best ability. Regards, funeralmass
Kentucky believer, perhaps the water taking the shape of a booted footprint was a former resident of the house making you aware that he is still there (perhaps the shadowy man). As far as the snake, I wouldn't think it was paranormal. Snakes, mice, etc... Find their ways into houses all the time. At my old house in VA, I opened the basement door one evening to find a possum in a large bucket containing old curtains (since I've always owned cats that are very territorial, and possums carry rabies, I retrieved a.44 Magnum from my gun collection, loaded it with. 44 Special ammunition that is designed to fragment after penetration, and shot it). Did anything (besides the snake that scared your mother) seem threatening? I was curious because, if there is in fact an entity or entities in the house and they aren't threatening, I wouldn't have moved. Just my opinion.
MetallicGirl, as someone that works with demons (usually one of the nine demonic kings, primarily King Paimon and Belial), I can tell you that 1). "Demons" (for lack of a better word, they are not evil, demonic beings in the Biblical sense, i.e. "fallen angels" that were naughty, fell from heaven, and are now Earth bound. They are simply entities, many of whom were worshiped as gods by various ancient, pagan religions before Christianity forced people to convert or die, and perverted the names of their gods, telling them their gods were now evil, demonic beings) normally have to be called, they don't just show up. It is often very hard to get them to show up at all. 2). There are dark, and/or chaotic entities that can mess with you but, again, they are normally called or invited. Sometimes entities may be "passing through" or were subconsciously called by dwelling on them, or by someone that doesn't know what they are doing messing with the occult. With the right conditions, a door may be opened and, since the person or people doing the activity see nothing, hear nothing, etc... They assume it didn't work and do not properly close up the ritual or whatever work they were doing, thus leaving the door open to anything.
As far as the scratching noises, I doubt an entity would trace it's sigil (a "symbol" looking thing which is the entity's name written in it's own language), since that is normally done by the practitioner as something to focus on to contact the entity they want. Do you know anyone that practices the occult who may have sent an entity to someone in your family because they were angry with them? Has anyone in your family ever played with occult, even a little bit? Maybe someone that lived there before you did that?
With all that said, I'm not sure if the experience was paranormal. Natural electromagnetic fields within the Earth can sometimes cause hallucinations (both visual and auditory), anxiety/feelings of dread, cold spots, and other classic signs of a haunting. Then again, such electromagnetic fields can provide the energy such entities need to feed on. Strong emotions also provide energy and the dark/chaotic entity quickly learns that fear is the easiest to cause, so that's what they use. Just my thoughts. Take care and let us know if anything else happens.
If that was a succubus/incubus, you'd know it. Those entities don't play, work quickly, are very aggressive, and they are very dark and chaotic. I work often with demons and, even though I work with the more benevolent ones, I would not attempt to contact a dark, and /or chaotic spirit such as the succubus/incubus. With that said, it hardly sounds like the work of an entity. I would put this in the category of " confused, lonely teenager who looks for paranormal causes to weird stuff". I don't intend to come off sounding mean or condescending, but I do know about the left hand path to a good degree. This simply doesn't sound like the work of an entity, dark or otherwise, in my opinion. I hope this helps to give a perspective on things. Please give us an update if some kind of activity ramps up.
Hi Aaron, may I ask where in VA you are from (I am from the Hampton Roads/Tidewater region)?

Interesting story. Where is this house? I have some more questions for you but it's 6:30 AM where I am so I need to get ready for the daily grind. I'll get back to you again, I was just checking the site as I was unable to sleep last night (always fun when you have a full day, and maybe night, ahead of you).
Jasmine08, I'm not entirely sure this was a demon. It could have been a nature spirit/elemental, or some kind of dark and or chaotic entity (dark/chaotic seems unlikely in my opinion, as it didn't really do anything to "freak you out"/mess with you, it basically seemed to mind it's own business). It could have been some otherworldly entity that may have been just as startled and curious about you as you were about it.

Demons normally have a purpose when visiting our plane of existence. They normally have to be summoned/invoked/evoked to manifest in our world (even then, it's normally a fleeting encounter when called upon) and, while most have forms they prefer (or forms they may take based on your pre-concieved notions and it's purpose and whims, most are naturally invisible. Also, even very experienced occult practitioners may spend years attempting to get a demon to manifest before they get results (many are unable to get a demon to ever manifest, even with years of training and practice). Demons generally do things on their own time. Very rarely do actual demons (in the sense most people think of what a "demon" is) just appear without being invoked.

The advice to never project fear in the presence of a "demon" or dark/chaotic entity (or any entity) is sound advice. If you do, they are far more likely to screw with you to feed on the energy produced by fear, or just for giggles (yes, demons have emotions, including a sense of humor for many). Keep in mind that "true demons" (such as King Paimon, Azazel, Uphir, Lucifuge Rafocal, etc..., including the nine demonic kings, the crown princes, etc...) are not all evil or want to destroy you. Are there some that are dark, chaotic, or hate mankind? Absolutely. Are there ones that would like to destroy humanity? Yes. Are there ones that want no contact with mankind whatsoever? Sure. But some actually enjoy teaching mankind knowledge that has been purposefully hidden from us or that we simply aren't even aware of. Some can even be quite beneficial. I am not suggesting that you seek to commune with demons (especially if you have no occult knowledge or training and, even then, you must be very careful because, even people with occult training sometimes make contact with something they want no part of and those entities can do a lot of psychological damage).

My point is that I'm leaning away from "demon" on the encounter. In my humble opinion, it sounds more like a nature spirit/elemental, or maybe even some form of cryptid which inhabits those woods. I would avoid that patch of woods, day and night. Hope this helped give some insight.
Wow, this is a great community. I didn't expect this many insightful comments this quickly. Thank you all. I shall now address them as best I can.

[at] Biblio: First, I have to say that I'm very impressed that you know that Creek and Muskogee are part of the same Indian Nation. The reservation is located in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. As far as your comment, those were people whom I have known since very early childhood, and I can say with certainty they would not pull such a prank on me. H (T's wife) takes this kind of thing very seriously and they would not do such a thing. Besides that, Oyama is not mentioned in my Grandfather's obituary, nor is my family history in the local library (we simply aren't that big of a deal) and that couple are pot-heads (not me or my girl, but those two are) and would be too lazy to put forth the effort of research 😉. I don't object to the metaphysical explanation, I'm just attempting to get all the feedback I can to look at it from every angle. The best reason I can think of as to why they came with a oija board is simply that it's the kind of thing H does.

[at] Tweed: Haha thanks, my screen name actually comes from the name of a black metal (kind of a form of gothy, "evil" death metal) band I played guitar in years ago. As to your question, everyone just sort of took it in stride and we didn't speak much of it after that night.

[at] AugustaM: Hello from Portsmouth. The oija session did not seem to have any effect on the occurrences at my house.

I hope I covered the questions so far. Everyone that wants to ask/discuss this further is welcome to, and I will grant what answers I may. I am preparing a list kind of account of certain occurrences at the house while I was there, I'm deciding on the best way/form to present it and it will probably be updated as things come back to me. As I have said, there are some pretty mundane stories, as well as some really bizarre ones that I haven't told anyone that hasn't witnessed them (except a few which happened when I was young, that I mentioned to my girlfriend, simply because most people would think I was crazy). Thanks all
Date: 2017-02-27
Wow, if the devil would constantly refill my narcotic prescriptions (yes, they are legit, necessary, and legal) with unlimited supplies, give me all the other prescription meds I want in unlimited supplies, and refill my liquor bottles whenever anything got empty he could have me. Plus, I bet he's a metal head like me. We could take pills, drink, and play metal. Sounds good to me. 😊. I really don't know what to make of this story. As plastered drunk as I have been countless times, alcohol has never caused me to hallucinate. Does your Aunt have a history of mental disorders or has anyone ever suggested that she needs psychiatric medications? Has she undergone some traumatic event (s) in her wandering years or before? That may be a more plausible explanation. Then again, who knows? Maybe it was some really cool "thing" who just wanted to party. He couldn't have been a bad guy since he let her out when asked.
Date: 2014-06-13
I was actually giving her the benefit of the doubt until Baphomet himself showed up.
Date: 2014-06-12
Where exactly is this campground?I'm from Tidewater VA (I won't say which city) and I've never heard off it. My house is about 20 minutes from the VA Beach ocean front (though not in VA Beach) and I've never heard of Cherry Stone. Which city is it into because it sounds close to home and I'd love to pay it a visit.
Are you sure you weren't being stalked by one or more coyotes?I've had experience with these before and they can be vicious, silent predators when they want to be.I'm not saying your experience wasn't paranormal (I grew up in a haunted house), I'm merely saying that true paranormal events are rarer than you may think and the simplest explanations are usually the case.Plus,I've hunted coyotes and know they are wiley and elusive. You can be within ten feet of them and never know it.Again,not saying you didn't encounter an entity,I'm just offering a possible alternative explanation.
Date: 2014-04-28
Communication through oija boards is generally a bad idea even for those experienced with such things. Believe me when I say that you are almost never communicating with what you think you are. Whatever you contact will say anything and claim to be anyone in order to get you to keep the lines of communication open. That is exactly the opportunity it's waiting for and some of those entities can make your life hell on earth. Toying with things you don't understand can have serious repercussions for you and those around you. For God's sake be careful. 😲