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The Glowing Circle And A Hug on 2017-08-25

Life is not fair. It is full of love and loss. My high school class lost too many people (way too young) to accidents, sickness etc., before we even graduated. We all felt pain at such a young age. One in particular struck me quite hard, I looked up to him, he was special, he was one of my best frie...

Strange Happenings In The New Home on 2017-07-12

Our house is around 35 years old, we are the third owners, but only the second to occupy the home. For unknown reasons the second homeowners owned the home for 10 years, kept it well maintained but never stayed on (nor rented) the property. The original owners died in the home of natural causes, but...

Gettysburg Cuddler on 2014-04-28

My husband and I decided to spend our first anniversary at a bed and breakfast in Gettysburg. It also was the start of the 150th anniversary for Gettysburg. Though I enjoy staying in so called "haunted" hotels and B&B's, this time I went out of my way to find a B&B that posed no paranormal accou...

Not My Daughter on 2014-04-21

For my bachelorette party my friends took me on a private ghost hunt that she found. I was scared and excited at the same time. I have seen spirits my whole life (those are another story). We went to an old church in PA that was being renovated. At first we started by walking through the graveyar...

Demon In The Dark on 2014-04-21

I have shared my story many times, some people believe me, but many just feel its a great scary story. This is by far my first paranormal experience but this is the one that still scares me to this day. Forgive me if it sounds long winded but I feel that the details helps understanding. I had jus...

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I agree with you that it was strange what she said she saw. Not though, at that time I said nothing of what I felt or saw to her. Back then I was afraid of how people would view me if said I saw/felt spirits. I was wondering that maybe it is other family members and class mates that were buried there. Being from a small town several people I knew were there, but I was closest to my grandmother and this one friend. I did see a glow around me through closed eyes, but again I saw nothing out right, just what I felt and through closed eyes. Thanks for reading anyhow:)
Date: 2017-08-14
So just a thought. You said "My ex was angry with me (as he always was) " I am wondering if some how in his sleep he was projecting his anger somehow? Was the third time while he was sleeping as well? Just a thought not really an answer.
Date: 2017-08-01
I would have to agree with Spockie, though I am not sure I have ever heard of ball lightening being inside a home. I have had my own interesting experience that I have chocked off as ball lightening, but it was outside the home and traveled around the outside. It can make a sound and yes come in many colors. Ball lightening is a very interesting thing to experience.
You know thinking back, my husbands wedding ring and my engagement ring disappeared the same week we saw the cat. We found my husbands ring behind the sofa table and have yet to find my engagement ring (I put it on a shelf above the sink in a cup), Maybe the stinker phantom cat knocked them off where we had them originally. 😜 You know what sort of stinkers cats can be lol. 😆
Rook- There are three ways in and out of our garage, but the only one that was used for at least a week was the one leading into the house and what my husband thought he saw was a cat running from the house into the garage that's why he thought it was one of ours (alas it was not).

As for Mr. Mistoffelees, I will have to remember to ask the mysterious cat if that is in fact his name. 😆

I am still looking for the photo Bastet. I apparently took way to many photo's in the last couple of years (lots of before and after photos of home renovation) IF found I will post, I really hope I can find it.
I did see something rather strange in our woods not long after we moved in. So strange in fact I called the zoo 5 miles from our house wondering if they had any missing animals. The closest I can describe it as is a very large cat in our yard. Our neighbors have wild Maine Coon cats but this was much larger with a skinny tail. The best description was panther not native to our area (hence the phone call to the zoo), but there were no escaped animals (I was told by neighbors that the zoo has had escapes before but they didn't keep it a secret as to try and find the animal quick). I did take a photo, showed my husband who agreed it was far to large for a domestic cat (if I find the photo I will share, I switched phones so I have to check to cloud and pray it didn't get deleted). 😕
Date: 2014-05-07
I understand that. Crazy experience for sure! Thank you for sharing.
Date: 2014-05-05
I am wondering, what was the trip wire for? I have never heard of setting up a trip wire for moving. Is the basement door outside? Is this why you set a trip wire? (sorry just trying to get a perfect mental picture)
Date: 2014-05-05
Never once did I feel threatened in any way, I have stayed in BnB's where I was kept up all night with a horrible feeling. This particular spirit just needed/wanted attention and I guess I got extra cuddles.:)
Date: 2014-05-04
Haha hey who doesn't like a good cuddle right? The hey was not my husbands voice but definitely like someone just trying to wake you up, but was far to close haha. Maybe he thought I was ignoring him the last two nights. We plan to go back not just because of the ghost, we rather enjoyed our time in the country, but maybe this time I will ask my cuddly ghost if I could help somehow.
Date: 2014-04-29
haha thanks Rigorem-

I don't let this experience effect my life, it was another way to grow stronger in how I handle things (including spirits). I can tell you it was not strong enough to do much, at that time though neither was I, but I was sure ready to face off with the darn thing. I would like to say the household won too. I remember how my gut feeling felt though right before, and during its presence, when I get that feeling now my senses heighten waiting for something to show up.
Date: 2014-04-28
I agree does your aunt or do you yourself own a cat or dog? They oddly do feel like a person walking on the bed covers. Also has a pet that either of you owned passed away? I have seen a spirit of a cat once (very odd to me but definitely happened. It could be possible that the growl you heard was residual from a former pet.
Though will not discount that you feel that this was a demon (people constantly try to explain away my one encounter with a demon), I will say it is possible it was not.
When we encounter something unknown everyone feels scared, confused and even violated (something you can't see is in your personal space).
If your Aunt still lives in the house, maybe (when you are ready) ask her if she has heard, seen, or felt something similar.
Good luck! 😁
Date: 2014-04-28
Hi Spidergirl16,

I have had the same experience, one of my friends actually witnessed it once, I believe the warmth could haven been a guardian angel letting you know you are loved, and you have a purpose to being here. Once you were in a better state of mind the guardian backed off, though never truly gone I am sure they know you are ok on our own. This guardian could have been a distant relative, old family friend?! I really don't know, but know that someone is looking out for you and that people do love you, though sometimes it does not always feel like it.
Date: 2014-04-28
I can for sure tell you that this was not just a negative energy, I have had my fair share of experiences with those (stories to come) this creature was planning to harm me but I feel my faith helped prevent me from being harmed. Hence why instead of running for the hills I stood my ground and said no I'm not leaving but I'm sure going to make you leave. I mean I guess I will never know for sure (I don't want to discount possibilities) but this creature was foul through and through.
Have you considered maybe asking if there is any way you can help this spirit move on? Unfinished business seems to be one possible reason for haunting. It is possible that you brought something back from Spain (though if you only bought brand new cloths and shoes it seems less likely. Pottery, old jewelry and items of the sort though could have someone attached) When it shows up again try asking if you can help them. The spirit may surprise you (I pray in a good way) Be safe and I hope the new apartment is clean of spirits so you can get some rest.
Date: 2014-04-26
I do feel that the spirit from the church followed me home, because it wasn't there before and it never came back a few days after being home. I lived here two years prior to the trip and had never seen her before, only a male, but that's a different story. That is the main reason why I feel it followed me home. I have video of the church, though I don't feel that it documented everything all to well. I just have to figure out how to upload it onto the tablet.
Wow that is pretty scary! I know how you feel with no one believing you. I don't know what your faith is (if any and that's OK too) but I use to pray when something dark was in my space, pray for protection. If you have no faith or your still seeing/feeling this spirit, ask it to leave you alone (not an easy task all the time) but be firm and tell the spirit its not welcome in your home and stand firm!:-) I wish you the best of luck!
Date: 2014-04-26
I really only mentioned the first ex because it just seemed so much negativity followed me to this AZ experience and possibly was the start of me learning to stand up for myself even with the spirit/demon. I have seen many spirits in my life and before this was, I was to terrified to say anything!
Date: 2014-04-26
Ok my sister-in-law said it rushed at her and then disappeared once it was close to her face, the investigator confirmed the experience but I wasn't in the room. The church was owned by one of the guys that was with us and he had said it was a girl in the basement, could it have been a trickster or worse of course hence why I told it what I did in my house. He was the one who suggested the song, he said it pops in his head when he goes in the church, I'm sure I could easily have sang a different tune but unsure I would get the same results. I can describe the girl to a T that appeared in my house, blonde hair, pale eyes (not blue more gray) pale skin but in a dress that was fluffy at the bottom (pettie coat style). She could easily have passed as my husbands and my child, feature wise minus the eye color.
Date: 2014-04-26
I agree that hitch hikers/piggy backers exist but I am unsure that's the case in this scenario. I really don't know though. I will say through the valance I feel my boy friend at the time was my guardian! Being in the military helped me get surgery faster, he protected me from the roommate among other things. The whole situation was a battle of good and evil. Also, be relieved I am married to an amazing man no more violence (no not military dude though we are good friends). 😁