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Moving Curtain on 2015-06-23

First time I'm writing my story here. So my brother passed away 21 may 2015 at the age of 18. I'm still mourning him and missing him a lot. Last week the 17 june 2015 around 9 o'clock I was sitting with my family in the living room they were talking about my brother now whenever they talk bout...

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Date: 2015-08-05
Really interesting story... But how did you know it was a he? Just want to know
Date: 2015-06-24
Hi guys thanks so much for replying... I know it wasn't the wind because our other curtains in the house didn't move besides the one by the mirror. I think it was him because since his gone I keep getting this warmness by me. And I felt that when the curtain was moving normally I would freak out if something like this would happen to me but I wasn't afraid.

And the dream I had I'm going to try my best to expalin what happen. So before my brother passed away he always used to do something with his fingers in my neck and make a funny sound just to work on my nerves. So I was dreaming I'm sitting with my brother in the living room he always used to sit next to me but he had trouble breathing and right after that we were on a field so I saw a guy so I asked my brother who it is so he said its sheldon so I felt that fingers in my neck and woke up. Now I was sleeping on the floor because my brother used to sleep by me he never wanted to sleep by anyone else so I had trouble getting asleep on the bed that's why I slept on the floor and we don't have rats or mouses in the house so it couldn't been that hahahaha.
Date: 2015-06-23
Hey anne thanks so much for your reply...I'm also not certain if it was him... Unless I cudve seen spirits then I wouldve know what it was. It is very difficult dealing with him being gone. But I'll probably get used to him not being here someday.

I've had a really strange dream about him, but not sure what it means.