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M1cr0b1al's pictureHello, my name is Alex. I am an Atheist - as is my wife - and we're both fascinated in regards to Ghosts, and the Paranormal.

I have had a few 'encounters' in my life, but none that are particularly enthralling. However, I intend to change that! (if possible)

My wife, on the other hand, is quite gifted. She comes from an aboriginal (Canada) family who's involvement in aboriginal spiritual history are profoundly concentrated. In fact, her great grandmother was - by profession - a sort of 'Shaman'.

My wife has had a plethora of experience when it comes to ghosts, and has some incredible stories to tell. She is practically a walking Ouija Board. Unfortunately, her experiences involve very violent and 'dark' entities. So she has since been forcing herself to withhold from paying attention to all the bumps in the night.

We both want to go out and explore, and attempt to understand, everything we possibly can about Ghosts in particular.

Due to our Atheist-based mindset, we do not believe in angels or demons, but rather good and dark entities; with varying degrees.

There are a lot of theories we have about the paranormal; and I would love to have a discussion about the topic with anyone! Please feel free to email me if you'd like to chat.
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Haunted House 1: Ghost Stories Continued on 2014-09-15

I have a few other experiences in the house I used to live in with my family. This is a continuation of the previous story about "The Dark Hound". These incidences and observations occurred various - and sometimes numerous - times throughout my time in that house. As stated previously, the house was...

Haunted House 1: The Dark Hound on 2014-05-05

I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is Alex (male), and I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am an Atheist, have a beautiful fiancé, was adopted at birth, and have since moved out from my family's house; the main subject for the following stories. I am the oldest of three, and hav...

Sleep Paralysis: The Rotting, Black Figure on 2014-04-28

Last year was the first, and so far only, experience I have ever had in regards to Sleep Paralysis. I am not quite sure exactly what I think of Sleep Paralysis, at least when it comes to paranormal events. I would say that I believe most Sleep Paralysis stories are simple neurological mishaps. Altho...

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Lesleighra: I, and others, have a feeling as if there are a number of different 'entities' in that house. The feeling one gets from each individual experience is quite drastic. As I stated, the 'breathes' were entirely peaceful and non-threatening. However, the emanating darkness from specific parts of the house are intensely threatening.
Thanks for the comments. MidnightPhantom, Yes, I believe this form of activity is pretty common, you'll notice it many times in others' stories as well. It kind of makes me think that it's all they have energy to do, sometimes.

Shivnarayan: Thanks for the offer, unfortunately, I'm not very keen on religious solutions to such problems. It would be a bit hypocritical of me to believe such things, considering I'm an Atheist. Nevertheless, if nothing else were to solve the issues, then I wouldn't be opposed to considering your advice; it wouldn't hurt - although usually those actions require a firm believe and trust in those actions themselves, or the god (s) I may be attempting to call upon, in which I am unsure if I could convince myself of their validity.
Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I will be posting some other stories soon. Also, I would love to share some of my fiance's stories, but she feels quite private about those experiences (with the general public), so it will inevitably be up to her to allow me to share those stories with everyone here.
Date: 2014-05-12
Forgot to add; if you ever wanted to talk about psychology, or Antisocial Personality Disorder in particular, you're always welcome to email me through my profile on this website.
Date: 2014-05-12
Very well written, thanks for sharing! I have read a similar story to this one on this site just a few days ago. The couple also had been in a hotel (not in Vietnam), heard some ruckus in the second room, and felt a presence in their room. When they investigated, nothing was there, as well.

Same sort of "everyone would have heard it" type incident, although they never had the chance to look at video footage.

To confirm, it is actually impossible for an individual to hallucinate the exact same thing. So, your wife most certainly didn't hallucinate.

I would say that your experiences is quite genuine.
Date: 2014-05-12
Just to clarify, I am neither stating that your case is paranormal or not. However, since you have become so interesting in psychology all of a sudden, perhaps hearing this from an individual who studies the field may be some use; particularly violent tendencies and Antisocial Personality Disorder (which involves Psychopathy, inclusively)

As some have stated before, there is no direct coronation between the fascination with Psychology (or Psychopathy in particular) and the Paranormal; or the occurrence of paranormal events.

I assume your reasoning behind this is the sort of "darkness" an individual who is a Psychopath can have, versus the feeling one may get from a Paranormal situation. However, simply because that feeling of 'instinctual paranoia', or perhaps fascination, can be nearly identical between the two subjects does not negate any form of similarity or correlation.

Before anyone can consider that they have experienced a Paranormal event, you must first deduct all other logical reasonings that could otherwise explain that particular event.

The others are correct to say that it could very well be a feeling of fatigue that is bringing on this paranoia you are experiencing. Depending on what kind of game your are playing (such as a horror-based game), these feelings could also be introduced simply due from it.

If you were to cut those variables from your life, momentarily, and you still have these feelings and experiences, then you can consider whatever it is you're experiencing to possibly be of a paranormal nature.

To add, I'm not quite sure what the others are implying when thy state they you should speak with an adult about this. I do not know if they refer to your new interest in psychopathy, or what you're experiencing on a paranormal level. Incase it is the former, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having an interest in Psychopathy, or Psychology in general. That is, unless this is some form of obsession with psychopathic individuals in particular, in which case it can become unhealthy.
Hmmm, interesting. As much as I would like to experience Sleep Paralysis at will, and more often, I certainly do not want it to become problematic.

Interesting, too, that our dreams contained a similar looking 'thing'.

I'll take all of your suggestions into consideration. Thanks for your reply!

Although, if you think that the being you saw in your Sleep Paralysis was actually a ghost, then wouldn't that mean you never experienced Sleep Paralysis in the first place?

PS: REM sleep occurs every night, multiple times during the night. The reason why Sleep Paralysis occurs is because the chemicals in the brain that are associated with REM sleep, and allow a person to have a "Normal Paralysis" during sleep (to prevent the person from acting out their dreams physically), are accidentally introduced despite still being conscious.

So a person experiencing Sleep Paralysis has had those chemicals release, thus paralyzing them, yet still conscious.
Well, the framing is made of wood. Otherwise it's a pretty standard house that has been through renovations. The hardwood floors are actually laminate flooring that just looks like wood. There is no dust buildup that occurs in the way that you have mentioned, and I would also say it would be quite difficult to match that same phenomenon on tile flooring as well.

The walls and ceiling are all drywall. Also, the occurrence would have happened within 10 years of the renovation. I believe the floorboards were also replaced, but I'm not entirely sure about that.

I understand what you're getting at, however, it seems as though it is too coincidental to have such an occurrence considering some of the variables; such as walking in a direct line towards me consisting of a distance of 20 feet, stopping then circling the island (in which the flooring shifts from Laminate to Tile).

I have considered other possibilities before concluding that it is likely what it appears to be.

If you have any other questions about the structure of the house, feel free to ask, though! 😊
This is the type of story that I come here for. Thank you very much for sharing. Although, I wouldn't mind seeing some of those photographs! 😊
I understand where you're coming from, however, I have certain attributes (neurologically) that prevent me from feeling fear like a common person without these traits would have. Essentially, it works as a 'dampening' effect in which I don't react in a panicked way. It's a bit difficult to explain, really.

However, due to this factor, and physical traits, neither my fiance or myself would be considered 'weak' in any conceivable way. Just to clarify, I wasn't offended by that statement. I too would see the attraction for such an entity towards that 'type' of individual.

I also understand your implied connection with general media and actual horrific events - or at least perceived horrific events. I assure you though, that due to this condition, this correlation between media and perceived events also doesn't nessesarily apply to this case, considering the variables.

The reason I believe that my fiance has this 'magnetism' for malevolent entities is due to a number of attributes. One would be that she is part Native American, with a family history of 'witch doctors' (I don't know the actual terminology, I apologize), who were said to be quite powerful. Another factor would simply be her own personal track record when it comes to experiences with such entities.

In relation to her experiences, they seem to spawn all around her specifically, not simply just the homes she had lived in. Following her, and so forth.

It wouldn't be surprising if whatever it was was there due to her presence. However, as I stated before, that could very well be coincident, and as far as we can really tell, it all ends up speculation at the moment.
I did a quick search and found that the same way you can induce Lucid Dreaming and Out Of Body Experiences is pretty much identical to how one would induce Sleep Paralysis as well. Essentially, wake up about 4 hours after going to sleep (when REM sleep is most likely active), stay awake for 30 minutes doing something that activates the mind. Then go back to bed and try to relax while also trying to stay awake at the same time.

I'll give it a shot!

Thank you for the help Samtillie!
I believe that your theories could be very well likely. To further explain, My fiance has a tendency of attracting malevolent, "evil" entities, almost exclusively.

I emphasize the pluralization of 'Entities', as it never seems to be the same one, either. So it still may be a possibility that it could have been something that was somewhat attached to her. As I stated before, however, we haven't experienced it outside the house.

I suppose my aversion to the whole 'residual haunting' bit may simply be due to an ignorance factor, stemming from myself. I don't know very much about residual hauntings, and the idea that it could spring out of nowhere with no previous evidence of it seems a bit odd to me. Wander entities, on the other hand, seem very plausible. Of course, either or could be correct.

I particularly enjoyed your observation in regards to the lack of mischievous behavior in correlation with there actually not being much of any of that. I would agree that, at least from the lack of evidence in this manner, that the 'thing' could very well not be of an evil nature. However, why then would there still be that ominous, 'evil' feeling that it was emanating during its presents?

I suppose that would be my largest concern at the moment.
I'm afraid that that is a gross misrepresentation of what an Atheist is.

All that needs to apply, in order to be an Atheist, is that you do not believe that God (s) exists.

We are free to believe or not believe in anything paranormal, and anything to do with "other realms" or outside our perception of physicality, for that matter.

I state that I am an Atheist only to dictate that I do not consider any of these incidences to be of a religious correlation.

Besides, simply because I - or anyone else - believes in something, does not mean that reality is there-fore void.
Oh no, I didn't get offended. I will surely let everyone know if I ever do discover anything of interest 😊
Thank you for all your replies. I try and address them all, right now.

Rookdygin ~ An interesting theory. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to experience enough of these phenomena in order to formulate anything tangible, myself. Ironically, I'm not a very 'spiritual' person, in regards to religious matters or higher beings and the sorts. I enjoy dwelling in scientific matters, greatly.

Due to my inexperience and my lack of knowledge in regards to the subject of the paranormal, currently I would say that the most likely scenario revolves around our understanding of Quantum Physics. 'Biocentrism' is a relatively new concept, but may just be the (scientific) answer behind the 'life after death' possibility.

Also, the matter of Mutiverses comes into play, too. A lot of the Paranormal Events we see could potentially be caused by some sort of interdimentional mishap (or even, perhaps, Intention).

It is my personal opinion that studies like these will be the ones to most accurately assess Paranormal occurrences, and suggest that they are far more 'normal' than previously thought.

JeunaBella ~ Yes, I understand. I am not entirely dismissing an actual dog ghost to be the culprit. However, from what I 'felt' it still didn't seem as though it was one.

I, very much so, hope you are incorrect about the studying of them. It would be an incredible discovery to finally be able to definitively declare what it is all of us are experiencing, and how they work. Although, I agree, it may not be so soon as to when we will come about this information.

Twelveam ~ I am leaning more towards your inclination as well.

To answer your questions; No, we did not hear any other noises, even faint ones, when these occurrences happened. We did discuss our experiences in depth, and have only noticed similarities between all of them; rather than incongruities.

I do not live there anymore, however my family does. I don't have any way of knowing if they have experienced anything of the sorts, too. They recently bought a pet dog, and none of them are very 'in tuned' to all that kind of stuff to begin with. I am afraid that we may not ever be able to know. That is, unless, it is following my fiancé or myself, in which case we may experience it somewhere other than that house in the future.

I will be sure to notify you all if it does occur again, though! I'm glad you enjoyed my story.

Bio_logic ~ There seems to be a commonality with stories like ours. I've noticed a few other stories popping up around this website that references Dog-like entities. Thanks for sharing!

Shadowmonster ~ We have considered that, too. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in another story of mine, or in this one, but my fiancé is very aware of Paranormal Entities, and they tend to be drawn to her.

The experiences only occurred after we started dating, initially. However, this could very well be a coincidence. Although, this does lead me to believe that it may be possible to to be something new that is attracted to her, rather than the house itself.

This may be startling to some on this site, but no matter how "dark" it may be, I look at it more so as an opportunity, rather than a burden. I wouldn't ever want to get rid of them, so the whole cleansing routine will likely not take place. I much rather have them around to study.

Thank you very much for your suggestions, though!
Hmm, I see where you're getting at. The only issue then, is why it was perceptibly larger than any normal Large-Dog Breed.

I want to understand everything there is about the Paranormal. It is my personal belief that all of these occurrences are otherwise perfectly natural, it is our ways of studying them that is imperfect.

I want to know how things work and why they work the way they do.

In all honesty, I have no idea how to study these things. However, I do not believe that the current methodology behind Paranormal Investigations are able to give any sort of answers with any form of solidity. Though, they are on the right track.
I have thought of that as well, SpiritScout and BadJuuJuu. The reason I feel it may not be so simple, is due to it's perceived size. Although I couldn't see it, I could hear the weight of it as it walked.

It had sounded larger than even the large dog breads I can think of, and that is what leads me to believe it is something other than a normal house pet.

To answer your question, BadJuuJuu; No, I haven't attempted to summon anything or do anything that would possibly bring this upon the home.

I find it curious, too, that it only began occurring over 20 years after being in that house, rather than intrinsic to the house from the beginning.
Date: 2014-05-09
At least be somewhat original with your lies. This horribly over-told "scary story" is everywhere.

Really, how difficult would it be to tell a fake story that is original?

If only we had the option to "Thumb-Down" or "Dislike" a story on this site.
Date: 2014-05-08
Hmm, I haven't had a pet ghost before. However, I have had some demonic dog-like beastly haunt my house for a while. Yours seems like a much better experience!
Yes, That was my first inclination as well. Thanks for your input!