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My name is Kaitlyn and all my life I've seen and experienced the unexplainable. I guess I will have to explain everything in my own way if possible... I've been seeing "things" since I was a baby.
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Ghost Dog? on 2014-04-30

When I was around 10 years old one of our German shepherds, Axel, passed away because of a cancer that made his bones ache and make him sick. He passed away about 2 years after getting the cancer and me and my parents and sisters were devastated. He was a good dog. A champion show dog at that too. A...

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Maybe entities know that you are able to sense them and want to make themselves known. An entity could be attached to your family.
Date: 2014-06-17
M1cr0b1al~ Yeah, mine does sound like a better experience compared to that. I miss him. 😢
Date: 2014-04-30
You shouldn't worry about him. If he had the chance to harm you he would have taken it. He is probably just another lost soul, wanting a friend to talk to. I see entities very often and none have ever harmed me. If he follows you it's a sign he is somewhat friendly, he probably doesn't want you to be intentionally scared of him. If you see him again don't be afraid and try speaking to him. Ask him a few things. Just be careful with what you say. Entities are very powerful when angry.