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Our Little Rascals on 2014-06-16

This story has nothing creepy about it, but I'd like to share with everyone. We have in our home what we call Faeries. Yes, they're sneaky and playful. We've never had any negative feelings or experiences with them. A few of the things they like to do is mess with my chocolate stash! Yes you read...

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Date: 2014-06-23
Hello E/Everyone!, thanks bunches for responding. Yep these lil guys/gals, I can never really tell, are very playful, though it was my husband who finally told me *who* they are.

Lol Yep my kids are adults and Know never to touch MOMS stash! *chuckles*, besides fortunate for me, neither kids has a sweet tooth let alone for chocolates so Yay for Me! Hehehe.

They began showing up a few years back when our personal lives were somewhat chaotic, in the supernatural way. Yes both of us are very *in tuned* to the other realm/s, and although our missing smokes, and my chocolates were a little annoying, it also gave us some comfort that we Did have positive *things/beings* in our corner too!

Now I just leave my goodies out in the open so I won't get freaked out should any of them go missing! I'm glad they like sweets as does one guardian a friend sent over to protect us in times of need.

Bbydoll...Hope your little guys are behaving and not causing too much trouble for you... Maybe leave some treats out? Smiles, who knows might help *winks*

Pebbles_Keeper...No more hiding lol, let them have some and all is good. Well so far no more smokes been missing, Thats my husband now who takes them! Ohh that man! *chuckles*

WiniPu4 and Melanie21... Yep I agree its good to know not everything out there is out to get us or someone! I often wonder if we're so focused on the things that go bump in the night, that's its possible we miss out on the good and sometimes silly things that go on around us. My husband and I believe more so now, that what we put out there comes back to ya, so we do our best to keep positive despite daily frustrations, ok at times he's gotta Remind me of that, lol. I've always been attracted to the elements, always felt a strong connection to them, but I will never go as far as to say, I can control them, nope not me. If, If there are times one believes they are controlling them, its because the Element/s are allowing you to have just a little bit of if, but my advice to all that is... Let them be as they are created to be.

Again thanks for all your replies and links, have a wonderful day/night and as always,...Peace...Letum*
Date: 2014-06-19
Hello DannX68... I agree that was a creepy experience, and I too am glad you followed your instincts to vacate the space that this *man* was entering. I too have been told of children, in my case, a little girl who was born with black eyes. Her own relatives got the creeps being around her even as a baby. I'm told this child would rarely cry but would just stare at people. No one would babysit this child. I don't know what happened to her or her family as this was told to me by someone who knew the family, its been many years since. Eyes are the most interesting facial feature, it says many things as well as hide many things. Whether it was something of the *dark* testing, intrigued or drawn to you/your direction I'm glad nothing negative came of it then or thereafter. Thanks for sharing your encounter!...Peace...Letum
Date: 2014-06-18
Hello vin96n... Good story thanks for sharing!. I was especially happy to read how you kept your cool and tried to analyze your situation by way of reasoning of things! It was a chilling experience for you and I totally understand not telling your family later the next day, as most times they'll tell you reasons you know for yourself, it was a true experience and not due to fatigue or bad lighting. I'm glad to hear you had no further scary experiences, but maybe more aware of Other things do exist around you! I look forward to read also if there might've been a death had occurred in or around your area that might bring some light as to this specter that came face to face with you. Peace...Letum
Date: 2014-06-18
hello Hippiesiren... I enjoyed your story as well as the other stories you've posted here. Its good to hear you're not afraid of the things going on around you. I don't know exactly the kind of title or specific gift to say that you have, others here might, but I believe you have an energy that attracts spirits. Thankfully for you most of them seem to be, as you put, non-threatening. Maybe you are gifted to help those spirits move on if they need or want to. In any case, should you continue to have more occurrences I hope they are good and pleasant ones!...Peace...Letum*
Date: 2014-06-16
Interesting read for sure! However I prefer to believe what lies beyond should Stay in the beyond. Each persons experience will be different as was with their births, We all are born, alone. We all will die, alone. A very very personal thing. But, since we talking spirits, ghosts and such it would be preferable to have a family member, or dear friend standing right there to guide us/you/me on over. Yes, that would be nice... But whose to really say right?!...A good detailed story for sure, but since no replies from the author, I have to agree with a few long time posters here, its just a story. O well right?! Fun read.
Hello Leticia... Wow enjoyed your story! I can relate to dreams and feelings of places and things. I cannot say for sure on the dream and the scary experiences you had that one night with your baby girl, but there could be a relation to You being psychic and and your bond with your child. In dreams, so I've read and been told, shows us what we need to see. I'm glad your daughter and yourself were able to recover from that experience!, having posted she too is a sensitive that dream could've been a message from your guardian angel, the one in white, to warm you and *evil* the one kneeling in your dream, is realm hence be aware?...I'm just posting my interpretation here. As for *what* might've been in the room that rushed past your ear could've been another warning to wake you up and check on your baby...? I think that's very possible. Are you still living in that same house? And have you taken any kind of steps to protect yourself and your daughter since that incident? I'm curious to know since I too have adult children and taken steps when they were born to protect them from things I prefer them Not to experience, if at all possible, that I have. Anxious to hear more, smiles...TC...Peace...Letum*
Hello Charles. Good read thanks. I'm curious. Why did you have a OB with you there? Is it safe to assume that up until that experience nothing negative has happened to you or anyone you've used the board with? I'm asking because to me, its very unusual for anyone to have something like that with them especially in the barracks. Its obvious your have an interest in the paranormal, which is fine in itself. Its unfortunate your friend Milton had to experience something so soul shaking. He most likely will Never forget it, things like these will always be with you. I'm glad for your friends sake he has found his faith. Also, maybe I missed the section where the *shadow* was mentioned, sorry if I had. Was this shadow following you or your friend prior to playing with the OB?...Whats become of the board since then? Have you looked into the name of this entity that made contact with you and your friends? I'm interested to know more, please post if there is more to know of this incident, it would be appreciated! Thanks again...Letum*
Thank you sharing this story!, I agree with BadJuuJuu, and I am also glad you found your home and had a positive experience! I hope you were able to share this with family members and or friends as they might also have their own ideas and opinions on it. TC and thanks again...Letum*
Date: 2014-05-26
Hello SingingTomato, Interesting name by the way, *smiles*. I'm not sure what to make of that incident as well, but could it be possible that maybe a spirit of someone whose been protecting your friend didn't want him/her to drink that soda?. Maybe looking out for her health?, I don't know really just tossing out ideas here. I would be unsettling if that happened to me or anyone I would be with, but since nothing was mentioned if anything else happened, it (the entity) doesn't seem to there to cause harm to you or your friend. Only thing I can see is that both your nerves we rattled and you were out of rolls of paper towels to clean up the mess. But just in case you and or your friend still feels uncomfortable. Maybe talk to someone who has had similar experiences. A family member, church member or look into who lived where you are living now. Good luck and thank you for sharing your story!...Peace...Letum*
I'm going to go with your mothers explanation. It seems she's already have had other experiences and believes them to be her father visiting to check on her, maybe for comfort if she was feeling worried for/with her surgeries. To me, it doesn't seem this figure you saw meant you or your family any harm. Though it would most people, of any age see anything like this would be unsettling. Also, since that incident, it seems you haven't had any further experiences negative, or otherwise. Thank you for sharing, and hope your moms doing a lot better now!...Peace, Letum*
Date: 2014-05-24
Hello, good story! I agree its possible that someone met with an untimely and violent death near or at that spot. I hope your friend has come to accept his experience way back then. And now if thinks of about he can acknowledge it as that, an experience. Thankfully this ghostly woman hasn't followed him home that night, or continued to haunt him to this day!. Thank you again for sharing...Peace...Letum*
Date: 2014-05-23
Good story, thank you for sharing. It seems all of you have *felt* a presence in that apartment, and your son actually interacted with a particular one. I hope these *visits* do not cause any of you or your family any harm. If you believe there is reason to seek outside help, be it from other family members, or a place of worship, do so since its to protect you and your loved ones. Good luck...Letum*
Good story, thanks for sharing!. Many old buildings have some kind of *lingering* feeling from when that space was used at another time. I'm glad you nor your band members were hurt in any way, and thankful it was just the equipment that were messed with. I do believe in surrounding oneself with the positive white light to protection. If nothing negative happens, all the better right?! Its very kind of you to want someone or a team of investigators to look into this place and possibly help this *spirit* to cross over and hopefully find peace... Thanks again for the post...Letum*
Date: 2014-05-22
I've heard many stories and incidents that have happened over the years to people who have used the Ouiji Board. Very few positive things have come from it. But I've read there are those who do know what they're doing and have good results. Though, again, that is far and few in between. Personally I am drawn to the boards design, it is a beautiful piece of artwork. But to touch one, or actually allow myself to use one entails far more than I really want to delve into. I hope you're able to seek help in your situation. Good Luck, Letum*
Its quite possible that you had an intuitive/precognitive type of dream. Many people experience these types of dreams/visions. Its unfortunate that this one turned out to be of a sad incident, but often times they are what many experience. Sometimes a person can be influenced by *other* means, meaning, its possible a person could've seen something on the television, a news report that had happened. Or maybe heard a conversation others people might've been talking about. I cannot say definitively how, or why or who is being channeled to receive these messages, but I can say from my own experiences, these kinds of things are possible. Its How you respond to them, the occurrences and how you perceive them. I hope this helped, and hope that you continue to grow along with your gifts. Peace...Letum*
Date: 2014-05-22
Thank you for sharing this story! For many of us left behind, it is a precious event, to be visited, or have something occur to remind us of the ones who've moved on. Sometimes, even the most subtle of things can trigger a thought of a loved one who has died. I'm glad for you that it was a positive experience and that both your mother and aunt welcomed it with a warm and kind reaction! You are fortunate.
Date: 2014-05-19
Hello Daniel, I just finished reading your post. I'm not an expert on these types of occurrences, but have you thought of possibly seeing a psychic? I know finding one might be difficult but its a suggestion. I'm curious, have you had your apartment blessed prior to or just after you moved in? In my culture, having your new living place blessed is if anything gives you the peace of mind. My family recently moved into a new home 3 years ago, since we were new to the state and area, we did a raw salt blessing on the entire perimeter of home. Shadows around you, in my opinion is not good, especially if your own pet won't enter your room. Thats a definite sign something is not right. Its possible *Something* from the old church/home has attached itself to you since you were young. Hearing your name said is very disturbing as well. I had a similar experience when I was 14, and to this day it still haunts my wandering mind as to Who or What is was... I have a good idea, if you're interested to hear my story I'll post it up here. Hope my reply post to you gives some help to your situation. Good Luck and keep Faith! Letum*