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I've had paranormal experiences all my life, just looking for answers.
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Small Brown Creature? on 2015-05-12

My friends and I went to an abandoned hospital where they started messing around with a Ouija board. Ever since I've seen this little brown creature at the house of the person who owns the board. The first time I saw a brown flash in the corner between the couch and window, it scared the dog and...

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Date: 2015-05-20
Thanks everyone for your responses.
My friends had only used the board one other time at her house before the night at the hospital. At the hospital they were only able to ask a few questions then some crazy guy showed up so we all got out of there as fast as we could.
I read that you have to say bye when done using a Ouija board or it leaves it open, is that true? The first time they did & nothing weird happened after, but since the weird guy showed up we just packed up & left, & ever since weird things have been happening. Her garage door that's always locked will be open in the morning, sounds of footsteps in the hallway, & what appears to be a white silhouette out the corner of your eye. Aside from the brown flash next to the table & the dog with it's ears back while the curtains were moving I don't think anyone else has experienced the 'brown creature.' I don't think it's demonic, nothing bad has happened, & I don't think it's attached to me in any way since I've only witnessed it at her house. I also don't think it's an actual living thing since my friend couldn't find anything when the curtains moved & when I saw it in full form I looked everywhere & found nothing. The spirit of an animal makes sense just not sure what animal it would be. It walked quickly like a cat but had no tail or ears but was close to the ground like a rabbit & shaped more like one. Whatever it is, it's definitely one of the weirdest things I've ever experienced.
If anyone has anymore ideas or input on what it could be please let me know... Thanks