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Woooweeeaaawwayyaaa on 2015-09-07

We inherited a sizable chunk of land in 1999 at my hometown, that had been part of my family's farm, where I grew up. It is nature at its best, I believe that the animals would prefer we were not there. All this time we have been bringing our camper up in the spring and back to our home in the fall....

The Big Old Tray on 2015-08-24

After sharing events from my childhood, I thought I would move up about 40 years and tell you of an event that I had with an old antique. Now all our parents are gone and we are empty nesters, the year 2003. I had become ill with ovarian cancer, and left my place of employment, needing to rest for ...

Memories And A Pad Of Paper on 2015-08-20

As a child growing up in the 1950s, there was nothing I liked more than drawing. Money was short and so was drawing paper, my Mother improvised, even the inside of a cereal box would work for me. My Uncle, working for a printing company, brought me scraps. As my Mother was still living, I could not ...

Freckles And A Big Smile on 2015-08-07

A small town and a small school. I attended this school, grade one through twelve with one or two leaving and one or two joining, a class of 22 children. Growing up together, more brothers and sisters than friends or classmates. We shared much in common, moving from room to room, from teacher to tea...

A Deep Voice Spoke Loudly 3 Of 3 on 2015-08-03

Please take a look at my previous events, it will help you to understand this third and final printing about this unusual voice. I was getting older now, in my teens and dating. It was during this time, and only this time, that I did not get along with my Dad. His lack of understanding, compiled ...

A Deep Voice Spoke Loudly 2 Of 3 on 2015-08-03

Thank you all for the generous and kind responses on the first of my events with this deep frightening voice. I now shall tell of the second time I heard, sensed or felt that same voice. After the tremendous fear from first hearing the unearthly, deep, thunderous voice, I found I could not speak of...

A Deep Voice Spoke Loudly 1 Of 3 on 2015-07-30

Growing up in the hill towns of Western Massachusetts was at times very lonely. The view of rolling green hills and rich thick woods of sugar maples, oak and pine, so beautiful. However, if you lived there, farm life was filled with responsibility and chores. Neighbors were often as far away as a ha...

My Horse Saw Him First on 2015-07-27

I am currently sixty-seven years of age, and have some ability to see or hear what others cannot. What I am telling of in this writing took place when I was about ten years old, one of the earliest events I recall with detail. We lived on a farm that was in our family since 1791. First I must ex...

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Hello Pretentious,

Saying a final goodbye to a life long friend, is extremely difficult at any age.

In this writing, your pain is very apparent, and I hope by putting the words to type, you have begun to heal from your personal loss.

May your shared memories hold you during this time, and for each day forward.

Date: 2018-01-22
Hi Lady-glow,

Just having a quiet day, and wanted a little fun.

This gives me the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy your comments. I often skim down to read what you have written, then I can know as to if the story is worthwhile or not.

Thank you
Date: 2018-01-22
and I forgot to ask is your house in the flat lands desert area or in the small hilly area?
Date: 2018-01-22
Hello Oceana,

I was wondering if you traveled with a passport from the UK, or did you slip in a back door. Also, where is your United States home, in the city or the town of Colorado. Just wondering on the map, where your home is.

Thank you in advance for this information.
I too lived in an older home for a time. They do have history, along with old electrical wiring.

It was interesting to learn of it being part of the underground railroad, and after looking up Missouri, I learned of a stronger involvement than I had known.

My Great, Great, Grandparents ran a Post and Stagecoach Hotel in a northern State during the time of the Civil War. They too took in runaways.

The large hotel cellar had a connected underground room with an exit near the stagecoach barn. There was where the rested horses were connected, and the baggage area might have gathered an extra, headed for Canada. How interesting to think, from that house to ours.

These buildings are long gone, and the field is planted with potatoes. As a child I often rode my horse by this area, she would walk sideways with her skin rippling. Animals are sensitive too. I am guessing she saw or heard something I could not.

All now history.
Date: 2018-01-10
I will not scold you for spending time with your four year old sister, but question the hour of entertainment.

As you said you did bump into things as you traveled to the restroom, why could you have not touched an item in your travels.
I can picture a swaying of a sort. Just a touch to get it into motion, creating an odd imaginary movement.

Perhaps it was brought on by lack of sleep, as well.
Date: 2018-01-05
Umm, generally I do my best to be quiet, but here are facts about Salem, as I do not live far from where the horrible colonial witchcraft events took place. NO ONE WAS BURNED AT THE STAKE IN SALEM MA.
Hung, yes, stoned yes, but not burned.

I know that Bathsheba Spooner of Brookfield Ma was hung while pregnant, as in her time her sin was so great. Perhaps others as well, but not BURNED. Look her up!

In New England, when wandering about an old cemetery, often found is a gated area, where family members are buried together. This was done as several plots were made, the fencing and gate surrounded the plot, showing the claim of family plot with a foot or two outside and around the fencing, often a small seat for the visitors is just aside the gate. Unfortunately, the size of the plot was often measured in the amount of dollars that went into the offered basket or how close the pews that family sat to the front.

On the other hand, a person believed to be odd or different, or even thought to be practicing spells, or have committed a sin or crime, will be buried in back corners or just outside the cemetery fencing. I read of an instances (a child) involving disfiguring birth marks, possibly mentally challenged, having been placed in the back with headstone turned.

Just facts, sad facts
Hello, ShySgaile

You have a unique writing style, the way your words flow. I feel like I am sitting in the other rocking chair, near you, listening as your memories are shared.

My Mother was a toddler, when my Grandfather died from the same influenza. Sadly, it changed families along the eastern seaboard and beyond.

I also have family in the northern hills of California, so beautiful.

When speaking of dreams, although I am not sure I would call them death dreams, most of us have experienced similar. How much of such a dream is your sleeping mind, fabricating, and how much is paranormal? How can we know for sure?

Not long ago I had a dream, of a wonderful family and friends party. There was much laughter and joy and it lasted for a long time, it seemed so real. Strangely, many of those people had never known each other in life, I had known them at different times, all as friends, family or even co-workers. What ever that dream was, I enjoyed it and have thought about it often.

Much of life can be hard, do these dreams ease our losses. In 2009 my husband drank two large glasses of soy milk, he enjoyed it, as it hit the spot, handy in the refrigerator for iced coffee. Five minutes later his throat and tongue swelled as he was unknowingly seriously allergic to soy. For eleven days he was on total life support, a medically induced coma, those were hard days. Somehow the good Doctors were able to bring him back, very confused for a very long time after.

While on life support he dreamed continuously, and still speaks of the strange conversations he had with long passed friends and family. One man spoke with him, wearing black and a stovepipe hat, what the h...? My question remains, are the dreams fabricated by our always thinking minds, or are they visits?

I feel badly that your Husband is so ill, my kindest thoughts to you both. Perhaps you can ease tension on these pages, we are overall, a kind and understanding group of people.

Hello Jtcidk407,

I too lost my Mother, when I was nine, how lucky you were to have yours for so much longer.

I do have questions and I wish you would answer:
Why were you angry, were you angry with your Mother for becoming sick? Instead of taking the moments you had left to be with her, you run off to the lake.

So one day all was fine, just you and your ghosts and demons and like a second later your Mother had a tube in her belly. Are you saying she never was gone for long periods of time, in the hospital, or undergoing treatments? You had no idea she was ill? She didn't have months of recovery, a time that you were unable to see her?

You bet I have questions, but I doubt you will truthfully answer.

To all other readers, please forgive my personal frustrations, I can't take it when someone has to make the story all about the big me.
Date: 2017-07-14
Hello Scott, welcome to YGS!
It was so enjoyable to read a well written and informative event. Your perspective is not often mentioned here and I would like to know more about Tibetan information on life after death. It is not an area I have studied.
I do not often respond, as generally I am only a reader. We share the same description, (senior adult) and possibly we share other things as well.
I am looking forward to more of your experiences. The way you write is refreshing. I, like yourself, can usually tell the difference between real and fabricated.
Date: 2017-05-25
Hello Fergie,
This telling had me remembering an event that took place after the loss of our long time neighbors. More family then friends, we suffered the loss of one then the other.
Tony went first, when just getting home from his funeral, we heard a shrill scream out side. An oversized hawk stood on our neighbors roof. That bird was on that roof for more than five days. Night and day.
Months later Millie died, some felt, from a sad heart. A day or two after her funeral, we began to see a beautiful blue bird (rare), Often clinging to a window sill, as if seeing her reflection in the window pane. Her head turning from side to side. She visited for several days also.
We believe these visits were meaningful.
Date: 2017-04-28
Hi PrestonJ,
I am playing catch up, and just read this telling of your woods. I grew up on and still own a large acreage in New England.
The picture of your trail shows these trees are young, my guess is someone has cared for and logged the land over the years. The trail also requires maintenance, to look this groomed.
I have no answers about what you have seen or experienced.
As my land has been family owned for several generations, the old timers cleared and cared for the land. Unless needed for stone walls or cellar foundations, walkways and fireplaces, the rock would be piled at the edge of a cleared field, I know of three such piles, that are large enough they can be seen from google-earth, showing a grey spot.
Over the years, I believe there are more piles covered by nature, as our trees are much larger then yours, but it was once a cleared sheep pasture and apple orchards.
People have come and taken much rock, yet there is always more. I think that could explain your stone pile.
It does not explain all the events you have had, only the rock pile.
Hi Vala,
I seldom write, but felt a need to respond to your events. At times writing on YGS can be a form of therapy, I think you needed to spell out the horror you experienced, as in putting it to print is helpful mentally.
I believe that negativity does gravitate to an angry personality, as you believed it had been with your Father. I have seen this in my own life.
The way you presented your events was very well thought and a breath of fresh air for us, the reader. We have had a rash of poorly written youthful stories of late.
Your writing, while disturbing, was very believable. Thank you for taking the time to place it on YGS, I will look forward to other events you wish to share.
Date: 2017-03-29
Hi Tweed,
What an interesting account, we share much in common. I became a friend with nature in my earliest years. I have actually cried when on my usual walk, years ago, I found one of my favorite pine trees uprooted and laying on the ground. This tree was part of a forest, covering several acres, but noticeable for both it's size and beautiful shape. On that morning I had noticed several trees along the path had branches low enough that I had had to duck to pass, I remember thinking how odd as they were not this low yesterday. I was also aware of the wonderful evergreen scent seeming stronger than usual. Upon finding the tree down on the ground, my thoughts were, it's friends and peers were lowered in sadness. It had not rained and there was no noise, in fact, the silence was a reason among others that prompted these walks. As I strolled under these majestic pines, I began to think the lowered branches indicated respect for their fallen friend. I still think so.
There is so much in our World that we do not yet know.
Date: 2017-03-02
I am so sorry for your loss, may your memories hold you steady.
Prayers and warm thoughts, for you and your family.
Hello again Oleander,

Earlier in my life I had a cancer that had started to eat at my spine. I have had many correction surgeries, some with many months of recovery, screws nuts and bolts. I have been where you are, and each time I wonder if the wheelchair will be my main mode of transportation. Then when the nerves begin to repair you almost wish they wouldn't, as when they mend the pain is so much worse than the previous numbness. Yes, like a painful grab and twist of the foot, or flesh of the leg. Ripples of sharp pain or even an under the skin itch you are unable to scratch.

What I see is babies, some have wings, so many never lived and are horribly disfigured. They sit near or on my hospital bed. They are, with no doubt very real. Some are peaceful, most are not... They float. I tell no one, this is the first I have spoken of this.

Perhaps they are attracted to me as all my life, I melt when near an infant. Wanting to hold love and care for. However, no loving and caring Grandmother needs to view what I see, the memory never leaves you.

You are getting the best advice here on this site. Rook is dedicated in helping with this type of problem. I saw very little on this last hospital visit. (this hospital is one of the largest and best in this state.)

As I was wheeled out to the waiting car we passed a sign for the prenatal section just down from where I was at Orthopedic surgical. I do not know why I never made that connection before.

Chin up, Orleander, you will make a full recovery, your determination comes through in your words.

Again I wish you the best.
Hi Oleander,

I very seldom write, but your appeal was very heart-felt. I am only four days home from a hospital stay and yet another surgery. Like you, I am sensitive and see things others do not. I have been where you are.

Firsthand I can tell you, the drugs given during a hospital stay, as well as being weakened and in poor health, can open and wake our minds in a negative manner, we see things, awful, real, things.

You have gone through, and are still on your way up and out of what might well be the very toughest hardship you may ever experience.

Rook's cleansing is most effective, as is his advice. Please, do just as he has written, I skipped a few steps the first time and that was a mistake. Follow his advice word for word.

In front of you is a stairway so long and high, you can not yet see the top. Look back, in your mind and you will see you have already climbed many steps. Reaching out to us was one step, just to put it to words. Each day mentally view this vision of steps, some are very small, but still progressive to the top.
Each is individual to only you.

You are young and each day stronger. You can do it. Yes, you can!

I send my kindest thoughts and well wishes.
Date: 2016-05-16
Hi Tweed,
Just have to ask, is this clown dressed in purple pants? LOL
You have broken the length record, I think!
I do totally understand the stress an older family member can cause, but would we have it any other way?
Your writing was actually easy to follow, and you clearly write in away that makes the reader visualize your experience. I found myself nibbling my lip, wondering when the clown was going pop up and appear. Yet also understanding that the clown was the tarot deck. That is my take on it anyway... You write as if we are sitting at your kitchen table sipping tea, in conversation.
Now when will we see the continuing part B?
Side note, I looked up that spider, I would have moved from that room for sure. Hate em!
Good story Tweed, keep it up.
Jan 😁
Date: 2016-05-16

We all appreciate almost everything you do and know your dedication to YGS is tremendous. Especially as your given time is a gift to all of us and unrewarded by salary, we are grateful.

Thank You.

Now I will slip back into the dark and remain in your mind as faceless and non-human thing.

Jan 😊
Talk about off topic... I stopped submitting my events because you changed my comment, and also was very hurtful to me. I admit I am very sensitive.
Yet here we go again, and I get it. We all have bad days... When you have pain or are hurtful, perhaps you could just let Granny take over, and not take it out on others.