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Vanishing Intruder on 2014-05-27

This story occurred when I was about two or three so I don't really remember much of it myself but have been told the story several times by both my mother and sister, on different occasions and both of their stories match up. My mum, sister and I were all sitting in the living room at about 9pm ...

Ghostly Attack on 2014-05-26

Last year, I was home alone with a friend, whom I will call S. We were going to go to meet some other friends so I went to get changed while she waited in the kitchen. Before I left, however, I offered her a can of pop and then went to change. I was about to join her again, after I was ready, whe...

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Date: 2014-05-26
Thanks for the advice Letum, I will ask around and see if anyone else has had these experiences, I have had past experiences in the house but this was the worst, I will probably publish the others later, I would love to hear your advice on those too, thanks!