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He Is Still Out There In Streets on 2015-08-10

I was thinking of writing this story from a long time. It's about a place that is haunted by a really powerful ghost. There is a village in Haryana State of India and its name is Shekhupur Daroli. If you visit this place, you will see a empty area with some rubbles of old buildings in center of the ...

Did We Talked To The Entity? on 2015-08-04

So I was having these encounters with an unknown power for a little while. For details you can read my last story. In short I was seeing some shadows, hearing voices and once something left a mark on my hand while I was sleeping. As you can imagine I was afraid as it went for a while. I did Rook's c...

Mark On Hands And Shadows Lurking Around on 2015-05-12

I would like to share some recent events. I moved to Germany last year and I am living in a shared apartment. My room is on the third floor and I share the floor with ten other people in as many rooms. We have a long narrow doorway that opens to a small balcony and also connected to kitchen in the l...

Boy's Ghost In Bathroom- An Encounter on 2014-06-03

My name is Sushil and I am from a small village in Haryana state of India. As it usually happens in villages, I grew up listening to all these ghost stories and paranormal activities. So I was very much interested in these stories from childhood. I always wanted to know more about these things. I wo...

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The Special cleaning that was performed at house:
In total we have five houses of my family. WE were asked to clean each and every house and wash everything. In the morning Havan was performed and each and everyone was required to attend this. You can google Havan, a Hindu ritual for many occasions. According to Priest no negative energy can withstand Havan, making every person clean.
3 layer protection for houses
Holy water from havan was sprinkled around everywhere
A Special Dhoop was used to fill houses with positive energy.
Thread reels, were kept in Havan and than Priest used threads to make a boundary around houses.
Thank you Sheetal and and ChrisB
Shrush: I don't know why anyone has not tried to investigate with videos and stuff and upload them to internet. It is famous only in locality though, anyone who has any kind of relation to this village knows about it.
2006 incident is witnessed by me, stories of other people seeing him were around before.
The houses on one side are mostly abandoned and they are always for sale. No body wants to live there. On Other side there is only one very big house, which has seen 3 infant deaths without any medical explanation. Their house is cleaned regularly by priests. They also want to move out but have no other option.

People don't like to talk about it. In all these years they have just learned to ignore this area and go on with their daily life.
Thank You Goggzy for understanding, of course English is not my first language and I am not a good story writer either.
this the exact location of place.

Https://'46.6%22N+75%C2%B024'25.0%22E/ [at] 29.362958,75.406945,199m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

Please note that its been almost 70 years and village has grown, but that time this used to be the main center.

Google map is not clear, I will ask my friend to take some photos and send to me. I will share them with you all.
Hello Guys
[at] Shrush: visit this place with all equipment's and interview hundreds of people about it.
Of course people live here. I am talking about a particular part. Now villagers have built a Majar fo his peace, even its a Hindi region and no Muslims lives there.

Sorry about that misunderstanding with whole village and the place.
Thank you Rook And Donu.
I used Cleaning method two times only. Actually it did helped at first and nothing happened for 2-3 weeks and I almost forgot about it but than the swimming pool incident happened.
Anyway I am over it now.
Please read my last story and comments on it. This story was a conclusion to happenings of almost 3 months.
Why I tried to find an entity?
Because it was bothering me form a quite some time, and as I was moving out I just thought to find out what it is. I had a doubt in mind that if this thing is in the house or attached to me. Now its clear as I am sleeping peacefully from last one week in other city.

I will be visiting this place again to pick up some stuff, and I will try to use the app again and this time with video.
Tweed: The app is free and I know it is stupid and I was not really hoping to capture anything, I just tried.
I didn't moved out because of this app incident, but because of my experience. It started in April and got worse in May-June. I made my mind to leave this place in July as I mentioned in my earlier story. And the experience include physical injuries, that is what made me to move out!
It was my last day at that place so I just thought to give it a try.
Johnny: I used the app named Ghost Hunting Tool. I also think the same about the entity, might be possible that it lived there and I might have pissed it unknowingly that's why it was messing with me.
Hello Sam,
I know and as I mentioned they are meant to be fun, But I believe that if we want we can communicate with any device. If an entity can move planchette on uoijja board, it can surly interact with an electronics device.
I was sure about its presence because of the things that happened in last two months. You can have a look on my last story for details.
Thank you for your comment.
Thank You Snn, during this time I prayed to God and now I moved out to a new place.

After this mark incident nothing happened for few days. I almost forgot about it but one day when I went for swimming as my routine I saw a humanoid figure swimming with me. It was black shadow, size of a big man but I didn't saw any face detail. It was too dark to be someone's shadow, and there was no one around me.
Another weird thing happened also in swimming pool. I am wearing a small locket, gifted by a family friend meant for protection and I never ever removed it for a minute until that day. I have no idea why I did that but I removed my locket and put it in my locker and went for swimming.
After a while I had a weird accident. I dived and and hurt my right foot's thumb and fingers. There was nothing in the water to cause that. My foot just touched the side wall of the pool and I felt very little pain. I went to the washroom to see what happened and there, after one minute it started bleeding heavily and I was rushed to hospital. Even doctor said how the hell I got hurt like this in a pool.
I still have mark on my thumb even after months.
Little details: The shadows I saw in glass door were like someone walking toward kitchen or going back from kitchen as I see the shadows of my flatmates on any normal day. But no was on floor apart from me, and the only main entry door was locked.

Noises: The sound I would hear in night are of walking in doorway, turning of door handles and door opening and all things like some person would make normally. The creepy part was to hear them when I was the only one on floor.

Now I keep my mobile always ready with me to capture anything on camera if I can. I was not alone in apartment since and Nothing has happened from past two weeks except the nightmares and uneasiness.
LittleWriter: yes, I also believed the three mark was just bruises that I got from somewhere and would still like the believe that as this whole demon thing sound so creepy. 😊
Badjuujuu: Well I always keep my room locked in the night, even when I am the only one on floor. But the hand mark was clear with all five fingers, and the size of fingers was really large, it was like an adult grabbing a five year old child's arm. That is why I thought is not a normal or natural thing.
Thank you for your comment.
Thank you for your comments. Luckily I did not had any further incidents. Though I still have nightmares and find it hard to sleep.

Trischa: Thank you, I never tried to contact it or challenge it. I have learned that lesson before.

Rook: my apartment is at 3rd floor, and the balcony door reflects the inner view. The other side of the balcony is empty ground.
I also ignored the three marks on left hand because it looked like I had them while playing or something.
And the hand mark was on my upper arm, a normal person's hand (including me) can cover half of my arm where the mark was. It was like a really big guy grabbed my arm tightly. And I don't remember any nightmare in which someone grabbed my arm. Actually I don't remember my most nightmares.
hello sheetal thank you for your comments. I really like to explore these things so I was thinking to investigate further. I have many experiences. Going to share them soon
Hi elena101 it is relaxing to know that I am not alone who experienced such things 😜 thanks
Hi sheetal! None of us seen that boy! Actually on that night after coming back to hostel we are planing to visit that bathroom again but this time all together and with torches etc. But however our hostel warden came to know about all this and we all were warned to stay away from that building!