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The Vanishing Water And The Large Cat on 2014-06-02

This is my first time on YGS. I am a well educated young aspirant. I have never believed in spirits and ghosts. In fact I am a total atheist, not believing in God either. Anyway, in spite of this, there is this one incident that I have no explanation for. As 20 years old and studying engineering...

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Date: 2016-04-05
This is a very well written story. My guess is that the "someone" in your yard was a burglar trying to break in. He must have been a novice thief. Since he fell down and had to groan and then he crunched the gravel... He may have thought he might cause someone to wake up and then got cold feet and left. I don't think he saw you since you cleverly ran back to your house. Also, about this being a non-human thing, I think you were just frightened a bit...C'mon...you were 14! I think that is the only logical explanation that goes with your story...
Hello RedRaven51,
I have a suggestion for you to get rid of the baby portrait. There usually are collectors that gather paranormal stuff for maybe research purposes. Why not use the internet to find such a person and give away the baby photo? That way you would neither have to sell it nor have to deal with throwing it away...
Hey Alien, I have my set opinions, that does not mean I am a freaking genius who knows the answer to everything in the universe, plus I enjoy reading creepy ghosts stories, they're interesting... And Elno, thanks a lot for your support...
Hey sheetal, thank you for your comment...
Yes, it was a strange cat. Also, I had never seen it before, and have never seen it since.
That was the only incident, except that my brother sometimes wakes up at night screaming, but doesn't remember dreaming or seeing anything after he calms down. But even his nightmarish screams have stopped since he got married three years ago...:)...
Even though I do not beileve in spirits, it does not mean that I am not open minded about it. I certainly have no explanation for that incident. But I think if I refuse to believe any paranormal, I can live peacefully.
hey utkarsh, I certainly like tea very much... But I certainly did not use the entire water... Lol 😁