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Haunted University And Dormitory on 2014-06-25

I'll start off by giving a short background about the university and the dormitory. The university was founded in 1901 during the American occupation of the Philippines. It was the institution that the Thomasites built to train Filipino educators. The dormitory for girls was said to be built around ...

The Girl In The Office on 2014-06-23

First of all, thank you to those who read my stories. Here's another one. This incident happened 3 weeks ago. Just a little background about the office, it is in a publishing house. Most people stays until 6PM but if you have a flexible time, you can stay until 8PM. People who stays beyond six co...

When She Was Possessed on 2014-06-18

As promised, here's the story about my mother. When she was seven, she was abducted by a creature who told her that after 15 years, it will come back to get her again and marry her. Fifteen years later, 2 months before her 22nd birthday, she married my father. They thought that the creature woul...

Seen With Our Own Naked Eyes on 2014-06-04

It is my first time to post my story as I believe most people in the Philippines do not believe in such paranormal things (or maybe they are just denying the fact that they really exist because of being a catholic country). Let me give you a brief background, my mother was abducted by an explaina...

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Hi! I believe it is a ghost of a child. Maybe it wants to play with you or it wants you to know it is there.

Pray hard and if you want, get the place blessed.
Date: 2014-07-13
Hi there! It is only now that I have read this story and I believe your story. It's because I am from the same university. I'm from 2012 batch so I think you were senior when I entered the university.

I hate the dark ambiance in the library. I can't even enter the auditorium in the fifth floor. And I usually have goosebumps when I enter the bathroom in the first floor. Whenever I enter those parts of the library, I feel suffocated.

But I miss the school.
That's pretty weird. But I have sort of the same experiences. Sometimes I would dream about random people then later on, maybe a year after, I get to know that/those people. This happened thrice already and I must say, I believe that whoever we meet, they're all part of a bigger plan for us. 😊
Date: 2014-07-04
Surely, the kid is bringing you joy. It is so heartwarming and I believe it is the soul of your daughter. God bless you all.
Sds: That was the dream. Like a dream inside a dream. They actually got scared because the shaking of E's bed happened while I was having the dream. Talking about the dream itself, there is nothing scary about it.

MitoTakatori: I'm from Cavite.
Sheetal: Hahahaha! I believe souls and ghosts let humans experience them when the person experiences the extremes of emotions. Hope that helps to help you "avoid" them. 😉
Sheetal: Do not wish for experiencing it yourself. You might regret being haunted everyday of your life. Hahahaha! But when time comes that you get to experience some supernatural events, eventually you will get used to it. 😊
MitoTakatori: Thanks for calling me "my lady." I appreciate the curtsy. It's PNU. Actually an installment of the film Shake Rattle and Roll was filmed there. An actor said that he saw a ghost in the university library. And another actress said that she would not go back to place because of the goosebumps she got while staying there.
MitoTakatori: No, actually UST was built during the Spanish occupation and that makes it around 300 years older than the university I am talking about. 😊
That means, there are more stories from there. I have seen the place and I believe it is a perfect place where humans and supernatural entities share jokes and some chitchat. 😨
Hi there, Lady-glow! No, the walls are not soundproofed and yes, we thought of those sounds being just echoes. 😊

Hahaha! The dormitory and the university have a lot of secrets and stories that even we, occupants, could not explain either. Most of us do not even remember the origins of those stories but I know for one thing that the two old structures were built strategically to survive the war.

The good news is that, the canteen was closed 3 years ago because a lot of students could not stand the dark ambiance of the place. 😜
Date: 2014-06-25
Hi! Sheetal: Yes, we tried. She underwent pray-overs by her co-members of the Couples for Christ.

Lady-glow: My grandparents thought that way because my mother got lost and they looked for her around the town but could not find her. Their family really believe in the supernatural world as evidenced by my uncles practicing black magic before. No, she did not experience sleep walking then and until now. I don't know much about the other children's experiences in their place before. And yes, that incident happened around the Halloween season.

Somehow, we know that the weird things happen before or around Halloween season because of some repeated or similar events that occurred. Well, we somehow thought that being active in church activities would help her.

Lovelight78: Our family really do have holy water at home, but I am not sure if some families do the same. We keep it in our altar.
Date: 2014-06-24
Hi, Vik! No, she doesn't have scratches. I hope your girl is fine. 😊
Date: 2014-06-24
Sheetal, she is okay I think. Though she is always having nightmares at night. Sometimes I feel like it's not really her anymore. Sometimes I would hear her screaming in the middle of the night like she is trying to make someone leave. One night, she shouted while looking at me during one of those nightmares "Get out! There is no Joey here!" then I shook her and said it's just me.

Sometimes when I stay awake late at night, I would look after her and make sure she's sleeping soundly before I go to bed.
Date: 2014-06-24
Hi there! Thank you for posting your comments and suggestions.

As for the other events that occurred, none yet after the incident. I am new in this office but I have heard stories about the sounds they hear especially the footsteps and the typing sound.

Re: the silhouette, Trisha and Tony said it really looked like Mina: shoulder-length hair and slim body.
Amber said that she was certain that the one she saw that morning was actually Mina.

Yes, the spirit is not really malevolent because it is not hurting any of us. And yes, maybe it just wanted to play manager that day.

I will update you guys about any occurrence though.
Date: 2014-06-22
Nice story. I believe the ghost wanted to play with her because of her playfulness. Just like everybody says, what goes around comes back around. 😁
Date: 2014-06-22
Hi, ERizzy! Yes, she's doing fine. But unfriendly visits from other ghostly figures seem regular. It's like she's having nightmares every night.
Swimsinfire: Yeah, I agree. But I have lived with it for 22 years now and my mother and sister did longer than I do. Ha ha! I guess sometimes, all it takes is learning how to not mind them. 😁
Elgin: Hi! Yes, my sister looks like my mom when she was her age. Hmmm... About the location, our house is in Cavite while her province is Laguna. As I said before, she was abducted my an entity (but I want to call it 'creature') and threatened to get her again 15 years later to marry her. However, on the 14th year, my mother married my father and that angered the creature. Oh my! Now I'm being talkative.
Hi! I'm very sorry I replied late.

Sheetal: I still don't know the reason because we never talked about it since. But we still experience other supernatural things inside the house. We've been living there since 1992 and I remember some of the "happenings" there. Yes, I'll post more stories soon.:)

MitoTakatori: I believe you. I've heard and experienced a lot of paranormal stuff. I can even say when a place is haunted or not based on the "welcoming" I have when I get to a place for the first time.

Thank you for your comments!