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I am a women who has worked in differant aspects of the medical field for many years. From nursing homes to institutions for the "feeble minded" as well as the E.R. Hospital setting and in the streets as an EMT. I open minded and believe that I have had some experiences that might "paranormal" or "spiritual"

I am very family oriented and believe in the golden rule!
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A Kindly Old Man on 2014-06-09

Years ago I worked in a city as a paid EMT. Our crew would consist of 2 EMTs or one paramedic and one EMT. I did 12 hour shifts usually 6pm-6am or 7pm-7am. Sometimes the nights felt very long, especially if we were not too busy. Ambulance crews would stage throughout the city to make it easier an...

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Date: 2014-06-14
Thank you for your questions!

I did investigate further starting with my boss. He was a Patient that used that building for several years both before and after this gentleman was said to have died.

My boss was taken back initially by my story and thought I was messing with him. I repeated my story to him and promised I had no need or desire to mess with him because I truly believed in what I had experienced.

My boss then became very serious and explained that through the years he had to utilized the facility with in the building (3 times a week) he had heard from several medical staff (doctors and nurses mostly) of seeing Mr. Killington as a see through type of figure with a distinctive stature that looked like the man they used to know walking in the halls on different floors and times of day, stepping into rooms through doorways that were no longer used and supposedly locked.

My boss assured my that he had known this man when he was alive and attested to the fact that he was a very caring and dedicated man. He told me that it would not surprise him that Mr. Killington comes back to make sure that everything is well in the place that he so loved.

ERizzy... The facial expression that I remember was that of a slight smile and a knowing look at me!