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xsmileystephx15's pictureMy name is Stephanie, I'm a sensitive and have witnessed many paranormal activities from the time I was a young child and it is my passion to study and understand the world of the paranormal.
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My Older Brother on 2014-07-07

I'm one of 5 siblings. When my older brother Stephen was 4 years old he died of a pneumonia and my mother was completely heartbroken. A year later in 1993 I was born and was even named after my brother, his name being Stephen Michael and my name being Stephanie Michelle. I remember this one nigh...

The Butler on 2014-06-09

My name is Stephanie and this current day in time I am 21 years old. I've been witnessing paranormal activity/entities since I was a very young child and I'm about to tell you of one of the first experiences I've ever had. My mother is very spiritual and has always told me that I'm very sensitive an...