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Something's Here on 2014-08-18

In April, 2013 I moved into an apartment building... Not the best area and not the most private of places either. I have a roommate who highly believes in the other side but wants nothing to do with it if it's "evil". I have a 7 month old son that she watches here and there for me while I'm working....

Little Boy Wanting To Be Noticed on 2014-06-11

My brother was dating this girl from high school, and I was friends with her sister. They both invited us over for a sleepover at their house, which their house is built in an area where it used to be nothing but farming fields; and there's also some native burrial grounds near by that are blocked o...

Visit From Mama on 2014-06-11

My grandmother (moms mom) passed away in September 1992. I was born, October 1992. My mom told me we, grand children, would've called her "Mama" instead of "Grandma". My mom told me when I was a couple months old, we lived in the house my grandmother passed away in. My mom would hear creaks, doo...

The Protector And Little Old Lady on 2014-06-11

As a child, I was always able to hear, feel and see things that weren't explainable. No one ever believed me, not even my parents! So I usually kept my mouth shut until someone came by with a story of their own, or the same thing I saw! When I was 12, my brother (a year younger than me) and my pa...

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Date: 2014-08-25
Yeah, everyday I'm coming home to new incidents. Now my roommate refuses to go in my room to put my son to bed.
I just recently had an experience as well with a bright light in my eyes while trying to sleep. First time I opened my eyes, there was a bright ball of light beside my sons crib. Second time it happened, not even 20 seconds later, I refused to look. It happens every now and then.
I talked to my moms friend who is into the smudging and closing portals. She's going to help us out. But honestly, it could be either me or my roommates boyfriend bringing something not so nice into the house. As a dumb teenager, I played the Quiji board and never closed it properly. And my roommates boyfriend lived in a house occupied by (what he says) the Devil that could be attached to him. I suggested that both him and I get clensed as well.
I also know many people in the area have passed away, and my landlord who lived here a month before I moved in passed away- but not in the building. I have found photos of my area through my local library of the history that dates back enough to 1927, nothing further I could find. My apartment sits on farming fields, and my dads house just around the corner was a swamp.
Thanks for the wishes and advice. We're going to try our best without disrupting anything.
Date: 2014-07-14
Thank you! =) It makes me smile thinking and knowing it to. The fact of not knowing my grandmother physically, but spiritally is amazing.

Also, my mom just told me a couple nights ago she remembers my grandfather saying that Mama is waiting for him when he was in the last moments of life. My cousin and I both had children together, December of 2013, our grandmother is Mama- our sons are born 3 weeks apart. Her son is born on our grandmothers birthday, and my son is born on our grandmothers first daughters birthday. It's amazing.
No, I never felt fear. It was more protecting... I recently found pictures from 1924 of where the house sits right now, and it used to be a swampy marsh with a few farm houses. My dads looking into the archives right now to find more out.

And yeah, I would talk to him, but he wouldn't answer me. But you could tell he was listening... I thought it would be nice telling him stuff about me so he knew who I was in hopes he would speak.
Yeah, it sounds far fetched, and odd. But this is what happened. I can't really explain it myself. My brother never sleeps on his stomach, and hasn't had something like this before. I also just learned those friends of mine just got their house excorcised recently.