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Stuck With Puppets on 2014-06-17

This happened to me, my brother and a small group of our close friends years ago. One of our close family friends had a relative that lived out in what most would consider to be a small type of mansion in the woods just outside of, if I'm remembering correctly, Murphy, Oregon. The lady owned most...

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Date: 2014-06-22
Hm didn't hear about those. I've lived here my whole life and have yet to be stuck in the middle of a flash flood warning. Mostly fire warnings. Like last year the air quality became extremely dangerous. It was like a fog outside but it was all fire smoke. I guess a flashflood just hasn't happened in my life time or It did and I just don't remember it. Thanks for the info~
Date: 2014-06-21
I wouldn't really say it was flash flood. If you know Oregon then you know back then there were damns on the river which during the winter caused the rivers to swell really bad. One bad rainfall can cause a lot of trouble. Still does even though most of the damns are down now. A lot of Debris left over from summer fires on the mountain, drift wood, fallen trees, human logging and beavers become like wrecking balls in the river. Normally a bridge can take quite the abuse from the debris but like I said this one was in terrible shape. It probably didn't even manage the water hitting against it. Oregon does NOT have flash floods. We have a HUGE natural water system stemming off from the Rogue River which floods and swells thanks to factors such as rain and snow piling up on the mountains. The Rogue River runs through MOST of Oregon if I'm remembering correctly from my days in Geography class.
Date: 2014-06-20
I think it was Murphy but I could be wrong. I didn't pay attention to the signs. To tell you the truth I slept on the way there and home. Not to mention it was around ten years ago. All I know is the house is flattened now but I still avoid the area. If you know anything about Oregon is that no matter where you go something freaky is always following you... Or maybe that's just me being paranoid. 😐
Date: 2014-06-20
Thanks for asking that. I guess this is the one answer I will give since I had already decided not to become apart of the discussion. We didn't leave until morning. It took pretty much the whole day for workers to build a temporary bridge for us to cross over on (by foot). We had to retrieve the care several days later when a new bridge was completed and strong enough to hold the weight of the car. I realized I forgot to answer that after I had submitted the story.