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Hooves on 2014-06-18

When I was about fourteen I was dating an older boy who absolutely adored me. I told him I wanted a Ouija board so he tracked one down on eBay for me. I tried to play with it a few times and nothing ever happened. One night I had some friends over and my sister, who's three years younger than I, a...

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Date: 2014-07-10
Thank you for all the comments everyone! I was young and not very smart, we only used it a few times that summer then my old man hid it because he didn't want it in the house. My parents have since split and the board is long gone, he claims he's sold it but either way, it's not my problem anymore lol.

Sds- I only have two other stories. There were three or four of us sitting in our basement, we had the board and a candle and we sat in the middle of the open area at the bottom of the stairs. It was an open ceiling, where you could still see the beams and the furnace ducts, and we were sitting under one of the ducts. As we were asking questions we could hear tapping on the duct right above our heads. It was a consistent tap tap tap tap, almost like the echo tin gives off when you slightly push in with your finger and then let it bounce back to shape. We couldn't figure out what was making the noise, it was only right above our heads and in the summer when the furnace wasn't on. We ran upstairs pretty fast.

The other was in our old camper, same thing- board and candle. We sat at the table, maybe four of us and then we heard rustling at the top of the stairs where the bed was. Then it sounded like my old man was trying to scare us by knocking on the far corner of the outside of the camper. We took a flashlight and looked around the whole camper, which was parked in the middle of the yard with no where to run to and hide really fast, and nobody was there. We tried one more time, hoping the needle part of the Ouija board would move just once and the knocking came back so we blew out the candle and dashed to the house. My old man was asleep in his chair watching tv and started yelling we were making too much noise. We didn't touch it again after that!
Date: 2014-06-24
sorry floral decorations, not picture... My mistake, I'm sorry
Date: 2014-06-24
you mentioned the picture, why not try getting rid of it and see if it goes away? Wishing you and your family good luck and all the best. Congratulations on your baby boy by the way!
love all your stories val, they are very touching and very well written. Reading them, I feel as if I know you, that we are close somehow. This one in particular gave me goosebumps!
have you had your blood sugar checked? I've had issues not being able to get pregnant, bouts of sadness and 0-60 changes in my mood, happy to really really grouchy. I saw a psychic and she told me I'm almost hypoglycemic. I've started eating better and can tell the change in the way I feel. Might be worth a try but I don't know your situation, just a thought. Good luck with everything!
you took the words out of my mouth lady glow, I was thinking the same thing!
love this story! I believe I have a guardian angel as well, one of those near death experiences when I shouldn't be alive. Everything was in slow motion and it's almost like someone put the thoughts into my head about what I had to do to stay alive