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I teach psychology, statistics and research methods at a major university. I have been psychic my whole life.
I have spent my life trying to understand what these sites allow us to discuss, ghosts, psychic and medium experiences, astral travel and spiritual experiences. I have read psychic literature back to Edgar Cayce and The Jane Roberts "Seth Material". My research interests, academically, have been in artificial intelligence and humor and spirituality. I study human senses and human cognition to understand how we process the world. I am interested in things unique to humans, like humor, and how artificial intelligences, which are soon to come as depicted in so many Hollywood movies, will be different from those depictions. How will we grapple with these and who controls them, us or them? It will come down to power, intent, bonding, morality. And have other intelligences evolved across this vast universe that communicate on "wavelengths" perceptible to some of us somehow but not yet verified by science? I love art, nature, science, photography, singing, hiking, talking with cool people.
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Be Careful What You Invite Home on 2015-08-03

Over the last two weeks, my son and I have been removing a very negative entity attached to him. I'll call my son E. It is a long story, so I will hit the highlights. E has struggled with depression for a long time. I had some stresses with some threatening students a few years ago, a stalker, a...

Ezekiel on 2015-04-22

Here is one of my most powerful ghost/spirit stories to date. I found I could move energy through my hands over 20 years ago. I meditated and asked what it was for but it took me several years to calm and balance myself to find that this could be directed and controlled for healing. I have studied s...

My Wonderful Spirit Guides on 2015-04-22

This is my second story here. My first was about my father, now deceased, and how I still feel him near me. I have been spiritual since I was a child. I meditate, and am an energy healer. I call on energy help from what many call spirit guides. I feel them around me (when I tune into them). Three...

He Still Helps Me on 2014-12-31

It's time I share my favorite ghost story. My father was diagnosed with lung disease when I was a freshman in college. It was horrible news. He was one of those rare people. I never heard him yell, ever, other than when having fun. There are four of us kids in my family. I am third. He and I were al...

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Date: 2016-10-02
Didn't see links. Dang. Haven't done much e-mail. Looking forward to a chat.
Date: 2016-09-30
Not sure if you are reading your comments. Loved this. Miss you. Email me.
Thanks (late), Red! I am barely keeping my head above water. But I have been calling on Gaia as you suggested, and this SO helps. Thank you for reminding me, and for keeping us in your positive thoughts. We need them right now.

Thank you ❤
Date: 2015-10-09

I think she was stolen during a war perhaps, in a very bad way. The artist was perhaps killed, the woman he used as a model and/or the person on whom he bestowed it. She had great power. So, I was not necessarily questioning your grandfather's integrity in not questioning his fellow losers in dominoes. I just still find her fascinating.

Date: 2015-10-02
Biblio, I still feel that she was stolen from someone who found her very precious. She has anger. But I do not sense she is bad.

Wordplay is good. 😁

Hecate ❤
Date: 2015-09-30
Biblio, I am glad my "too easy to misinterpret" compliment only stung for 5 seconds. I like Biblio being Biblio. So, the second part of the sentence I wrote there sums it up. Please do not stop being Biblio. There. That's my piece/peace.

Hecate ❤
Congratulations to the YGS Astral Investigators! Rook, another nicely done. And this time with aid from Tweed. You guys will need t-shirts. Lol

Just popped in to see all the excitement. You guys had quite a night! I am still grateful for your help with my stuff, Rook.

Best to all here. Sounds like things are moving in a very positive direction, with the help of some very talented people!

Hecate 😊
Date: 2015-09-25
Tweed, what a wonderful read. Of course I felt like I was there with you on all counts. I love it that it all felt normal. And I can still feel the sadness at the destruction of that house. It probably cried out the whole time it was being deconstructed. But maybe it's enchantment was able to dissipate, and even in the new environment, subtly speaks to those who hear.

Thank you for sharing. Our connection is very healing for me. ❤

Hecate 😊
Date: 2015-09-23
Jan, I am sure you got them to him. I do believe our thoughts go to the people we think of, and many of us can intensify that effect. It is up to the receiver whether they get them or not. I bet he did. Your heart is always attached to your messages. I think he can read that, as well.

I needed brief readings here to bring me back to some normalcy.

Hugs to you!
Hecate ❤
Date: 2015-09-23
Biblio, you must be a blast in class!

Hi Tweed. So much to say, so little time.

Jan, Biblio was being Biblio, and look at his follow-up. 😁 Being able to come back and rethink something (and add to it!) is so much better than anyone with delusions of perfection.

Thank you Biblio! I have needed you guys again! 😊

Hecate ❤
Date: 2015-09-22
Biblio, your teak woman got stuck in my head. You mentioned your grandfather had done his stint in Tunisia. I wonder if your teak woman was perhaps stolen by someone during similar military service. There might be a whole other side to her having a kind of animosity toward those with similar energy to the pillagers. Just a thought as I was trying to meditate and couldn't get her out of my head easily. So, here I sit writing.

I feel rocks a LOT, using them in healing. Obsidian, Tweed. Ooooh. I have a large rainbow obsidian pilar and small green obsidian wand. They are very, well, expansive, is a good word. Fast cooled lava, like you said, Tweed. No crystaline structure like rocks and minerals. It is difficult to find the black variety.

I feel the trees, like many of you. I am not as sensitive to objects. I had mentioned the movie "The Red Violin" to Tweed, where there is energy in an instrument. I do not want to tell too much as I encourage people watch it. I have reached a point where a local coffee shop wants to see my art. I am reticent feeling like my pieces are my children. I do not necessarily talk to them, but I feel like I birthed them. I love seeing them, knowing I can love them but do not have to raise them for 21 years. LOL Anyway, I feel we leave our energy everywhere we go, sometimes intentionally but usually not. Places. Things, our well loved things. We can send it out, too, which is what I do when healing. I hope she found a regal place.

Can't wait for more of your stories, Biblio. 😊

Date: 2015-09-22
Thank you Biblio! I have been away and just logged on to read your wonderful summary of the pressures of being in science. Lynn McTaggart has written of many more brave scientists who have essentially sacrificed their careers to test "other" in several books, "The Field", "The Intention Experiment" and "The Bond".

As you know, I am a trained scientist. I teach statistics and research methods to that next generation you reference. But I also challenge my students to think beyond what many will not openly explore for fear of that damage you so aptly describe likely for their careers. In my classes, I have started asking how many people are themselves psychic or is someone they know psychic. I make it vague so they are not committing openly. Usually, in a class of 100, 4-5 hands will go up along with mine. This semester, it was me and two others out of about 150 students sitting there who raised their hands. So, we are talking about studying something that is not only extremely variable across people, it is quite uncommon when we do find it.

Stanford University has an alternative medicine unit. University of Arizona has a Center for Consciousness that hosts regular conferences with some more alternative themes.

Thank you for your summary. I went into science partly because I wanted to better understand the things we discuss here on YGS. I can only discuss these things with very close friends, and only peripherally in the classroom. However, I ALWAYS try to leave my students with an open mind... 😊


FINALLY, I sent you an e-mail. If not in your inbox, check your spam.

Hecate ❤
Jan, Tweed did forward your contact information. I plan to write to you, probably after tomorrow. My life is intense right now - beginning of semester, wonderful but unexpected family in town, son not well AND I turned my ankle on Saturday evening. I have spent every spare minute doing healing on it, as I spend the majority of my time on my feet when teaching. Sooo, I apologize for the delay in my response. 😊

Talk more soon.

Hecate ❤
Hi Msforgetmenott. I loved your story. I am originally from New Hampshire, so I know the magical stones left by the glaciers. I completely share your obsession. I collect smaller ones, though. 😊 My study has four 7 foot tall book cases with glass doors. In front of all the books, the shelves are filled with all kinds of rocks. I can feel their energy with my hands, different types of rocks having different frequencies.

I use clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst when doing energy healing. There are many different schools of energy healing, Reiki being one of the more commonly known. Mine is similar, using energy, color and temperature, oh, and sometimes a little energy pressure. And as Tweed mentioned, I can do this from a distance. I have been doing this for about 20 years. Lupus, and autoimmune things I cannot heal. But I can help with pain and inflammation, though. I also raise your energy level which helps reduce cancer risk. If you are interested, perhaps we should have an e-mail chat.

Sending you positives! ❤

Well put, lady-glow! 😆 I needed a laugh this morning, and you gave it to me.

And msforgetmenott, thank you for the encouragement that we all think about our writing. 😊

Still chuckling about the circus...

Thank you, Tweed! And Miracles! And Rook! And everybody for all of the help and support. I had mentioned to Rook that when my son was in the psychiatric hospital, he saw all sorts of things on the ceiling at night. His room mate had made a paper Ouija board. I really think so much mental illness is highly connected to psychic ability. And it attracts crazy energies.

E did not connect well with his psychic. But I thought that perhaps he might be difficult to read. I hadn't planned on a reading for myself, but a woman sold me by telling me my aura picture was the highest Buddha energy. Luckily, she had some really spot on insights so she was not a sham. But I am still chuckling about the whole Buddha idea. The weird thing about our pictures is they were nearly alike. I have had other ones done at this store, even two on the same day that were different. I am wondering if my intense healing on him lately moved a lot of negative out. Our pictures had white triangles above our heads, surrounded at shoulders by bright yellow that mellowed into gold around the outer edges to the top. We also filled the picture, out to the edges, also interesting. I had done one of Red's Gaia things that morning around both of us, and I think it helped.

I came away feeling more uplifted than E did. But it still looks like we have some physical/mental health things to work out for him, and that is daunting. I think I am going to try a high quality hypnotist for a possible past life regression. My psychic emphasized how much he is carrying from past lives. I can feel that.

So, my long update. Sorry for the delay. My fall classes started today. 😊

My gratitude is huge!

Hecate ❤
Rook, I agree there is a strong chance that now we are dealing with the physical/mental health side of things. We have had two years of medication hell for the poor guy. And it is one of those crazy - cannot get in to see the new psychiatrist until mid-September - waiting games. Psychics today. If not better by Monday, the day his Doc is in, we may go camp out in the waiting room. He is compassionate and I am sure would spare a few minutes. Thanks for your thoughts and your kindness. 😊

Goggzy - we definitely told it to leave. Salt is cheap - 5 bucks for 40 pounds.

Thanks all,
Hecate ❤
Miracles, was it in your journal? You are amazing! Many of you are in how you remember even the comments from several years ago.

My update - E still feels too much touch. It has escalated to some auditory stuff. We are both concerned. We are going today to my favorite psychic bookstore that has an aura camera. They also have several psychics in house every day, so we are likely to get him a reading, too. Hopefully I might have some better things to report soon. Thanks for all of your support.

I am anxious to hear more about the Rook-sighting. 😊

Still here...
Lightbringer, please keep protecting yourself. Rook also has a cleansing method on his profile page, if we have not already directed you there. This helps protect your space. If you can feel the ball of energy I described between your hands, make it big to surround yourself and visualize it as an impermeable shield.

Best to you. Thanks for the update.