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Shadow Figure - Friendly Ghost? on 2014-06-23

Back in around 2007/2008 I was round my brother's house sitting with my sister-in-law and my niece. We were sat in the lounge just chilling, talking, watching TV etc. And generally just having a nice relaxing time. I was sitting facing the windows and the doorway leading to the rear garden and ke...

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I'm afraid they moved out around 2009.
However, they had told me about another ghostly happening there. Shortly after my grandmother had passed, My neice and her friends one night reported seeing her in the living room by the curtains sitting and smiling. At the time, I believe her ashes were in my brothers possesion.

Unfortunately, that's all I have for that house and although I'm still round the corner from it, I don't know the new tenants and if or not they have strange occurences.