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Yolanda du Preez
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South Africa
I am a young mother living in Orkney, North-West in South Africa.
I started having "dreams" and memories (not my own) at a very young age.
I have a checkered past as I suppose all of us do and I have a 'person', 'entity' that is always with me but I have never communicated with it as I have no idea how.
I enjoy reading stories about the paranormal and supernatural and it does tweak my interests but I also do so with respect and a bit of fear.
Almost like a person respects and fears the ocean.
Its the only way I can describe it.
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A Scary Night on 2014-06-30

This is my first story so please bear this in mind as it might sound a bit weird. This happened last night at home 29 June 2014. I was asleep with my kids in the room, we sleep in the same room my bed against my eldest son's bed, let's call him J, and I was lying on my back with my arm over my y...

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Date: 2014-07-30
The word he used and gets used a lot in our house of "Sakaboela" is used when they are naughty, its an old wives tale supposedly that if kids are naughty Sakaboela comes to them and teaches them bad things and that he will "eat" the naughty kids.

It freaked me out as well when I was a child because my sister used to call sakaboela when I was naughty to get me to be good but then again we never really had any reason to misbehave but to us being naughty was taking a cookie after supper or having a late night on a school night...

I have thought of a blessing and also a cleansing but I can only do this as stated before when my parents are not in the area as they do not believe in this type of activity.

Thank you all for your comments.

I will check in again to see if any new comments have been left and also to give an update on the happenings.

At the moment all is quite but I am very aware of things now again and also some strange things are happening to me... (will have t figure out what it is before I can say what is happening)

Thank you again
Date: 2014-07-02
Thank you SDS

I will definitely try this when I can and am alone, others will think I am loosing my rocket, I felt at peace last night again but in the early hours of this morning I awoke to scratching again, but this time instead of getting all scared I just walked to where I heard it and said in a stern voice that it was not welcome in my house and it slowly stopped and I could get back to sleep.

Strange that you said using my sons names as J and B sounded like a math problem, it was just an impulse to use those letters.
Date: 2014-07-01
Hi Lola1012

Thank you for the advise of burning sage it is something that I will have to do with my sister as she is also involved somehow, not sure yet how, but we have to do it when there is no one else there as my parents, whom I live with, do not believe in the paranormal.

They think that this type of thing "is all in my mind" and they don't like the idea of these things happening because they think that it is a sign of 'satanism' and think that somehow I got into it... 😕
Date: 2014-07-01
Thank you Mimerkki. I am also a Christian and last night I prayed very hard and held onto my children.
Strange thing while I was praying I heard screaming and the more I prayed the warmer my flat got (it was ice cold when I got in there even though the heater had been on for over an hour) and I also started crying and having terrible cramps (normal for me when there is an undesirable presence present) but by the time I had finished praying the air was lighter and my room was warm again.
My eldest J also kept asking is "Sacaboela" was still there and if he was going to keep hurting him while he slept, I tried to be as convincing as I could and said no that he was gone and we must never call him again.

This morning when I woke up I couldn't smell burnt toast and my kids were sleeping peacefully.

I need to know how this thing found me again?
In my past I did some really bad things and I got Involved in some really bad stuff but I left that behind me, and yet I have these things follow me.

I will post other stories from my past and hopefully I can get some clarity from all this. 😕