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Intense Dark Shadow Attacked Me on 2014-06-30

So I am writing down my story to get some feedback and possibly advice if you can about this encounter with a dark ghost. A week ago, I was sleeping in my bed, and all of a sudden, I woke up. When turning myself back to the wall, there was a very very dark shadow, darker than the obscurity itself...

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Thanks for both comments. I ve submitted the story and the picture to shadow, I didn't know this site exists, great one by the way.
As for sleep paralysis, very insightful. I ve been reading about the causes. I sometimes do tarot card reading once in a while, and never in that apartment (moved a month ago). I don't think this could have triggered that. Otherwise, I am going to watch the videos. Thank you.
Thanks Kubyelikus for your comment.
I wish to know what this was. As long as it doesn't come back like the other night and do not show up, I can bear it.
I ve shown the picture to a friend who is fond of photography, y et he hasn't responded. If someone can give me additional points of views, that would be great.
As for me I have been sleeping quite well. I will keep updated the story if something shows up.
As well as coughs and that, on the contrary, is unnerving. Well, thanks for your feedback.
Thank you BadJuuJuu and SDS for your thoughts.
I would like to acclare that by illness, I would feel weak in this room, meaning getting a lot of sleep after a normal 8 hour night. I don't mind that, I thought I'd share this detail, it probably doesn't have to do with the encounter.

I have sprayed sage in the room, we will see if something happens or not.
As for the pictures, I have uploaded it on photobucket.
1st picture: the original one, taken by my friend cellphone.
2d picture: auto correction by iPhone. The dark mass is clearer. In both I have outlined it and blurred the eyes for privacy reasons. I have his authorization for sharing it.

I wasn't here when the picture was taken, but this shadow can't have been put like this, since there is no window, and there was no one in the room according to my friend. What do you think? I would appreciate your comments on the pics and story for those who haven't commented yet. Thanks!