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Ane Elise Reiersen
15 year old - ghost obsessed - animal loving - teenage girl!
Love watching TV series and hang out with friends.
I had an amazing cat, which will always have a place in my heart <3
I have a loyal, pretty samoyed puppy that always makes me happy:) I am a member of the Humanist Association, but I will always believe in paranormal activities and ghosts!
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Activity In The Garage on 2014-06-30

I live in a big house with my family. The house is about 17 years old, and my dad built it himself. The property was untouched when he started building the house. Only a big forest and a couple mountains. I am 15 years old, and I have a lot of friends. And when I started having girls' nights and...

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Date: 2014-07-04
For what kinds of reasons can a person be haunted for? Murder or something? And its only the attic where the paranormal stuff happens.
Date: 2014-07-02
I would love to clean the attic, but my family don't believe me, so they will probably not allow me to 😭
Date: 2014-07-01
About the power outage. I do not know if the power disappeared in the whole building or just the garage-attic, but I know for sure that all wires and cables are completely fine. There should be no reason for the light to turn off and flicker when all electricity is perfect in the whole neighborhood.

That poltergeist theory seems logic. Ill keep that in mind.

Yes, this is real. Its in my house, and its my experience!

I just asked my friend if that stair walking sound they heard was real, and they said yes. They also mentioned (I didn't knew about this before now, but) they had been hearing running in the hallway. Like really slamming around with arms and legs.

I also have to say that the garage-attic is a lot more new than the garage. At first, my dad just built a room for the cars, then, later, he renovated upstairs. Ill guess the teen room is about 2 years old or something like that.

And by the way, I have to inform that this happens rarely. Its not all the time that something happens up there. Its just been a few times, but anyway, it scares me.

Also, my cat is dead. She died 2 months ago. I wasn't home, but my mom shot her. Mom said "the cat just went completely crazy! She attacked the dog and she tried to bite a baby!". My cat has always been calm! Why did she just rage that way? Does it have something with paranormal stuff to do?
Date: 2014-07-01
Thanks for answer!
First of all, yes, I have noticed activity up there when I have been alone. Footsteps in the stairs when I'm watching TV, flickering lights, slamming inside the tunnels, almost the same as my friends have experienced (just not as loud as they say they have heard).

I don't think my family have heard anything up there, but they don't use that room anyway...

There is no animals up there. There is no animals where we live at all. And no animal can make sounds as loud as those slamming sounds either. But I have been thinking about what kind of animal it could've been, and the only animal I can think of is some kind of raccoon. And raccoons don't live in Norway.

The power outages has maybe happened like two times maybe, but it was weird. No other houses lost their power, even when we share the same! And it only lasted for, you know, a couple seconds.

I am a paranoid person, I really am. And maybe my friends where just kidding with me, but they acted terrified even the day after.

And even when I'm up there, I don't get a good feeling inside me. Its like I get goosebumps in my belly.
I also took my cat up there once, and she was scared. At the second I let her on the floor, she ran into the house part. And I have heard that cats have like a "ghost-detector" inside themselves.

Maybe it all have been coincidences, but anyway, I don't feel like it.