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There Is An Entity In My House on 2014-07-07

Hey, I have read stories from this website for some months and I decided to make an account and write my experiences and you could possibly give me some solutions. Also, I am a strong ghost/demon believer. By the way sorry for my spelling, I am from Greece. So everything started since I was 10 ye...

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Date: 2014-08-12
I may be wrong but in my opinion the ghost is not aggressive, it is just trying to get your attention.

Do you know if a fire or something happened in the house before you? Were there previous owners? Also you could try reaching the ghost with an EVP Recorder or someone expirienced.

Good Luck and keep us updated

I was going on the last floor to inform our friends about an event but they didn't answer the door, so I went back on the elevator then I saw something like a humanoid figure looking at me from the stairs (it was not moving, just staring) then I quickly got on the elevator, my phone started playing a song (it is impossible cause you have to unlock but I didn't touch it) when I went to the 1st floor I knocked the door of my house but there was dead silence, then I heard babies crying and screams like you were killing someone but the weird thing is that they didn't sound normal they echoed like they were in my head, then I started sweating and was really scared.

Any ideas what it was?
Hello guys,
Sorry for not posting feedback, I didn't notice the story was uploaded but I will answer your questions now.

SDS - I am greek so I don't know very good english, it happened in the same bathroom but I didn't express correctly and I got a bad feeling.

Samtillie- I am not religious but I will try

Ladyglow - I got to the doctor a month ago and he said I am perfectly fine.

Jabman05 - Most of the nights I wake up at 3 AM for no reason, but then after 15-20 minutes I go back to sleep. I don't know if this is paranormal.

Valkricry- Actually no one leaves above me (they moved out) and below me they have an office so at 5PM they leave. I have tried talking to them about this but they say its bullshiat and ghosts don't exist.

For the summer I am not home but I think the ghost has followed me here, all the actions are based around the bathroom, when I get home I will try everything and I will keep you updated. 😁

Date: 2014-07-09
Interesting story!
I would say it is either a poltergiest or a ghost of pet.
You can ask your parents/locals for previous owners or you could find the owner's themselves and ask them about a pet they had or if anything wierd happened while they were there.
I found it quite interesting.
I would say ask the locals there (preferably the elders) and ask them if someone has died there. If they say a little girl or something similar you could try and communicate with the girl and ask her how can you make her rest in peace.
Date: 2014-07-08
I cannot see anything can someone help me?
Also I may try to do ghost hunting too.