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Divine Intervention? on 2014-07-29

My story requires a little summary of my life experiences and of who I am. Growing up I never really had a childhood. I was traumatized by countless events and forced to endure many others that more than half the people on this site ever go through. The experience I'm going to recount will really be...

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It sounds like she'll be fine. It's either a very playful spirit or a poltergeist. Spirits by some unspoken rule aren't allowed to bother the living and are forced to leave those alive alone when told so. The child seems to listen, so to me, it strikes me that this is a regular spirit trying to play with her. Though I kind of feel there is more to this story than she said. If she get's a sinister feeling in the air, then something is wrong. (The hair on her neck stands up. Or for me my toes go numb.)

It wouldn't hurt to get the house blessed by a local priest/rabbi/monk or religious figure though.


Hope this was something helpful
Date: 2014-09-10
Hi Frangelica1,

What you say makes a lot of sense to me. Moreso than many of the explanations I've been given. But here's the thing, the light technically didn't surround me like a circle. In fact it actually just chased away all the shadows in the room. So there was nothing but white light to be seen. I woke up instantly the moment that happened. If it was an archangel then I am eternally grateful for the aid I received that day.

Also I have a little question that's completely random. The room I spent about 6 years in growing up is completely free of bad spirits. My mother (who no longer has a room of her own) sleeps in that room and tells me that all of the bad spirits that scare her to death, never set foot in there. It's as if the room is a safe zone from anything bad. Demons would stand outside the door or window, but they would not have the audacity to enter the room for whatever reason. Can you explain why this is so?

Thank you 😁
Date: 2014-09-10
Have you tried telling it to leave you alone?
For when spirits bothered me at night, my mother used to tell me to read psalm 91 from the bible (I believe) before I went to sleep.

It wouldn't hurt to read the psalm out loud every night before you hit the hay. In fact you should. (And mean what you say)
In personal opinion, if this spirit hasn't bothered you I do not think it ever will physically bother you. I believe it's merely spectating/watching over you. The warm air could be your imagination, or it could be something more. For now, since you are young and I understand the situation about not being able to do anything, just pray and read aloud verses from the bible of your religion every night (I read both from buddhist bibles and christian).

When I feel scared I turn on the light. That may help you too, to keep a flashlight nearby.

Stay strong!
Date: 2014-09-10
Hello thebigseastar,

Have you tried going to a local priest or rabbi to discuss this? Many religions have different ways of approaching this but I believe they have many things in common. One thing in common is their description of what may be bothering you.

It could however be a spirit from a certain location you once lived on or visited. I've noticed that spirits (I'm calling everything supernatural in this case a spirit) tend to latch onto those that are breaking or have fresh wounds from an event that won't heal.
In my opinion, once you learn to move on past these memories or guilt, (if you have any that may be causing this), and stand tall, then the spirit will have nothing to latch onto and go on it's own way.

I hope this helps.
Date: 2014-07-29
To tigersgirl2014, it wasn't three months it was a year. And I don't feel like it was he who helped me, though I've never been gifted on that area to know got sure.

To everyone else
I was worried about recounting this online but thank you for the support.
The day my grandfather died I was in shock. I said bye to him the morning before it happened as he gave me a ride to school. He came to that night through a dream and told me to be strong. I feel that with my experiences, I best honor his memory and of those I love by being a strong willed dork.

The light, whatever it was actually came from the outside though. Not from within me, if that means anything. Then again I was paralyzed in a dream. Like state so Nevermind. Lol, before my great grandfather died though, many others I cared about had passed away as well (my family dies in bundles not alone). So the might could have been one of the many I feel. Well I'm glad I'm getting responses and for that I thank you!