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Scary Experience In Brittany on 2014-07-07

My partner and I have just returned from a week's holiday in a gite in a rather remote part of Brittany. The property was next to a railway line, being the former home of a signalman. Although the gite was cute to look at and reasonably comfortable, I felt rather ill at ease when we first arrived, p...

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Hi and thanks to everyone who posted. Yes, the lady who was looking after the gite suggested that 'a mouse' might have made the noises, to which I had to laugh! Some of the noises were absolutely deafening!

I saw the 'old man' twice, once on the Sunday and then again several days afterwards, both times around midday. I tried to follow him on the second occasion but, although he could barely walk, I could not keep up with him and he just seemed to disappear into nowhere.

Yes, I was truly spooked, so much that I was petrified of going to bed the night after (we only had one night before we were due to go home). However, I had no intention of doing so (my partner did suggest it), firstly, because it would have been quite difficult to get on an earlier ferry and secondly, because we Brits are made of quite stern stuff and I didn't see why our holiday should be cut short because of this 'thing'. However, there is no way I would go back there! 😨