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My Grandmother's House on 2014-12-23

My uncle came to visit for the Holidays around the 14th of this month. He also brought his 5 year old daughter and 8 year old son, along with his wife. He is very religious and believes that all spirits that walk around the earth are demons. We had a conversation about spirits and what I saw whe...

Debby on 2014-12-22

When I was a small child I had many imaginary friends. One was named morrow another was named Friday. But they were not weird at all because I knew that they were not real. There was one named Debby that scared me to death and I thought she was as real as the day is blue. During my younger child...

The Digging Sound And The People In The Doorway on 2014-09-16

As you guys have read in my previous stories, I am very sensitive to spirits. As a small child until now I have seen and heard many things. I live in a house that was built in the 1800s. It has 5 bedrooms including my room which is an attic. There have been many things that have happened there. This...

My Childhood Homes Part 3 on 2014-08-19

After we moved out of the house you guys have read about we moved into a home that was built in the 1800's in which I live in now. It has 5 bedrooms including my room that is a finished walk in attic. We moved in August of 2011 and it wasn't until June 2012 I started having experiences. I was sleepi...

My Child Hood Homes Part 2 on 2014-08-04

I have told my story. It's time to tell my family's. These stories will be organized from oldest to youngest. All take place in the same place... My childhood home. This story takes place in 1957. My grandfather (he owns the home now) is 6. He shares the room I slept in with his 2 brothers. His y...

My Child Hood Homes Part 1 on 2014-07-08

I was born in West Virginia and moved to Ohio with my mom and my step father. In 2005 we moved back to WV with my sister Carmen. This house was one that my grandparents rented out. It was a small 2 bedroom home in which me and my sister shared a room. One night I was about 5 and my sister was around...

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Date: 2015-04-01
It's seems like your mom's spirit was just trying to calm you down. Telling you it's ok.

Oh and look at this after April fools so it's doesn't look like I'm making fun of your mom:) Yourghoststories replaced words with clown and purple pants.
Hahaha good one your ghost stories. Replacing our words with the word clown. We'll played. Let me give it a try: Ghost, story, spirit.
Date: 2015-01-13
Sam-I remember her being a older though so it couldn't have been a little girl.
Date: 2014-12-24
I remember seeing her. I knew I had seen her many times but only once do I remember what she looks like. I remember she had black hair that was almost in a bob. She was older around her 50's, she had a muffin top and a black shirt with a red jacket. [at] Dip1904
Date: 2014-12-23
Elanoraemily-The story about the first time it happened I can't remeber but all of the times after that I remeber. And I researched our house not my grandparent's house. The house we researched is in Ohio where as my grandparents and my mom's friend's house is in West Virginia where I have lived for 10 years now.
Ok elanoraemily. I think your father has been imagining this ghost. Perhaps because he missed his wife? He may have created a mental picture and made it so real it appeared. Your mother may have heard the foot steps because of wind creaking the house. After all the house is 150 years old.
That's the thing elanoraemily we couldn't hear the door slamming which was really weird. And the footsteps were not coming from anywhere but from behind the tv which I had forgot to mention is infront of a closet
Thank you CrystalLeo and they still rent this house out to people. The woman who lives there now has a daughter whom I have met before and played with and she tells me about the grey people and the shadow figure as well.
Thank you guys so much. And I have talked to them and that will be in my next story. But I talked to my grandmother (the one who lived there and did not rent it out) she had some interesting stories herself. My mom also lived there as a child and my great grandmother lived there with her for 14 years. My mom also has some childhood tales herself. I did do some research and it appears nothing has happened there. But if you guys want to do some feel free to. Oh and my grandfather has lived there as a child also and in the house next to it, they pretty much own the whole hillside. I'm working on the next story. 😆 😆 oh and yes I still have different things happen to me in different places.