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Hello everyone. I guess I'm just a pup with the paranormal world. I would say I had some interest as a child growing up. However I didn't choose to have what has been going on for the past 7-8 years. It choose me. I am not sure if I want to embrace all of the opportunities that will go with it. There are enough without my devotion.

I have only had two bad experiences and the rest have been passively cool stuff. Some of the passive ones did scare me but mainly because of the SURPRISE factor.

I appreciate you taking time to read and comment on my stories. If one needs more detail than I have given please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks again,
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The 109 on 2017-01-04

Since my last stories, a lot of you know we have relocated. We really have been on a vacation "from" the paranormal activities from our previous house. The entity we were co-existing with took exception to our move and threw a temper tantrum and caused physical harm to me for the first and last time...

The Cabin Visit on 2015-11-18

I have always wondered what to make of that day at the cabin in the early 90's. After reading Jerry's account and reading the amount of information that YGS readers provided I thought I would "throw" mine in the mix to see what everyone thought. This would have to be my first "unexplained" event....

Exit Wounds on 2015-11-18

The majority of my previous stories came from an active house that we just recently moved from. 99% were of the passive nature, other than the "SURPRISE" factor, nothing physical had ever taking place. However, as we ended our packing and moving procedures that came to a change. Oh how I hate mov...

Stories From Our Deck on 2015-03-24

I have mentioned in my previous stories that we are lucky enough to live in a fairly rural location in Arkansas. The house sits on top of a ridge with the back of the house pointing due North. Our deck is on the back side and offers a beautiful view of the farmlands below. For this reason we spend a...

A Complete Violation on 2015-02-03

For those of you that have read my profile you will see that I have had two bad experiences. The first being "The Big One", and now the following describes the second. I have had reservations on writing this one because of it's nature. It is not one of those sexual encounters, however it was a co...

Taps, Tinks And Toots on 2015-01-20

As I have mentioned before, our current guest sure wants our attention. I found myself wide awake Christmas morning about 2am. I tossed and turned before finally giving up on getting back to sleep. I quietly got out of bed and closed the door behind me as I left the bedroom. My hope was I would ...

Researchers Still Searching on 2015-01-12

From my previous stories and comments I have mentioned that I work in the County Circuit Clerks office. We are the keepers of most County books. These records covers Land Deeds, Deed of Trust (mortgages, modifications, etc.), and various civil/criminal records. We have all records back from the earl...

Recent Indoor Activities on 2014-11-19

I thought I would take this time to mention some recent cool and uncool stuff that has been happening inside our house. We really enjoy the outdoors here in Arkansas. This year we were blessed a mild summer so we spend a lot of time outside. However, living in the rural area that we do we have se...

It Was Unintended on 2014-11-17

One of our many, many visitors showed a unique talent. It was a warm summer weekend night as friends came to visit, eat, drink and be merry. As usual. We enjoy entertaining friends and this is something we do all the time. We all had our fill of delicious food and cleared the table for some comp...

Mr. Winfred on 2014-11-17

I have been wanting to fill in some time from my last story. The last story took place around four years ago. However, I think I'm just going to start submitting sporadically through out the past four years. I titled this one "Mr. Winfred". It's about a visitor we had this past summer that was on...

Sophie's Story on 2014-08-26

Jennifer and I are blessed to have a 6 year old Shih Tzu named Sophie. She is such a laid back caring dog that seems to have a connection to both Jennifer and I. She can tell when either or both of us are upset or mad. She'll be there to give comfort for those reasons or to give aid if we are not fe...

Must Be An Active Time on 2014-08-20

My last story brought events that have happened at our current location when we first moved in. I would like to pick up from there. We were still not used to all the small and large incidents that continued. On one occasion Jennifer and I, along with a couple of neighbours were enjoying a fall n...

Ever Since on 2014-08-05

Greetings YGS people. Every since I experienced the "BIG", it has left me with the ability (whether I want it or not) to feel, see, experience moments that I never had before. There is no sense or rhyming to the timing, magnitude or location of them. We have a cabin on 80 acres in the middle the...

The Big One on 2014-07-21

I left my last story "Just a Handful..." with the late night visit. Whatever it was came into my room and stopped on the other side of my bed. This story will pick up from there just a few weeks later. I had been on my guard since the last visit. It was the first time I felt threatened/scared. At...

Just A Handful Of Smaller Things on 2014-07-15

After my enlightenment to this type of things I have had a lot of what I call cute, fun or interesting moments that was shared by close friends and family. At this point in life my close friends and family will roll their eyes and say something like "seriously?" when something goes bump or falls. Mo...

They Don't Like Vacuuming on 2014-07-14

Greetings YGS members and guest. This is my first time to post, however I have been reading stories and comments for years. This first story is of my first personal experience with the paranormal and life has been an adventure ever since. In the beginning I was both curious and skeptic. I would t...

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Date: 2017-11-03
GhOstHunter- Well "The average HUMAN is about what like 9 foot right?" They say everything is bigger in Texas. Seems so. Around our parts 9 feet would be considered abnormally tall.

I'll have to wait for a bit more clarification on this.
Emmaline- Another great interaction. These certainly are not residual accounts. I find it quite interesting that "it" was able to give off the heat that it did. Well, to a certain degree. I had one burn me pretty bad (Exit Wounds).

Great stories. Looking forward to more 😊
Emmaline- This was such a great story. How exciting to have that type of interaction with the two of them. I totally understand you and your husbands reaction. Many times I wished I had handled things differently. One just never knows how they will react until it happens to them. A lot of mine was the "SURPRISE" factor 😆.

So looking forward to reading more, headed to read your other submission.

Welcome to YGS 😊
Sanguirina- I have enjoyed each one of your stories. Each are well written that makes for an easy read.

There are times that one must set boundaries with their full-time entities. We had one that thought it would be funny to play with our smoke alarm. When I realized what he was doing it made me really mad, as you did. I explained that we depended on that for our safety and it was NOT a toy. It worked. He never messed with it again.

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your next.
monkeynavigated- Well when one has Redwoods, jailbreaks and pervs in a story you know it's going to be good. And it was great.

Thanks for sharing. Oh, and the Redwoods are on my bucket list.
Meldel- Wow, I almost missed your story. Sure am glad I didn't. Vincent sounds like a character that would be a hoot to be around. But oh, the broken heart. I did feel sorry for his life lesson. Those are always tough.

Sometimes, actually most times, it takes a personal experience to become a believer. I have to admit I was one.

Thanks for sharing. Great read.
Date: 2017-08-28
J_B_P_D- The barn was about 5 miles south of Batesville, Arkansas
Date: 2017-08-14
zzsgranny- I left a message with the admin that posted story. I've been off the grid over the weekend. I'll have to check and see. I'm hoping they see the error. Or, I actually believe I will remove myself from that group. Wrong is wrong.
Date: 2017-08-09
I'll see what I can do. I'll explain the copy right info from YGS. I'm hoping they will understand.

On a side note, guess they were needing some REALLY good stories to fill their page.
Date: 2017-08-09
So, just incase I just can't get through to you, go to my profile and click on my gmail account and send something to me. I will be able to reply back with info 😊
Date: 2017-08-09
Tweed- I sent it from work email. Not sure if that is why. I'll go over to my yahoo account and resend.
I clicked on the email address you have posted on your profile page.
Date: 2017-08-09
Tweed, I sent you an e-mail concerning one of your stories. 😠
Faith- Living south of you in Arkansas, and in a very rural area, I understand the surprising moments when deer show up in one's headlights. Happens too often for my likings. And, like several that have commented on your story, I have heard that disembodied voice. 😆 However my reaction was the "over reaction". I quickly removed myself from the situation 😆

Thanks for sharing. Really looking forward to your next story. Welcome to YGS 😊
Date: 2017-07-28
Tweet- Love me some Deep Purple. Grew up on them. 😆 Love this story as well! H sounds like a character.

I always find it comical what some folks will say or do to deny the paranormal. Curious why your pops had the "about face" on the subject.

Great story, definitely going to my favorites! Thanks for sharing. Gonna find me some "Space Truckin" 😆
Date: 2017-05-23
GraveArchitecture- Really great account. However, with all that you have written down your statement,

"I'm still not QUITE sure that I believe in ghosts..."

Amazes me. Maybe some of the things could be explained away but obviously not all. Especially your daughter being moved in the hall. And still not really willing to admit they are REAL.

Welcome and thanks for sharing,...
Date: 2017-05-22
Ghoster2K- I enjoyed your story. As usual I read the comments before placing my own.

As I read you account, I couldn't help but think of my own personal experiences. In my story "Mr. Winfred" I really had the same type of experience. Every time I looked straight at him "POOF" disappears. If could have held my gaze just a bit I could have set there and have a pretty good look at him. However, he was sly enough to show up and take me off guard. To this day I can still see his figure along with the suit he wore.

Strange, strange indeed. The question being, why they only allow a certain amount of visual? 😢
chelscp11- This was an interesting account.

First off I'm glad that you haven't experienced anything since moving. That's always a bonus.

Secondly, you have referred one entity as a "black mass" and an "orb". Am I correct that these are the one and the same? Did it always have the same shape and size? "Round like a soccer ball"?

I have had an experience with what I referred to as a "black mass". However, mine was pretty massive compared to yours. It was off the ground about two and half feet and went all the way up to the ceiling and about three and a half feet wide. Yea, pretty BIG. 😨

Your second entity, the tall one with the cowboy hat, there have been many stories written here on YGS that describe them exactly like yours. There's something there for so many to experience the same thing.

Anyways, enjoyed your story.
Date: 2017-05-03
I think RC is bringing up a point here Roy. Butterflybabe stated a "blob" not a orb. I will venture to state these are two different kinds of critters completely.

I interpreted the "black blob" as what I would considered as a black mass. Naturally I went straight to what I have experienced. We'll wait to hear more from Bfb. Maybe she can described in more detail.
Rook- That's a question I have ALWAYSED wondered about.

"Where do they go"?

For the ones that don't cross over,...Brings up an interesting point of theories. Unfortunately I don't have a clue on any. There must be some out there.

Do they just find the closest "in habitual" structure? Or, like you suggested return the prior location?

I would like to hear your own personal view as well anyone else's.

We can move this to one of my pages so we will not disrupt Nephylim's comments for this story.

Nephylim- Great story. Glad everyone's alright.