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My Supernatural Child Hood 1 on 2014-07-14

I am Asep and I am living in a city called Bandung. Actually, I was adopted by a little farmer family. My family consists of only three persons, me, my mom and dad. Here is the story. I was 5 years old at that time, my house is really small, you can see the main bedroom from the kitchen through t...

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Date: 2014-07-19
hello I will comment and give you some advices from a perspective of a muslim,:D Assalamualaikun

There are things out there that Allah has mentioned in our Al-Qur'an Demons, Angles, Humans, Djinn are all creation of Allah.

That red things happened to your fiancee perhaps your imagination of being sad or maybe it could be something else.

The only thing that you can do as a Muslim is saying prays to God to Allah the Almighty himself. The opener surah Al-fatehah or maybe the only one which I and muslims in my country believe can get rid of negative entities are ayah Qursi (I am so sorry I don't know the english name of that surah).

Try to do the prayers (shalah) 5 times as it is ordered and everytime after that please pray upon Allah some protection to show you whether he is the one that is destinied for you. Than if he is then, pray for his health and get rid every negative energies or entities attached to him.

I, in my country, encountered lots of possesions things or strange apparation which are disturbing. With that kind of things I have mentioned above, we managed to go through whatever it is.

Djinn in my believe are ususally appear according to the culture where they are living. They appear as a disturbance but sometime helpful. According to my believe, Djinn are like humans but they are Ghoib which are invincible from normal human. There are believers and there are non believers.

But somehow I don't know what kind of thing that got inside your fiancee. You have to ask him directly about what happened to him or his family. If there are kind of things weird with him or his family, try to solve it together. If it is out of your reach, then, I am so sorry my dear, but you have to leave him right away.

There are some humans out there who has been tested by Allah with poorness. At that time demons will try to convince them to make them rich by doing terrible things. There are some of those who wants to be rich by giving the demons their most beloved one.

May Allah be upon you my sister, as long as you are in thes protection of Allah, there will not be anything to be afraid of except him.