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Experienced, seen and encountered with real paranormal entities in real life. Strong believe in God and in evil entities too.
Most of us believe that evil can only be check by great powers but I believe that if you recall positive memories when you're in most miserable and depressed condition; it will definitely help you to fight back.
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Reality Or Nightmare on 2016-05-23

Our company had expanded its operational areas so I got chance to visit new places which brings different experiences. Bitter and sweet both. In the expansion process, I along with my colleague Samar (name changed) were sent to Siwan, a district in the state of Bihar (a province in east India) t...

Ghost Childs on 2015-06-15

Recently, we had decided to renovate some part of our ancestral house which were quite old and was untouched from previous reconstructions. The reason of renovation was the continuous earthquakes which we all (northen province of my country since my city is not much far from Nepal) are experiencing ...

Associate Ghost on 2015-04-22

Here I am going to narrate an incident which had taken place during the summary of June 2005 with my elder brother and me. We all had gone to attain marriage of my maternal aunt's daughter at Satna, Madhya Pradesh (Central Province of India). My elder brother works in a Pune based MNC (Multi Nationa...

Occurrence On Fridays on 2015-03-04

Things were moving nicely for me after I was discharged from the hospital. I was getting up to my routines meeting with friends, relatives and colleagues. I have made some changes or say added some extra circulars work in my early morning's time table so that I could maintain a healthy life. Besi...

The Restless Spirit on 2014-12-16

Here I am going to narrate a story which is based on my mother's experience. She had a power of sensing dead persons. My mother has two brothers and three sisters. My mother is the younger one amongst them. My mama (maternal uncle) named Gopla who was also the youngest amongst his brothers and siste...

The Basement Hall-2- The Outcome on 2014-12-11

As I had mentioned in one of my stories named as 'The Basement Hall' that I would soon come up with the history of it; I fill satisfy that I my hard work had paid me off and I had finally dogged out the history of my office's archive room situated at the basement. The ghost of which I had encounter...

Paranormal Activity Experienced By My Family on 2014-12-11

Recently I have some serious health problem. I have a cardiac arrest on 22nd November 2014 and I was admitted in the hospital for more than a week. Still I am on bed rest but I am recovering from it smoothly. Since I was hospitalize for more than a week, in my absence my mother and my two brother...

Nishi on 2014-10-27

I remember when I was a kid my mother used to drop me to my school. On the way to my school there was a well and I don't know why, quite often my mother used to take me near to that well and asked me to poke at it so that I could perceive the depth of the well. I must confess here that I from my chi...

Ghat Wali Mausi on 2014-10-13

My ancestral house in Shivala is just 15 minutes away from the ghats of river Ganga. I use to fetch fresh water fishes from the fishermen pretty early in the morning. Let me give you a trivia about the nomenclature of ghats of Varanasi, every mohallas (a kind of a subdivision) colonies which are adj...

The Sprit Of My Cousin on 2014-10-06

Here I am going to narrate a paranormal incident which my mom had experience way back in the summer of 2004. My mother had two sisters, both married. My elder aunty worked in a renowned and one of the high-ranked universities as a senior Librarian. Her husband was lecturer in applied sciences in the...

The Basement Hall on 2014-09-22

Few days ago, I was stuck late in my office because we had a P.O. (Purchase Order) to open in order to purchase some license. Before continuing, I would like to provide you brief description of my professional life. I work in a Micro finance (please pardon me for not mentioning the name). In it I wo...

Unknown Phenomenon on 2014-08-25

This had happened with me 15 days back. I have very prompt believed in the worship of lord Shiva. I quite often go to the nearest temple, the Gauri Kedareshwar temple. It is one of the most ancient temples of this city. It had two main entrances; one from a bazaar named upon the temple and hence cal...

Devil's Nest on 2014-07-29

This story was told to me by my grandmother. It\'s about a house which belonged to her friend named Sumitri Chhatopadhya. It was thought that the house was under the asylum of some kind of an evil entity. My grandmother lives in Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh (Northern Province of India). ...

Attack By Ghost on 2014-07-28

It started in the mid winter say in the ending of December and January was on the edge of starting. I at that time was a college student and was quite busy with my studies. I must mention here that I am not amongst those who had good number of friends. I am shy in nature and had only 1 friend in my ...

Encounter With Unknown on 2014-07-22

I am sharing this story which I had experience in the past when I was at my academic years. I must conclude that I live (and still living) in a 3 story ancestral house which is almost 90 years old and has recently renovated and is situated in the holy city of Varanasi where life and death co-exist i...

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Date: 2017-11-05
Hello Aaruhi! The term Chalawa was pretty new because it isn't the conventional name used here. In Muslim folklore and in their believe, Jinns can also chane their shape as per the requirement and situation even they can change or say acquire animal shape also.
They generally don't harm but may be your grandfather's sister was wearing something or was unluckily at the wrong time and place to encounter chalawa/jinn face to face.
Thanks for sharing. It was a nice read.

Date: 2017-11-05
Kxolsbolg, first, you need to clear your mind from black magic infestation sort of things. It seems to me doing more harm to your body then the black magic. Also pleeding for help on different account's comment section. Won't help you until or unless you decide to write your problem sistametically so that other people could read it and could come up with proper and adequate solution.
Also, as suggested by pragya, seriously visit a doctor and do in-depth diaganosys. We as a reader could only give you suggestions which could help you but it is you who have to help yourself.

Just a suggestion.

Date: 2017-10-28
Hello lynx, pretty odd events you experienced while your tour to Thailand. Just confused to read when the hotel staff said that"Have a good day, sir! Have a good day, madam!"...When your friend was "she" then why and to who the hotel staff said "Have a good day sir".
Did the hotel saw something else there?
Date: 2017-10-28
My confidence for the loss of your brother. But I was surprise to read that when he was sufferring from sevear pneumonia and if it was diagnosed earlier then why the hospital didn't admit him and do proper treatment?
Obviously death end all the sufferring and I truely believe that he is in better place now.

Date: 2017-10-28
To LG- India is a big country and author didn't provide the name of the city in his submission, so I don't think that finding any link or supporting would be that easy.
If deceased Jamnadas had won the trail then I would think that proper court procedures must have taken place.
There are proper authorities and agencies in our country who are responsible for implementation of women rights but here it is not a case of women rights moreover it is the Orthodox and constructive thinking of the society which had forced Jamnadas to take such destructive step.
Dilip is right here, in rural sector, especially in the village almost every people knew each other also the literacy ratio as compared to the urban sector is pretty low.
Why Mr. Jamnadas haunt that post office, probably he works his entire life there and when his life ended in rather disrespectfuly his energy imprints remains their so he haunt that post office even after his death.

Date: 2017-10-27
In India offering suggesting amulates are quite normal. But the fact is that sometimes shamons/ojhas mislead peoples in need to fulfill their own spiritual/dark desires by offering them cursed/spirit infested objects like telsman or amulates which do the opposite reaction.
Although, this theory is pretty new and I have never heard about people asking for or looking for trees where people had commited suicide for making such thing as we all know that saveging such thing could have bad impact especially on pregnant womens or nursing womens.
Although, I knew about people collecting making talesman from trees where sacrifice is offered by Aghoris, shamons or black magic practitioners in the Eastern part of India. One such place that I new is the famous Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, a provincie in East India the entire process is done very secretively and they allow only those who actually needed this.
It is basically followed by peoples who believes in such things.

So may be the entend of giving that amulet was unintentional... Or not.

Date: 2017-10-26
Ok... Publishing a story and avoiding answering the counter questions /comments is like dropping a dumb bomb and escape.
Author is not serious about anyone's concerns so obviously writing about it is also a waste of time.
😨 😁
The title of your post "Strange Occrances/Spirit talking through text" goes no more strange when you already decleared that you were in contact of 4 spirits who were also giving you essences of the coming time. Having said that if they have such abilities then they can make you text too inadvertently.
Unfortunately I have to say by drooping mike "I am out" from another teenage story.
Date: 2017-10-22
Hi Mr.Rook, just asking out of curiosity, thus this entities are always of same nature and does their act have impact (visual impact) on human body?

Date: 2017-10-22
Also one more thing, you can communicate with Mr.Rook, you may address your current situation with him on this site. He had helped me dealing with an entity a year ago and let me tell you his prithisions are really effective.
Date: 2017-10-22
Frequent communication and begging it to not harm anyone may lead to more complicated results. Talk to your elders in your family as what it seems that it is highly unlikely latching on your head. More you not inform to your family the more it lure you into isolation.
Don't let this situation go acute. All your precautions are seems like temporary, find a permanent solution.

Feel free to write.

Date: 2017-10-21
I am here with LG, self believe and strength is the key ingredients to fight such entities. Although, I don't have any knowledge on Incubus or Suscubus... So I think it is just like some kind of a poltergeists sort of a thing that can have physical effects even it doesn't have any solid appearance.
I would suggest you to add one more thing (as all the possible steps has been forthputted by LG) to do meditation, specifically in the early morning hours, try to increase your focus. This will definitely help you fighting with this entity. Also you can take pranic healing (if this is available there) this will help you healing you both physically and emotionally. It will also restore your imbalance ora emanitating from your body which is making you vanarable against such entity.

Oh.dear sweet Babushka LOL 😁. The old granny reminds me of a movie where an old lady used to tell ghostly tales to the childrens... Who forces her to say.
Fascinating and well drafted story.
Thanks Dreyk for sharing such a buetiful story.

Date: 2017-10-21
Ok...I am getting this... Another teenage story. Few teens gathered and started doing some act they called planchette and suddenly they solve all the mistiries which was long holded... Is this all that simple.
Nightly, your day 2,3,4 as per you were odd but it seems to me more normal then your entire stay.
I am not denying your experience but performing planchette and playing with Ouija board (without any supervision) highly or unlikely is very dangerous and it is not that simple as well.
No offense ment.

Date: 2017-10-21
Hello Emmaline, your story just chilled and freaked me out when I read your date yelling on you saying who the hell you were talking with... 😨. May be that man was died there... May be drowned or accidentally died while building the lighthouse... (co-worker or something like that) wondering still waiting for his family to come and see him.

Thanks for freking me out...

Date: 2017-10-21
Hello LG, loved to read your experience. Could you remember that before queting the journey did that bus driver do some prayer or anything like that. I have witnessed something uncommon while I was traveling to a nearby city and in-between our destination there was a place called as Bagha nala where our bus driver claims to see an apparition. He stopped the bus little bit before that place, off boarded the bus, placed some offerings, prayed and then on boarded the bus and we headed towards the destination.
I afterwards queried him about that and he replied that that place had lots of accidents in the past and whenever he sees something like what he did see that night, he offer something to the spirit for harmless journey.
I had seen while my travels to the various part of my country that people have developed/accuaried such prithisions, process and believe to keep themselves focused against things which they think is right to keep themselves safe.
Maybe that day your bus driver took that incedent as a bad omen and decided to webb off in middle of the journey.
Do let us know... And thanks for sharing...

I have searched it properly sir.
I am still standing with my previous statement that there is no such institution that provides such certification sir.
Your so called institution is a gang of self proclaimed peoples who are deceiving peoples with their funcky gadgets sir.
I am not interested in knowing your existence sir because our country is pretty used to with self proclaimed babas and institution like yours and they are well aware how to deal with it.
And as far as aquaring knowledge is concern, let me inform you that I have sufficient and passable knowledge in the revalent field and for that I don't need any colourful and glamorous certification sir.
Date: 2017-10-19
Hello Val, No Dewali is not like New year but we celebrate it with lots of firecrackers and sweet.
Diwali is called the Festival of Lights and is celebrated to honor Rama-chandra, the seventh avatar (incarnation of the god Vishnu). It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his people after 14 years of exile during which he fought and won a battle against the demons and the demon king, Ravana.
Hence happy Dewali again.

Regards. ❤
Date: 2017-10-18
Maybe the humming sound was coming from some sort of capacitors... It doesn't sound paranormal though... Atleast...
Thanks for sharing.

Date: 2017-10-18
Midnight, your narrative had made me dit confused... I personally don't believe in third eye concept... Moreover I believe in having a strong consciousness and abilities of feeling or sensing things which had happened or is about to happen through the environment or touching things.
Your classmate have extra sensory ability (3rd eye) was not properly described. It was moreover getting the feeling of having loosing someone... Although only few person have such ability of sensing things but what I have experienced is that this bad feeling do come when the incedient are already happened. Only little of them have the ability of sensing it early.
All my opinion though... Thanks for sharing.