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Green Light on 2014-07-28

I wrote a piece for not very long ago detailing how I am able to see these little lights everywhere. I'm not going to go into it much since it's all here: In summary, basically I can see points of energy i...

Lights In The Dark on 2014-07-21

I don't know what these are, but I first began to see little lights around me when I was in high school in the 90's. Just to describe them, they only last for a second, and I mean I can look directly at them. They're usually white, but they can be any color (even black once, which looks like little ...

The Curious Incident Of The Cat In The Night-time on 2014-07-21

I believe I recently had a paranormal experience, though I honestly can't be 100% positive. You'll have to tell me what you think. I live about two blocks away from a 24-hour CVS pharmacy in West Philadelphia and it's not too much hassle to run over there for random snacks or articles at all hour...

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I have a couple of theories to add to the lot, if I may. Maybe the so-called 'ghost' really was you, but at another point in time. I've heard of this happening with people, though sometimes ages apart. Another idea is that Jean saw a reflection of a little girl ghost that didn't quite look like you, but she only assumed it was you since she would have no way to think it might be anybody else. Very cool story.
I wonder if the peculiarity with trailers is because they aren't attached to the ground. It just seems like that would give the building a non-permanence that would allow anything roaming around the area to simply pass through, almost the same as when you're camping out in a tent with no actual walls to protect you. Just an idea.
Date: 2014-07-28
I agree with beantoof that preventing you from leaving the room for your safety is what first came to my mind when I read your story. Perhaps you were going to slip on the bath mat and hit your head on the toilet if you went to the restroom right then.

I'd really love to hear about the similar experiences your step family had concerning this figure.
I've never been satisfied that the things people end up calling 'aliens' or 'extraterrestrials' aren't just some kind of earthly elemental spirit.
Date: 2014-07-28
Also, there aren't seven dogs, there are only six in total. I don't know why I was thinking there were seven.
Date: 2014-07-28
Sometimes, it takes writing a thing down to think about it over again, and I realized something about the place where the green light was rolling through the field: it's a grave where the dog I grew up with is buried. I almost have to wonder if it might have been him, since whatever this was seemed to be 'sniffing' around my rear tire.
Date: 2014-07-28
I looked up the thing about what different colors are supposed to mean in auras, and according to one website, yellow (slightly on the orange side) actually means something like creativity and logical thinking. And then I started wondering if the big yellow light was ME. I'm a writer and I spend a lot of time in a pretty logical, creative state of mind. Perhaps, if it's not me, it's some energy I draw towards myself for this purpose, or perhaps a helpful muse.

I tend to agree with BadJuuJuu about at least some (if not all) of the lights being energy points. That's exactly what it seems like to me. Thank you for saying it so succinctly.

This is the website that talks about color:, and for the most part, it makes total sense to me when I match the colors up to the individuals whose colors I know. However, one of the first lights I began seeing on a regular basis was a very brilliant royal blue, and while I never figured out who this was, I began to also associate it with a glow that would sometimes surround my car when I was driving late at night. It would also sometimes cocoon my skin or even the walls around me if I was someplace alone. I believed at the time it was a protective influence making sure that I was going to be okay, but Kiss's blue lights may in fact be due to some sort of inspiration, as the website suggests blue may mean 'insight'.
I wonder why things so often seem to like watching us while we sleep. I mean, how interesting can that really be?
I doubt I was all that tired at the time, as I usually consider 2 am pretty early for me. I definitely touched the cat. I didn't really think anything about it at that moment except I wondered why this cat was in the store and whether or not the attendant knew about it. It was only when it disappeared so suddenly that I wondered if something 'wierd' hadn't just happened. I was standing up to get out of this lady's way, looked up, then back down before my legs were even all the way straight, with my hand still out and everything, when the cat suddenly wasn't there anymore. It only took a second, and I stood there for a minute kind of dazed, looking around for it as the lady walked by. The thing about it was that the disappearance was so silent. That particular Cvs has low pile carpeting, and I'm familiar with the sound a cat's claws make in carpeting when it bolts. Still, it's possible it could have been a real cat that slipped in from outside, or maybe even belonged to someone who worked at the store while the manager was away. (Mice will play, and all that.) If it ever happens again, I'll be sure to ask about it next time!
Date: 2014-07-22
I kept thinking about Swim's comment asking if the lights ever look like a waterfall, because I'd never thought of that before and usually these are just little round baubles that don't seem to move. But the lights I mentioned I saw around our hands weren't exactly stationary like all the others. Since I'm used to thinking of them as singular events, they appeared to me as hundred of tiny white lights all over and sort of around our hands. But since they moved with our hands, they appeared to shimmer and I guess you might say that it's the same sort of appearance that light has on water. It's never really occurred to me to go out and 'practice' seeing these lights, but now I wonder if I could teach myself to see them for longer intervals of time and maybe see what Swim's son is talking about.

I've since learned how to see the little shimmers on myself whenever I want (in low lighting), but I included that instance in the story because it was neat that Bob was able to witness them, as well.
Date: 2014-07-22
Thank you all for the feedback. It's refreshing to hear that there are others out there who have witnessed what I'm talking about, though I'm not able to see the lights continuously for longer than a second, so they never appear to move like a waterfall. They always remain stationary in my field of vision, even when I move my head or my eyes. I don't believe they are floaters due to the nature of my experiences, and also because I believe I DO have a floater or two which look nothing like these little lights.

The only times I specifically recall feeling a little spooked by these lights were the times I mentioned with the large one, and also when I would see the light I recognized as Fred's color after we broke up just because I was a little scared of HIM. I didn't really know what was going on when I first started seeing them to ask myself if I should be afraid, and they're kind of pretty when you see them in trees and things. There have been instances where I've encountered a bunch of actual, glowing insects somewhere and will sit there for a minute or two before I realize it's not these little lights of thought/intention.
Date: 2014-07-18
I have just written out my own experience with orbs and plan to post it on Monday when the submission page goes back up. I've never caught one on camera like you have, but I see them on people and things sometimes with my eyes. Actually, I think I see them more often on animals, (and even things as small as insects), than I do on people. Probably because animals are less guarded in their emotions. Nice to hear someone else having a similar experience.
I don't think the rules of the spirit world are so hard and fast as saying that there are specific entities called Incubi or that demons tell you their names. I think humans just try to make sense out of something they can't comprehend by thinking there is some sort of order to it.

Personally, if John is real, he sounds like a nice guy. The point is whether or not you want him to do things like touch you or be in your bed, and if you do, maybe he's just responding to your energy. If not, obviously you need to ask him to stop. I think it's important to tell him honestly how you feel, and tell him he's welcome in your life so long as he's a good soul and is positive influence on you. If he can't do that, if he is negative in any way or has ulterior motives with you, he shouldn't be allowed to address you anymore.

Whether he's real or not, he's sort of real to you, and all this stuff psychologically impacts you either way. He might as well be, even while you remain objectively tongue-in-cheek about it. You probably already understand the complexity of the situation since you've been dealing with this since you were a kid, but hopefully that insight alone can help keep your feelings in some perspective.