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Hi I\'m a mum to 4 gorgous kids and have always believed in spirits around.
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Unknown Energy That May Be Harmful on 2014-07-22

I have always had some sort of feeling of spirits around me but last year I experienced something I never thought I would. I was sitting on my stairs with my partner having a smoke and chat after getting kids to sleep and happened to glance in the window which looked straight into my kitchen and at ...

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Hi everyone thanks for all your advice. Over the past couple of days my son has been screaming in his sleep and both my daughter and son are still getting scratches on their arms. My cat is now refusing to enter the hall. Rookdygin there has been previous tenents in this house but when I asked my landlord how many he says the house dates back to early 1900's and as he has just recently purchased it he could not specify as to how many or who. If anyone knows of any mediums in the Ayrshire area of Scotland could you let me know please.