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I Think I'm Being Haunted By Something Evil on 2014-07-23

I'm an 18 year old girl and live with my mum and older sister but can't help feeling like I'm haunted. So according to my mum, I have always had some sort of spiritual connection with the paranormal. For example, when I was younger up until I was about 12 when we moved across the country, I used ...

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Oh gosh, I definitely do not want a spirit/entity here, not a chance!
It may seem as if I do but I really do not, there's nothing I want less. I will be trying your cleansing method but I don't know if it has just been attracted because this isn't the first house this has happened in, it just gets worse with every new house, and I've lived in quite a few...

However I do trust and value your opinion! So thank you for your advice.

C and S
I only think it is a spirit because of the feelings I get, but last night I saw something standing in my lounge room, at about 12, I've always gotten the feeling of being watched from where I saw it... I also kept feeling my leg being grabbed, heard footsteps right outside my door when nobody was awake (my bedroom door stays open) and some other things went on... I don't know but I definitely feel like it's getting stronger...

C and S
I'll have to look into that then, it's getting harder and harder to sleep in this house lately...
Thank you for your help
No I've never been to a cemetery before, I don't seek out haunted places but the majority of the places I've considered haunted are my own. One in particular that sticks witty me. I have been in other places I found gave me the feeling that someone was there, like my friends houses... But nothing major
If it is what you said, how do I find out? And can it harm me?

C and S
I have never touched a ouija board because I realize the dangers, my oldest sister however has. I have never invited any spirits either.
But I would very much like to talk to you!
Thankyou for offering

Thank you for the suggestions, I will keep posted

To clarify, I don't just grab a rosary when I think it's a demon... The rosary was a gift from my mother. Thank you for your opinion.

I do feel something bad, I won't say a demon because I don't know for sure, sometimes however me and my sister get these absolutely awful smells just when we're trying to sleep that keep us awake until it's gone. I don't want to jump to conclusions but it's a completely different feeling from the people I used to see, they always had such a neutral feeling like they weren't good or bad, they were just observing. This new feeling is awful, I don't feel safe... I'm not really sure what more information you'd like... But feel free to ask

Thank you all for commenting
C and S
I'm glad you believe me, I think I'd be a lot more terrified if I could see it running up to attack me, That sounds terrifying.
I always just get these awful feelings like I'm about to get hurt if I don't move or turn around or like I'll see the black shadows around me, so I'll turn around to find nothing and the feelings go away as well.
Do you know why he does it to you? Has he ever hurt you?
If you don't mind me asking.

C and S
BJJ and Rook
Thankyou! This actually helps a lot. I am very sensitive to it and I always try to find a better explanation but lately it's getting harder and harder.
& to answer your question Rook,you're correct and I can do both as well but only sometimes, I mainly feel it more than anything.

I'm probably definitely overreacting about it being evil, it's just a feeling I get... Maybe if I learnt to control it more I wouldn't be so quick to think of it as bad.

Thanks again, I'll look into the cleansing and the other suggestions:) , you've helped a great deal! Maybe I'll be able to get some sleep now

No it has never made itself visible. I'm always just seeing like black shadows out the corner of my eyes... Or the picture that I got, which was weird, kind of looked like someone crossing their arms but their body was blue with a white face... Didn't really see any facial features...

I'm still trying to get the photo up...
But ugh I just feel like nobody believes me at all... I wish I didn't upload this story!
Oh and Sky... It's fine, you can choose to not agree, we all have our own opinions.

It isn't just in my house, it happens in some other houses but not all.
Although in my house, it happens around my kitchen area mostly, near the front door. That's where I hear things walking up behind me, the feelings of dread... My bedroom is where I feel things grabbing my legs or crawling up me and touching my head and hair, bangs coming from my closet, things like that... I hear stuff moving around in the bathroom at night when nobody's awake, like cupboards opening and closing.
The only appliances are like average household things like a fridge and microwave or stereo. All of the electrical boxes for the house are outside and nowhere near where any of this stuff happens...

I get that it could be other possibilities I do... I just don't believe it is. I've been dealing with it my whole life. Since I was a child. My mother dealt with it before I was even born, my sisters have had experiences too, not like me though. They've seen first hand, as I have too but they don't feel anything... I feel it before it happens.

I probably still haven't given enough info and I apologize but I've never done anything like this... Hopefully you might be able to give me some advice with the little info I have given...

Thanks again...
I realize that you need more information and I tried to include the photo but it obviously didn't work.
I don't want you to doubt me, I can feel when something's around me. I've seen a dark shadow appear on my roof above me and my sister when she was sleeping. These feelings I get are feelings of absolute dread. I can't begin to describe it but I just know, my sister has had experiences too and it's been a lot worse lately, more than ever. I've lived in other houses with so much going on that I had to move. I'm serious about what I think it is, I've heard somebody walk right behind me, like loud footsteps just to turn around and find nothing cause I was alone. I feel my hair and head being touched or my legs, I've felt the blankets tighten around me, or the feeling as if something is crawling over me. I see things out the corner of my eyes... My stereo has all of a sudden turned on and up to full volume. I hear bangs. I've heard a voice on my sleep talk recorder that didn't belong to anyone in my family. Cords being unplugged from under the bed. The list goes on...

Thank you for reading and trying to help. I don't know why I feel threatened I just do. I usually do try and ignore it but I can't because it's getting stronger, I can feel it.

I fear that you don't believe me but I value any advice you give. I'm grateful that you're taking the time to read.