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The Boy And The Black Flames on 2014-09-09

The story I'm about to share is not my own but experienced by my upperclassman in the university. We were from different majors but we met and got associated in a minor subject that we both enrolled in. He was the type of person with mild personality. Easy to get along with and preferred to listen t...

Three Latin Words & A Message Long Delayed For Delivery on 2014-07-28

The experience that I am about to share happened when I was a freshman in a campus university in Davao City. As foreword, I would like to say that I will try my very best to describe the event and my feelings, etc., but please understand if I have some issues with adjectives. Sometimes, words just d...

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Hi, Wish-Not. Of course that would be a big possibility but since I'm not the one who experienced it, I couldn't say anything. I'm sure Kent had also been convincing himself about that. Thank you for your insights:)
Date: 2014-09-09
I guess if you are wondering then you must investigate. I don't encourage it though unless it is necessary. In my country, unless the 'entity' is asking for help or is hurting people, we just ignore it. Especially if you are not knowledgeable on how to deal with the likes of it.

Thanks for posting this:)
Your experiences are very interesting for me. An angel perhaps? A spirit guide? But given the similarities that you've mentioned in your first story and the change of eye color... Maybe you could consider an alter-ego? I wouldn't be able to say more though since my knowledge about such topic is very limited. Maybe you can do your own research about it. I'm adding your stories in my Favorites List.:D
Date: 2014-09-06
That's interesting. I want to try that but of course, I want to try that with an expert. Thank you for sharing:)
Date: 2014-07-30
Wow, this article gave me goosebumps; the heavenly-good-kind of goosebumps. I'm a freelancer in terms of religious beliefs. I mean, I believe in a Higher Being but I do not box myself in any religion. Your experience is... Beautiful. Let it be your stronghold, your well of hope during challenging times. Thank you for sharing.
[at] Miracles51031. Thank you for sharing good insights. I did not include it in the story anymore but yes, I did ask Anne about it. Right after the incident, I asked her if she was joking with me. I guess it's a natural reaction for someone who doubts incidents like these. Thought I believe in the supernaturals, I also believe that it's rare and can have numerous possibilities and explanations. To cut our long conversation short, Anne did not know what I was talking about. As for the other people in the dorm... I was not really a sociable person so I did not know many of them.

Somehow, I feel regretful that I couldn't share any more details about the event to you. It really happened the way I retold the story. Too abrupt for me to have more clues. I couldn't even answer [at] lovebugs16's question about how the people in the picture looked like. For one, I'm bad at memorizing people's faces; what more when I've only seen it in a short time. I couldn't help but say that if I were chosen to deliver that message, that being surely made a very bad choice for a messenger.

As for your comment about the Latin words, I didn't know and still don't know anyone who could speak Latin or is related to it in any way. I guess my aloof behavior is taking its toll. LOL

I really appreciate your insights. Thank you very much.
[at] lovebugs16. That's precisely the point. I didn't and I don't understand any of it as well. I simply retold what had happened in the hopes that someone out there could recognize such photo. The only thing I know is that when I acknowledged those words, that weird incident began. That's why it's a delayed message. I didn't know what to do about it. Whatever happened then only showed me a photo and an "I'm okay." With such limitation, this is the best that I could do.
Date: 2014-07-28
When I opened this page with this title, I was like "I have no other choice because I'm bored but I know this would be a so-so story."

But hey, surprise surprise! Excellent read! You've actually made me have goosebumps with your story and have this fluffy feeling at the ending part. Thank you for sharing such wonderful story.

It must be nice to have a good friend at home but I also wish for her to have her happiness. She seems to be a nice person. By the way, was the case closed? I mean, did the authorities solve the case?

I agree with Miracles51031. If it were me, I'd have long joined the afterlife side because of a heart attack caused by fear.

About Ate Lucy, I think she was a troubled spirit who did not know where to go after dying, or something like that. You welcoming her to your house must have been her salvation at that time. I salute you and Ate Lucy.:)
I haven't experienced suddenly losing money, maybe because I don't have much in the first place, lol. What I did experience was an occasional addition in terms of money and food. I just utter a simple "Thank you".

I knew that in some cultures, there is this what they call "The Borrower". It is defined in different ways, depending on the culture. Typically, they just return it sooner or later. As for your case, it may not be related to ghosts or spirits; and even if it is, surely they would return it. They don't have much use for money anyway.:)