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Always With Me on 2014-08-12

Now I am no crazy or a liar but I have seen things that even I don't believe I've seen. I have helped people with their experiences before who will remain anonymous. This story was a few years ago when I lived in my mother's house. I was sleeping in my bed and sat up awake looking round. I knew I...

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Date: 2014-11-09
At first I didn't contact it he used to appear in dreams. And he would speak softly to me. The first time he came to me was as I said in my room just staring at me to talk to him now it's...hmm well to be honest it always feels like her is with me I have read the bible before hazel I was once a Christian myself but I was regretted by the people I were supposed to be equal with. I then became atheist and now jashinist and IT seems my religion is funny to some people that's fine but I don't seem to be laughing at yours even if my opinion on it is its a pile of bull but your open to your own beliefs.
To answer your question fully elenoraemily he talks to me all the time even when my boyfriend is around we live together you see and every night I can hear him whispering in my ear it doesn't annoy me sometimes it actually feels nice and since I'm in the house alone when my boyfriends at work all day it's company for me.
Also dldr he didn't tell me no but when someone is with you all the time watching over you I believe that to be a guardian,
Demons are like human spirits because a lot once were human demons don't just pop out of thin air they are slowly turned into demons and not all are bad as I know. Yes they can trick you I am aware of that that's why I'm not letting him get too close to me I trust him but not fully thankfully I'm not stupid but not once has he asked for my soul or to make a blood pact.
Well if you want my opinion I have been helping a lot of people on sights such as this but I gave up on it a few years ago because of someone not liking me very much because I spoke the truth and was right. Anyway a lot of the time when a spirit demon etc is haunting or just hanging about a lot of people act all religious even if they do not have religion in their family nor in their lives.
For example people who feel scared of something such as a demon hold tight to a cross or any other religious symbol and had never believed or followed it. That pisses off demons a lot more and spirits because they are just pretty much thinking what's her problem, I think you need to look into this a lot more and not just take a rosary and call it evil even good spirits make you feel sick especially if they are close to you. Or it could just be natural causes such as emf leaking from plugs sockets etc try to look for reasons a lot of the time when stuff like this happens it can all be debunked. ^^