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Poltergeist In The Projects on 2014-08-04

I had always wondered about the paranormal and was never sure whether or not to believe in it. I'm an atheist and never really thought I would ever see something of the paranormal nature. As of recently, I've come to the conclusion that it is very real. A few weeks ago I was at a friend's house ...

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to all who commented I'll keep you posted on the situation, though its not my home so it may be some time, in addition, I have been over my friend's home many times and never experienced anything strange up until that night
[at] franfelica1 my friend who owned the house said he's experienced similar occurrences but not since he was a child and not to the degree of what happened recently
[at] elnoraemily to answer your question we were able to leave after the knocking stopped, we chose not to leave because we were in the ghetto late at night and its never good to be on the streets that late, in addition we weren't really sure what was going on and how much danger we may have been in, hope that helped