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August Rush on 2014-08-04

In 1968, in a suburban town of Sydney as a child of just three years of age, I had experienced my first paranormal account. I was at my grandfather's funeral standing several metres away from a congregation of mourners, a little detached and oblivious to the ceremony itself. I did not really underst...

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Date: 2014-08-08
[at] Clinney, that's interesting you say that about your aunt, my wife used to see a little fairy on the end of the bed when she was a child, so how is it kids can see what they do? I know it's a fact that what we see from the point of our eyes is only photons of light, the visual aspects of our reality actually plays out inside our brain, so you may assume with children there might be some type of component x thought x imagination interfering with the perception of their reality and that may be possible? Then again, a few hundred years ago, there was a group of natives, who from where they stood on their island, looking out into the sea,couldn't see a fleet of ships only a 100 metres away in the water?... The people from the ship, who rowed to shore were able to find this out somehow through a translator? So how is that possible? I think the answer is this, those photons of light we see, belong to what scientist refer to as the Higgs field, with in that higgs field, everything exist including the paranormal or other reality's that pertain to the after life... Because we are so conditioned with a belief system confined to Newtonian principles, we only see the things or extract the visual aspects on mass we want to because of that belief system... But just like the fleet of ships it doesn't mean it's not out there you just need to be open minded and I think with children they are? Anyhow thank you for thoughts and compliment, greatly appreciated.
Date: 2014-08-06
[at] zzsgranny,thank you for your reply, the cemetery is 286 hectares in size, I believe it is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Is it well tended? Some sections of it are, but unfortunately the older sections of the cemetery are a little run down, have I seen any other visitors? No,...hmm, This odd looking creature was childlike in size, I see what your getting at if other children were running a muck around the joint perhaps mistaken identity? I can't recall my brothers and sister being there or any other younger children thinking about it now, you make a good point about that tradition, it may explain why I was on my own, thank you again.
Date: 2014-08-06
Hi,Geiff84,nice to be here, thank you for your reply and no offence taken. Of coarse what you say may be possible, I was only 3 years old, cheers mate.
Date: 2014-08-06
[at] bbydoll,Thank you for your reply, I know very little about the nature of a fey or what they do, but I think you have given me something to think about here, as I do feel what ever it was,wasn't there for my granddads funeral? Thank you again!