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Truthfully I am without a doubt in my mind that I can't be able to get rid of three demons that I known about since growing up even up until now. I just write my stories on facebook under my real name: Tuavevea Veisenia Tauveli I'm 37, female, from MESA, ARIZONA

My new email address: veiseniatauveli [at]
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Past Demon Returns on 2015-11-12

Editor's note: Taken from poster's profile "I just write my stories on Facebook under my real name: Tuavevea Veisenia Tauveli". Either A Shapeshifting Demon or A Skinwalker Not Sure Posted 9 months ago by Tuavevea Tauveli It was two nights ago on Friday 19, 2014. I looked at the time that w...

My Nephews Night Terror And More on 2015-10-05

This is a true story of what I have been through with my nephew. Here's a little bit of a history to know since my brother came and left his two kids with me and my parents. In the year 2008 my nephew turned 6 years old. About 15 days after his birthday party it was the 1st of August 2008. That n...

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It is understanding that to some of you my story seems off. To some of you my kids seems like as if they call me auntie but they stop calling me that long time it's a never ending story because my son is in junior high and my daughter is now in high school and to answer some of your questions this happened a couple of nights not just one or two nights but I was explaining in details of what was going through what I was going through with my son and to be honest does sleepwalking part because it happens to all of the men in my family. For those of you that asked about what happened afterwards will come to find out my father had put up a camera that the last night which lasted for at least two whole weeks but the last night he wasn't the boy I knew it all impression a lot of love instead of fear to some of those other questions that some of and of course yes I did not run or fear that possessed my son I was angry I was mad I was confused I felt love I felt compassion I wanted to show my son that I love him and I love him with all my heart including my daughter believe me when I say this but what if something happens happens to anyone you love will you fear it and run away I don't think I could run away from it I'd rather fight it even if it meant taking my own life for someone that I love I would do it all over again over and over until it stops I will not stop ever until they do that's what scares me the most is the love that you have for that
Thank you for for reading my story carefully an understanding what I went through.
Date: 2014-11-23
I'm so very sorry for a late reply, truly do apologize. I read your story over and over well maybe over 56 times. I had the same encounter like you did. It turns out it was an uncle of mine of whom I have never met before.
Point is it might have been your grandfather that you never seen before.
Date: 2014-11-13
I too had a similar dream a month later in the year 2012 of September was when my father passed on the 2nd. A month an 4 days exactly I got into a car accident on my way too work. I got home with the tow truck guy and my car too. Later that night I still shaken up about my car accident I fell asleep an saw my uncle Paul standing at the door of my room saying to me, "you're all baby, your fine and well" I woke up crying knowing that it was dad disguising himself as my uncle and I waited until morning to tell my mom about my dream. Sure enough it was my dad.

Your grandfather made sure that the both of you got up to go and close the door, he was thinking about both of your safety. He was making sure that the both of you were safe.
Your story has gotten the best of me and made me realize that I also and still do miss my dad, he passed on in September 2, 2012 at 9:02 p.m... Even though my dad was a very strong believer in his church LDS, even after his burial Angel came to my mom and told her that he can hear us but he can't leave the place that he is in because " paradise was waiting for him". Point is this, he wanted to tell you that he loves you included your sister-n-law too. He is watching over you making sure that you'll always be safe no matter where you're at.
Date: 2014-08-25
My parents are from the south pacific. I'm 37. In most common parts of the pacific it is known that only 3 islands practice black magic. One of which is the Solomon island to where it is known that in two areas of that island was an still has the markings of voodoo magic, yes it is true. The other area back then in the late 1890s is where headhunters lived known as people that eat only human flesh.