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Ghost Phone Calls, Read Please on 2014-08-13

A weird story about "ghost" phone calls. Two years ago, in 2012 in the night of 19 to 20, September, me and my girlfriend were chatting on pc, right before we would get to sleep. After I sent her message with goodnight and I love her, we went to sleep, it was around 3 am in the morning. I put my...

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12.09.2014 I have this little fluffy / little puppy keychain that my girlfriend gave it to me 2 years ago, it has emotional meaning and I usually keep it with me wherever I go for luck and it's a thing from her that I'm keeping. Anyways, on 12.09.2014 at 4 in the morning I had this weird feeling of looking for the little puppy keychain and because I had it on the bed since last day I kept searching for it around that spot, unfortunately it was hopeless to look for it because I could not find it, I kept searching in the entire room, in the drawer, even bathroom, kitchen, pants pockets, etc.
Did not find it, literally.
I started to feel really weird and a little bit paranoid, I had this religious bracelet from my aunt, a holy bracelet, I put it on the right hand, said a prayer and... A few minutes later I found the little puppy keychain standing up in the most ridiculous spot, under a table where I usually keep all my clothes on, the spot which I checked before and there wasn't the puppy keychain. To mention, I could not believe it because it could have not fallen right there even if I knocked it or pushed it by mistake. It felt really strange to find it right there, and why right after I put the holy bracelet.
Once again, this seems like a spirit or something that either wants to affect me in some ways or distract my attention, mine or my girlfriend's, as I said in other comments I sometimes feel watched.
Don't know how to explain it.
Note: I've recently changed the phone.
05.09.2014 in the morning, we went to sleep and my girlfriend had left her phone on normal, not on silent or anything, and she blocked my number to test if anything was going to happen and she also had to receive an important call in the morning which she had to hear and answer. I fell asleep at around 3 in the morning, she stayed awake a little bit more, later on to go to sleep as well, but before that she send me a message to not call because she blocked my number and not to text to prevent making noise. 10 minutes later, at around 3:50 she gets this message from my phone "I don't know what is wrong but I can not fall asleep, as simple as that, rly weird" She saw the message when she woke up she didn't notice anything until she asked me about it because she was confused why I was unable to sleep and asked me what was I doing that night because I usually sleep because I'm very tired.
I was even more confused because I had no clue about the message she was talking about, I searched my phone and surprisingly found it but I don't know anything about it and why would this happen, I was asleep and why would I say I can't sleep when I clearly am sleeping if that makes any sense.
Apart from this, lately, I've been having this weird feeling of being followed wherever I'm going, I don't know how to explain it, you know that feeling when you are being watched and you don't know what or who is.
Is it somehow possible that all this is somehow done by mind or energy? Once again I am not a sleepwalk!
I am pretty sure I am not sleepwalking:P otherwise I would mention it. She has been putting her phone on silent / shut down since 2012, 1 day ago when it happened again she got the call again and she didn't have it on silent which is weird. I also had my tv on, the second time it happened [ 13/8/2014 ] but it was on really low volume and I must have fell asleep, regarding the noise because it could be the reason for strange noises but even if it was, it's still weird with the calls and stuff and why the calls don't show up in my call's log. We are pretty close, and she doesn't really have enemies or anything like that to hate, she is friendly, and about ex boyfriend she hasn't had one. We don't know what to believe at this point, if we think about a prank... Doing it once and 2 years later is way out of the common, it's weird. If you guys have any other opinions to share about our story please leave a comment.