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Traumatic Out Of Body Experience on 2017-04-24

This is a story of mine about an out of body experience that my grandfather had while I was sleeping over. For those of you who don't know what an out of body experience is I'll give you a short brief sentence on generally what it is. It's when your spirit leaves your human body, often floating, and...

Crossing Paths With A Demonic Entity on 2017-04-11

This story that I'm sharing with you took place 5 years ago during summer 2011. It was a hot night in a small rural town outside of Montreal Qc, and I was walking home from hanging out with some friends who lived across town from me. Originally my curfew was supposed to be 12am but I stretched it ou...

The Spirit In The Weeping Willow Tree on 2014-08-27

This story of mine takes place at my grandparents four years ago. I will give you a little bit of background information. My family is very spiritual and many of us have encountered spirits or some sort of entity. They believe that "weeping" willow trees are weeping due to spirits trapped inside (th...

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No weird smell! Really sure it wasn't an animal at least not from our planet or some kind of weird animal that was made by a human making love to some kind of animal. Really didn't look animal more human but not human as well.
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I didn't think of investigating it mainly because I just didn't think of it lol! I was a teenager and my mind was on other things. I only thought of it when I was sharing the story with my boyfriend and realized I never thought of googling it. Also yep pretty much standard dinner time conversations when I'm at my grandmothers on my mothers side. A lot of it is personal stories or experiences from my aunts, uncles, family friends and friends of friends. My family is very spiritual it's been that way for a while it seems too
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Thanks for the research but I should of worded my story better. I meant to say it resembled the rake. I don't believe the urban legend of the rake. But what I saw very closely resembled it. Minus the claws...
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I just said I don't think its the rake. Its the closest thing I could find through the internet physically in appearance to what I saw. BUT again I will state I DID NOT SEE THE RAKE. What I saw physically resembles the rake.
In reply to tweed,
That's a good possibility. You are right about its behavior not being characteristic of that of a demons. I did just write demon though because for the longest time I just called it that since I found it looked quite demonic looking with its appearance! Thank you for your constructive feedback
Another thing to clarify at the end I state that ''the closest thing I could find that resembles what I saw is the rake''. By this sentence I mean that what I saw resembles the rake I'm not saying that the rake is what I saw, again I don't know what I saw. Would be cool to know though.
LOL not only do I live in Canada but I also live in a small rural town in the middle of nowhere. Also its not a party town so the chances of someone hiding in a costume waiting to scare someone at 3am is 0. Nobody is out at that time EVER, besides the odd crazy person like myself taking a walk back home. But I'm going clarify again that I saw with my flashlight and with my eyes, and I was about close enough to get a good look and no its certainly not a human or animal. I was only like 10ft away from it.
Also I'm noticing this story is getting a low of humorous feedback which doesn't bother me I'm really easy going but I want to mention this isn't a bullshiat story. I don't write stories for fun and becoming a fictional author isn't one of my ambitions. I know some people think this isn't a true story but it is. Its up to you to choose to believe it or not.
ok everyone just wanted to let you know I'm 100% certain its not an animal or a human. My eyes work good and id like to think I have been alive long enough and I have seen enough to know the difference between 1. A human, and 2. An animal. LOL
Also about the demon, I call it a demon because TO ME that's what it resembled and how I imagine a demon to appear physically, however I never believed that that is what it was. I have to no clue what kind of paranormal being it was. But what I am certain of is that it was something paranormal. & I'm also clearing up that I meant to turn my back from fear sorry I wasn't detailed enough. Theres a huge difference in not showing fear and walking by normally then to be scared and turn my back out of fear and show its stronger then me. Some spirits feed off of fear and I'm going to try hard so it doesn't feed off of mine.