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My name is Jill and I am fourteen years old. I have been experiencing ghost all of my life and I believe that they have chosen me to help them cross over. My house has been built for over 100 years. I have lived in my house ever since I was born. My granny died 2 weeks after I was born and then we moved into her house. In this house, my grandpa died in the living room. We redid the house, so how the exact spot where he died, that is where the bathroom is. He is known as the bathroom ghost because I see him whenever I go in there. Then, my granny is another ghost in our house. We also have a little girl and a little boy. I have no other history on the house to see if anyone else died in here. I wish I did know, though because I would like to find out if someone else really did die in my house. I may not be a spirit expert, but I do know a lot. If you have any questions you can email me at spirithelper [at] I can't wait to read your stories and share mine with you! (:
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Room Filled With Ghosts on 2009-02-11

My friend, niece, and I were all upstairs in my little bedroom talking and taking pictures with my friends phone. Whenever ghosts try to get my attention, I can see them in my head, so I usually know where they are at. When I spaced out, my friend, Kaitlan, asked me what was wrong as she knows that ...

Playing Ball With The Ghost Girl on 2009-02-10

My friend, Kaitlan, and I were upstairs in my room watching A Haunting. It was on commercial. While we were talking we saw one of my big blow up bouncy balls move a little bit. I got a bit curious and a little freaked because the ball was across the room from us, and my dogs were not in the room wit...

Is The School Park Haunted? on 2009-02-09

The feeling of a nice spring day is so relaxing. I love it. Parks are so peaceful when no one is around. My friend, Kendra, and I are having a great time. All of a sudden, we heard the laughter of a little girl. She sounded about the age of seven or eight. We looked all around, not really scared,...

Granny This Is Jill, Jill This Is Granny on 2008-12-24

"Come on guys, let's go ghost hunting. I have not had the chance to talk to granny for a while," I pleaded my friends, Kaitlan and Kayla. "Fine, Jill, but if anything happens to me, then you are paying for the funeral!" Kayla said, as she was terrified of ghost. "Kayla, just because they are ghost, ...

Don't Be Afraid, It's Only Granny on 2008-12-24

My Granny was a great person, who also liked to tease people. She teased my brother's friend, Tim, a lot. I was sitting at the computer talking to my friends when suddenly a heard a loud bang. I went to investigate. I had to run out of the way, because Tim was running as fast as he could and he d...

Who Was In The Picture? on 2008-12-23

My friend and I did not have a digital camera, so I bought a disposable one to take pictures on. My friend and I took many pictures, but never one together. "Dad, will you take our picture please?" I asked my father and he said yes. He took about two or three pictures of us. A couple days later w...

Something Touched Her Leg on 2008-12-23

My friend and I were so bored that we were playing board games. No one was home but the two of us. We were sitting there for a while and we were about to stop. I sensed that something was there with us, but I did not want to scare my friend, as she was terrified of my house and of ghost/spirits/d...

Was It Grandpa? on 2008-12-23

I was taking a nice, warm shower one night. I had the curtain pulled, so no one could see me. My friend walked in to use the restroom. We were talking for a while, when we heard a loud crash. We have a basket of shells in the bathroom that my mom uses for decoration. All of a sudden, it fell in f...

Random Ghost on 2008-12-23

I was sitting down in my granny's old chair watching television. I was also watching my dog, Frisky, outside. I noticed out of the corner of my eye something white underneath the windowsill. It was a white face and it was laughing. I got so scared I ran into the living room. Later on when I checked ...

The Eight Year Old Girl on 2008-12-23

My father flicked me with a rubber band, so I wanted to flick him back. I ran after him and got him in the arm. "I got you dad!" I yelled laughing. All of a sudden, something behind me yelled, "We got you daddy!" I was so scared. I was only eight. I knew that it could not have come from outside, bec...

The Basement on 2008-12-23

I go down the basement steps to bring supper upstairs for tonight. It was a little colder than usual, but I did not think anything of it. I opened up the fridge door and then closed it. I thought I heard something beside me so I looked. A transparent white human figure walked right through the wall ...

Ouija Board And Bloody Mary on 2008-12-23

"Lindsey, what is this?" I asked my older sister. "It is a Ouija board," she told me, "it contacts spirits. Do you want to use it?" "Yes!" I was very young at the time, only about seven or eight, so of course I wanted to. How cool would that be? Contacting the dead? I already knew about the ghost...

Time For Bed Now on 2008-12-22

When I was about eight or nine, I knew something was in our house, but I did not know what. My brother always told me about our granny being in the house. He has seen her before, too. I asked our parents about it, and they said that there were no such things as ghosts. I still did not believe them. ...

I Guess I Am Not The Only One on 2008-12-22

My brother has had a few paranormal experiences himself. The first story that he told me about was when one day he was walking in the hall and he heard something from up the stairs. Our stairs always creak, so I guess he wanted to see who was coming up or down the stairs. He looked at the stairs...

Please Don't Be Afraid And Let Me Help You on 2008-12-22

I sit at the computer, my heart pounding. Someone or something is making its presence felt. I feel relieved to feel the presence of good and know that it is most likely leading to my grandmother known as granny. "There is something behind you!" my frightened friend tells me through our live chat. "I...

It's Too Late For Games on 2008-07-21

Read my About Me to know the background of my house. One night my dad decided to go to bed at 9:00. I figured hey, that's great now I can watch television. I didn't know that I would get terrified that night. It was about 10:00 and I was on the computer. I was hungry so I went into the kitche...

Angry Ghost on 2008-07-15

(Read my About Me to learn the background of my house) One day my cousin, Mary, and I were watching my niece that was only about six years old. My parents had gone out for a little while and they would not be back for about another hour or so. We were playing a game with my niece and we were hav...

Even Washing Your Hair Can Be Creepy on 2008-07-14

One morning before school, I wanted to make my hair curly. My hair is naturally straight so I had to wash it in the laundry room sink first. My mom always washes her hair in there, but nothing bad ever happens to her. I got my hair wet with the water on warm. When my hair was wet, I grabbed the s...

Ghost Hunting Gone Scary on 2008-07-14

My profile tells of the history of my house. My cousin, Mary, and I love seeing ghost so every time she spends the night at my house, we go ghost hunting at about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. Most of the time, we see our Granny walking around, we hear someone say "Boo!" or we hear a loud bang. W...

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Dan, Tog:
I promise that no one had written that.
We saw the tv before we started and the tv is right in front of us... And we noticed nothing on the tv.
I can see how the picture doesn't help much, but I promise that no one had written that.

I do say a prayer before I start each time since a demon entered my house. Lol
hmmm... I wonder why the spirit counted 3-2-1? Maybe it is like a code or a sign or something. Maybe it was counting down until the moment that it came there or something... Like leave by the time I get to 1 or your getting it!
Who knows? 😕

I suggest getting your house and all the other areas that he has been seen blessed...
The doctor will do you no good... Just go to a priest straight away before anything gets dangerous.
You never know what might come in the future...
Date: 2009-02-15
I am sorry, but my biggest pet peeve on this website is when people call me fake. There is only like one or two people (my friends that also experience what I experience) at my house who actually believe me, so I come to this website thinking that people will actually believe me here. Then when I come on here and share what happened, then it is just like home... People call me a fake, liar, pranker, ect. I just do not like it because I promise you that it is a real story.

I do not have to concentrate too hard, but it does hurt my head a lot when I do see them and talk to them. Also, I have like 2 or 3 ghosts that follow me everywhere (school, friends house, ect.) so I never get a break. *shrugs* But, I guess oh well... There is nothing I can do about it.

I went into the closet to calm her because I did not think that the ghost girl would go in there... I figured that she would look in my room and not see me so she would then leave. I was just trying to not let her see the ghost girl or hear anything about her, but that did not work out so well. If you do not believe me, then go ahead... Dont. I know that it is true and if I get too many more people that "think I am fake" then I may just delete my account because it seems that I am not getting the reassurance that I wanted from here.

There are not many people that feel what I do... Only like one or two people at the most and that is because my friend Kaitlan also has the gift of seeing and feeling ghosts.

Thank you for reading my story EVERYONE... And thank you for those who believe me... 😊
okay for one, why would you ever try to watch a porn movie and stuff. That's gross. 😲

And... You do not know for sure if that was your grandma... It could have just been the computer malfunctioning... Mine does it a lot... It doesn't mean that it was a ghost.

No, I am not paying you back for saying that I am a fake... I'm just stating what I truley feel.
Date: 2009-02-13
I know that he is still here, but I just try to ignore him.

Okay... If you think this is a fiction story, you are WRONG! Why on earth would I ever try to scare my neice like that, or post this on here if it was fake. I definatly do not imagine it because EVERY SINGLE PERSON that comes to my house sees one too. If you think that this is a fake story, go ahead and think that, but you do NOT know the real story so I suggest that you keep your mouth shut. I am not playing a prank on anyone. I would not disrespect ghost and do that. So just be quiet, I know what happened and you dont. So don't even comment my stories if you think that I am a fake... Find someone else to judge.

Thanks dreamer for reading my story... 😊
I have had other terrifying ghosts that I will post later. And I have played with her other times before... And I see her everyday.

I agree with blank, also.

She is a lot better about it now because she is used to the girl.

Thanks for reading my stories, guys!
I mean, I said that I was 7 or 8.
When I said 10, I meant the time.

Sorry, had a typo in my last comment 😕
I did pick it up, but then I put it back down where it was because she could have wanted it back. I didn't want her comeing around my house to look for it! 😆

I said that the GIRL was 7 or 8.
The time that my cousins, brother, and I were at the park was 10:00PM
That is really really scary. Your scariest story by far.

Maybe it was a little boy/girl in your house, and they were murdered when they died and it was their hands trying to stand up, or trying to walk, but needed support.

I am definatly not sure about this one.

Have you talked to the previous owners of the house to see if anything like this has been going on there when they lived there?
Make sure that you definatly look into the history of your house and see if someone died there or on the grounds there.

It may have been a premonition of what will happen to your son. 😕 I really do hope not, though. That would be horrible.

Most of the time, I learned, that if you dream or think about someone dieing then that mainly just means that you hope that they live for a long, long time... So that doesn't mean anything -for now. I had a spirit threaten me and say that he was going to kill me... And I had a vision that I was dead, another person had a vision that I was dead... And two other friends had a dream that I died. (all 4 of us are psychic)

If I were you, I would check out the Chat Room and tell everyone about your problems, because you can get a lot of help there. And, also, they give you a lot of advice and it is really really helpful. 😊

Sorry about your moms loss, too. That is really sad. 😢 How old was she? -if you don't mind me asking-

Great stories, all 3 going into my favorites and YOU are definatly going to my favorite posters. I really did enjoy these stories that you shared with and I would love to hear more from you.
That is pretty scary. Haha. Sounds like a normal day at my house! 😆 Except at mine, I can see all the ghost and hear them and talk to them... Which gives me headaches because they never leave me alone and I am never alone with them wanting help.

With the fact of something going through the kitchen drawers... Well... Maybe the thing that is in your house doesn't know that he/she is dead, so they are living their normal lives. A lot of ghosts do not even know that they are dead after it happens.

With the door opening and closing, maybe the ghost just wanted fresh air or they were insisting that your friend would get out of the house. 😆 Actually, to be serious, I have no clue why the door would keep opening... Maybe the spirit wanted your friends attention or needed her help with something, but was too afraid to go to her.

With the shower door staying shut, maybe the ghost was protecting your friend from something that could be going on -back to where they might not even know that they are dead- or maybe your friend reminds the spirit of someone, so it is protecting her. Another thing could be that the spirit doesn't like your friend being in the house and wants her to get out, thinking that if it locks her in the shower when she is over, that she will stop coming over.

It is really really scary in your house it seems. Hmmm... A lot of unexplained things going on.
Wow. That is a great story!

I think that you should definatly look into the history of your house and see if someone died there. Not to scare you, but someone was probably murdered in your room and that is why your mom heard the screams. Then the person ran from your room to the living room, knocked something over, and then died there. She could have heard the screams of the person was got murdered and heard how he/she got murdered.

With the person hanging in the corner, I think that whoever that was got hung there and died, possibly.

Maybe your friends have gifts and that is why they can see what you cant, or maybe the spirits are only blocking you out, so that is why you seem to be the only person who cannot see or hear the spirits.

Do you guys still live in the house now, or did you move? If you still live there, then maybe look for a good preist and get your house blessed if you guys are frightened.
I believe that your neice may have some sort of ability. Has anyone else in your family ever had the gift of seeing ghosts? Maybe it got passed down to her.

I say that I was definatly get your house blessed if it is going into their room, or it could have been his room when he was still alive.

I love your stories, please write more! 😊
That is very interesting.
Do you feel any evil or bad feelings coming from the man in the hallway? Make sure that he is not a demon and be careful with your daughter and neice. I think that you should most likley get a preist and get your house blessed before it hurts your daughter or neice. I am not saying that it will, it may be just there and not even knowing that he is dead, but you never know. Better safe than sorry.

Very nice story. 😊
Sometimes the little things can be really really scary things for those who are not used to ghost experiences, like I am. Being only fourteen and having numerous stories and things that happen to me everyday, no one ever believes me, since so many things happen everyday. I, for one, do believe you.

Was it really really windy that day? Otherwise, I believe that it may have been a friendly spirit just helping you out. 😁 Also, all the stuff that happen in your room could be your grandmother just playing jokes on you, or she could be bored, or even just trying to get attention.

Maybe she needs you to help her move on. I say that maybe you could hire a priest and get the house blessed if it really scares you, otherwise just ignore it and the ghost may not bother you so much. Also, do not get scared, because I have gotten light headed when the ghosts drain my energy out at school, home, friends house, ect. It is bad to be scared, because if it is just a spririt, then it just wants some attention and when you think about it, there is nothing to be scared of. They used to be humans and living just like us. They may not even know that they had passed away.

Anyways, I am babbling 😆, but great story. 😊
Oh, and I forgot something.
Okay, you know how you said that you heard the keys typing?
Well... Was there any writing of some form on the computer screen, or near or by the computer?

Just wondering! 😊
I believe that you should get your house blessed. Maybe you could also look up the history of your house, also, to see if someone died in your house or not.
Not to scare you, but maybe he/she died upstairs and that is why he/she is always up there.

Maybe you could find the pervious owners of the house and ask them if anything had ever happened to them while they were living there, or asked them if there was any reason in particular that they moved out.

Great story and hope to hear from you soon! 😁
hmmm... Interesting story. Maybe the "white lady" used to be a student and was just visiting or she has some unfinished buisness to accomplish.

If you see her again, bring a friend with you and ask her what it is that she wants and maybe you can help her pass over.

Just remember to be careful and that you are lucky to have seen it, because a lot of people do not get to see ghosts or anything. 😊
Im not sure. I don't go to that school... I just live near the park so I go up there a lot. Its a private school for kgrade-6 grade.

I understand what you are saying, but if it is just a creepy looking guy, how did he get into the school doors in the same night that we saw him in the parking lot? I mean... It was a matter of minutes AND the doors were locked because it was satruday night at like 10:00. I know, because we tried to open them... And why would he be there EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to the park? Yes, I am positive that I saw the little girl disappear into the wall and it wasn't sunny that day.
Thanks for trying to help me figure out what it was though. 😊
Thank you for reading my stories everyone! 😊

And also, thank you for trying to help, too! 😊
Thank you everyone for reading my stories! It means a lot to me... It really does. 😊 ❤