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I am really into all the type of paranormal phenomenos, and I love the stories about this stuffs.
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Odd And Scary Events on 2014-08-25

I have more real and strange stories what happened in my life and I really need your opinion about all of this. I can say I am a honest person who don't want to lose the time writing a fake stories, so let's start: I come from Romania, but now I live in Netherlands with my boyfriend. This is the ...

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Date: 2015-01-10
elohim7777,the other peoples who was to the party, they have seen those dark men, or just you have this gift?
Date: 2015-01-09
I don"t have ideea what could be in that basement, but I think, and its just and only my opinion, think a little:and if there in the basement was killed a mail man? And the mail bag belongs to him? Could be a really old crime, if the mail was from 62, pitty because if you throw it away the mail bag, do you think you have the possibility to find who was the mail man who had that bag? If he is missing or so... And if he is missing maybe was murdered and there in the basement was his ghost? Just saying because I have not a clue, anyway all the best, I like your story.
I think was a creature named Kapre, I read on YGS other storyies about this creature, who lives in Philippines, and usually looks like a big man, but can take even a human shape, and lives near by houses, especially in mango trees.
I know the ex-owner of the house allready did an exorcism, but seems its still continue the things... Anyway looks like you have a lot of poltergeist in your house, and I doubt are just bad ghosts, I think are involved some demons, I think its good to make another exorcism, and you need a blessing for you and your family, from a priest, and try to use salt in the corners of the house, or around your bed, try to burn some sage and basil, and use some holy water by spraying in all the house... I hope all this will help you, and try to say some prayers yourself, I really hope and wish to find your rest, and if you are religious maybe its good to have a small cross all the time with you and God bless you and your family!
Yes,because the ghosts use the energy, and are made it from energy, that's why appear especial on storms.
Date: 2014-08-26
Thank you BadJuuJuu, elnoraemily and xlauraloux for sharing your opinion, God Bless you all! 😊