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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Born and raised in Kansas, USA but now living in Sarajevo.
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Barstow Dream on 2009-06-16

I used to travel the country quite a bit while in my twenties and was getting ready to take a bus ride from Kansas to San Diego. A few days before this trip, I had an odd dream. In the dream, I was a passenger in some sort of large vehicle along with a few people unknown to me and we were traveling ...

The Mirror Above My Bunk on 2009-01-28

In 1990 I was a corporal in the Marine Corps counting down the last six months of my tour of duty at Camp Butler, on the island of Okinawa. Being an NCO, I managed to get my own room. Although made for two people, the room was small. When you entered, there was a wall locker then a bunk on either si...

A Small Town Haunting on 2008-08-19

When younger, I was lucky enough to live, with my mom and two brothers, in a mobile home which sat on a piece of land near the outskirts of the small town I grew up in. The land was owned by my grandfather and used for his businesses. Behind us were the usual small town neighborhoods, but in the ...

Keepers Of The Lodge on 2008-07-29

I am an American currently living with my Bosnian wife in Sarajevo. Not long ago we became interested in mountaineering and on February 9, 2008 we joined about seven others for a hike up a nearby mountain. We took a train to a village at the base of the mountain and from there went by foot. Besid...

The Burns' Ranch on 2008-07-15

I spent the first 18 years of my life living in a small Kansas town. Although there was little reason to stay, it was a great place to grow up and I have many fond memories of exploring the nearby woods and rivers. A lot of strange things happened in and around that town, but I will only tell of one...

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Date: 2015-11-27
Thanks for the positive feedback, babygoatpuller! I am back and hopefully will be quicker to respond to anyone out there. As for stories, I do have a few more I'm planning on posting. Hope you enjoy them. Have a great weekend!
Date: 2015-11-26
This troyarn and I couldn't get on your email for some reason so am letting you know this way that I've finally responded to your post on my story, "Keepers of the Lodge". If you have anymore questions just let me know. Thanks and have a great holiday season!
Date: 2015-11-26
Thanks for enjoying my story and believing it (I'm a sceptic myself). I apologize for how long it's taken me to respond, but I've not been on the computer for some time. I hope I can clear a few things up for you concerning my story.
First, we left the city of Sarajevo and headed quite a few miles away to a small village by train. There, we walked some miles to a place where a U-Haul type truck was waiting for us. It took us several more miles to the base of a mountain. From there, we hiked up (from what I was told) seven kilometers and because of the heavy snow, it took about four hours (sometimes the snow came to my waist and I'm six feet tall. Also, there were no roads open to this place).
Our "home" for that time was situated about 200 to 300 yards above another small village that was only used in the spring to herd sheep. In the winter it was deserted.
As for the "man" down in the village that looked up and waved at me, he could have seen me. While we had no electricity in the place, the main room, from which I saw him through a window, was lit up by flashlights, candles, and the stove. It wasn't well lit, but he may have seen my shape staring out into the night. I do, however, believe you are correct when you said he might have "sensed" me since he was looking the other way, toward the village, then suddenly turned and seemed to look up then waved. Like I said, it freaked me out so bad I hid along the wall (that sounds lame, but wait until it happens to you).
In mountaineering, if you're going somewhere, you first have to make sure the people who own the place know you're coming so they can prepare. After mentioning the man down at the village to everyone, the girls who ran the place said no one else was supposed to be there. Was this just some guy doing his own hiking? That could be true. But remember... This was an isolated area and there was a brutal storm raging. The next day some of our group went down to the village for another look and saw no one there (they were mostly just taking photos of the village and of course the snow would have covered any tracks). All I know is that this person wasn't supposed to be where he was.
Now, concerning the lady with the candle; as I mentioned, it's custom to let everyone who runs these places where we stay know that we're coming so they can prepare food and lodging. When we got there, we met the men who worked there, the others who had stopped in, and then the two girls who ran the kitchen came out to introduce themselves.
I never met or saw the lady with the candle except when she came into that bathroom. Please remember that it's not like America. It was a large bathroom and the "toilets" were holes in the floor you flush. Both men and women went to the same place and I was not used to this.
The lady was older, but not elderly. I was in my thirties, so I'd say she was mid-fifties (that's not old!). She was shorter than me, but I can't tell you how tall. She wasn't heavy but not thin... Somewhere in between, and she had grey, black hair tied in a bun on her head. She wore an apron and older clothes, but then again so do many cooks and servers here. And she was completely there... Not transparent or anything. Also, there was no noise at all. As for her entrance, I was about to enter a stall when I saw the glow of the candle come so stopped. She just smiled and sat the candle down and left. I never saw her again.
I'm getting long winded here so I'll close. I hope this answers some of your questions. If you have more, please write and I'll do the same quicker than I have here. Hope you enjoy the holidays and hope to hear back from you soon!
Date: 2015-11-22
I appreciate the comment, Sera. And I think you're right. Let it be known I don't go there anymore. Have a great Thanksgiving!
Date: 2015-11-18
Thanks for commenting, Angela 1987. I'd never heard of anything before stopping there that night but many of us felt uncomfortable. It was a beautiful place (bet you had a great prom), but we were ready to leave as soon as possible... Even the driver who's route went through there all the time.
Date: 2015-08-09
Hello, chapulin1234. Thanks for reading and being interested in this old story. It was a crazy time but to answer your question, it all happened and then it quit (as far as I could tell). We sold the trailer and moved into a home (I think they tore up the trailer and used it for scrap or something). I still don't know why it all happened, although some posters have some good ideas. Again, thanks for reading!
Date: 2015-06-02
Beautiful story and the English was great. I have no idea what you saw, but it did make me look up Nordic folklore and discover many beliefs. I believe in all of them until someone can prove them wrong. Thanks so much for writing this and hope to hear from you again with another story.
Very interesting story, avenger_topdawg. As I wrote before, avenger_topdawg and troyarn are NOT the same people. It seems a few readers think this. I came to Bosnia in 2005 as a civilian. Sorry to have to write that again.
Now back to the story... My wife is from Sarajevo and said that back in the war there was a massacre in Tuzla but she was under the siege of Sarajevo so got little news as to the details (something about a market being bombed).
Also, Tuzla has many salt mines so some disasters could have occurred there.
As you know, throughout history there has always been something going on in the area so who knows when or why these ghosts came about. It's a beautiful country but a bit dangerous, even if you do know where and where not to go.
Again, thanks for the story and I hope to read more of them.
Date: 2015-02-14
Thanks for reading and for the comments, notjustme. It was a very weird event and I'm still not sure why it happened. As for the eerie train station we briefly stopped at, I found out years later that it's supposed to be haunted. If I ever get the chance perhaps I'll go back there and check some things out.
Date: 2015-02-14
Thanks for the comments, notjustme. It was a very weird room and it happened years ago but I remember it like it happened yesterday. As I've posted, a friend said they shut the building down. I'm not sure if the mirror is there anymore or not, but I'm hoping someone got rid of it.Again, thanks for commenting and I'm glad you enjoyed my tale.
Date: 2015-02-14
I'm glad you liked the story, avenger_topdawg, and thanks for posting. The Balkans is a beautiful area with some great people (one of whom I am married to). I do have a few more stories that take place in Sarajevo and Croatia that I should put up.
As for people thinking we are the same person, we are not. I never served in the U.S. Military while in the Balkans and have never been to Tuzla. The first time I stepped foot in Bosnia was in 2005 as a civilian.
I hope that clears things up for a few people.
Again, thanks very much for the comments, avenger_dawg.
Date: 2015-02-08
Very creepy story, Sake. Thanks very much for sharing this.
Just read both stories and have to say they will stick with me for a lifetime. Thanks so much for sharing them and I am ever so sorry for your loss.
So your mom was born in about 1919? That was quite a while ago. And it seems the board was big back then.
Date: 2015-01-07
Maybe if you had turned the light on and called an exterminator things would have been better.
This all could have been a "brain" thing. We all have it at times. But then again, it could have been an angel.
Still, I have no trust in Mary Ann Winkowsky. She is PAID to go to funerals. That seems a little off mark to me. I could do the same. And THEN she tells you how many hours a spirit has to reach the light? Never heard of that.
At any rate, I'm glad you're happy with what you have.
One of the best stories on here! Thanks very much for sharing this with us. It brightened me up beyond belief.
Date: 2014-11-21
Great story and comments. 13 isn't my lucky number, but I do know that most Friday the 13th's are actually pretty good to me.
It's interesting how different numbers are bad in various cultures. I remember years ago going to a pizza joint and they would give you a receipt with a number on it, calling out the number when your order was ready. My number that day happened to be 666.
The teen behind the counter asked if I wanted a different receipt but I said no.
The pizza was great and I'm pretty sure getting that certain number had nothing to do with any ills I've had since then.
Very good story, K-marie82. Thanks very much for sharing it with us. Even the end of the house was weird. Why would someone burn it down? Again, thanks for sharing this with us.
Date: 2014-06-08
I'm sure to get crashed for this, but I do not believe things from a person who is so young. Sorry. But the reason I came on this site was for ghost stories, not for people who remember things when they were three or four years old. I have seen this too often... Kids (who shouldn't be on here anyway) getting posted, then going crazy... Sorry... I am about to find some other site. This one just filled with little girl/boy stories that mean nothing. Sorry... But I want truth... Not lies.