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I was actually a non believer of the supernatural until I moved to omaha Nebraska and wierd things started to happen.
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My Grandma's House on 2015-02-16

I had never gone to my grandmother's house until I was about 17. It was my first time in Mexico and I was already spooked by the countless rows of crosses on my way to Culiacan Sinaloa. My grandmother's house was originally a big 7 bedroom 1 bathroom house (they had 8 children) but was renovated abo...

A House That Burned In A Fire on 2014-09-03

It all started at the small city of Omaha Nebraska. My mom and I had moved there from California because we wanted a new start. At that time my mother was a chef at a local family restaurant and she rented a studio at an apartment complex. She use to work during the day and we only arrived home to s...

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Date: 2015-02-25
I actually did ask my brothers wife and she said that she had heard her name being called from that room. She also said that she would find the girls locked in there. This house was bought after my mother came to America, my uncles and aunts had all pitched in to buy it for them. There was only one person who had died there and that was my baby sister. My uncle had told me that when a room or a place had been abandoned for a long time, spirits take residence there. When I said crosses I meant the memorial ones for people who had died in that spot. My grandmother also lives next to the cemetery where my sister is buried. Yes It had gotten that bad. A lot of kids are going missing in that area too. One of my uncles said he had heard his cousins voice saying to join him, from that room. That same cousin was killed along with his brother when they were 20. I haven't gone back, mostly for financial reasons, but if I did I would like to take pictures and maybe stay in the room for the night.
Well to answer your questions 1) my mother was trying to prevent the kids mom from running inside. 2) I have googled the address and the house doesn't appear, for some reason it shows another neighborhood. 3) if it was sleep paralysis how did she saw the same thing we did and 4) there was another house fire up the street from us where two girls burned and died. The news never covered that either. A deaf man was shot and killed around the block, again it wasn't covered either. If the news didn't cover that what makes you think it covered this story? What I experienced wasn't made up, IT HAPPENED. I came on this site to see if anyone can help me understand what happened and honestly I've read most of other people's stories and they seem farfetched too. Did you know my brother had to get therapy because of this ordeal? Did you know my mom had a mental break down and tried to hurt herself? This did happen and yes, a lot of things does happen in Omaha. Lots of creepy things. All houses are old so all of them went through a lot of creepy stuff. My school was actually 2houses together that was burned down because they were giving education to girls and not boys, a lot of kids died. So unless you give me actual help or anything other than criticism I would be happy. Thank you.
Alright well I'm new so I don't know how to fix the address problem but the story is 100% true. We lived in that house for almost a year and any family or friends that visited always got chills being there. I understand the address thing because we had people pass by that same house very slowly and try to see inside. The boy burning is probably not showing up because the most popular story that the news stations were going crazy about (at that time) is the Amber Harris case. Omaha is full of undocumented stories since its a small place. Either that or the documentation for it got lost in change of owners.
This actually happened to me at my dad's house, the hairs on my neck actually stood up and I felt the dip in the mattress. I actually jumped out of bed and turned on the lights but nothing was there. Creepy stuff tho! 😭