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Hello:) I'm from Mumbai, India... Khili isn't my real name- lol that would be just funny... Would prefer not to let out my real name because the stories I've written are extremely personal and we usually never tell them to anyone. For example my family always tells everyone who asks, that my grandpa died in an accident. But if You've read my story, you'd know it was a suicide (for whatever reason)... Anyway khili is the name given to me by my brother's childhood friends and now my seniors and juniors at medical college. It means someone who is always bright and shiny, rather like a flower (cheesy I know:p) because apparently they have always seen me smiling. And 180 degrees is how they describe my smile to be- ear to ear, so to say! It's silly I know but that was the first name that came to my mind when I was thinking about what username to choose, as it doesn't give away my name in any way.
Anyway about the site, well I'm here merely for the love of your paranormal stories. I have no personal experience with it whatsoever, though I do have a lot of relatives who have had their share:) take care:)
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My Daddy Felt Different on 2014-09-22

Greetings! So this is a small account of probably the only activity I've experienced myself, if it is one at all. I'm still unsure what to make of it which is why I didn't post this as my first story, but maybe you all can tell me. I know many of you may not believe me but this is exactly what happe...

Miscarriage Atop The Tree on 2014-09-15

Greetings! This is a small incident but a very scary one, that my grandmother still remembers as vividly as one that took place yesterday. It's not my personal experience, but I've heard of this incident from not only my granny but also other village people. Living in a big city like Mumbai and neve...

It Probably Drove Him To His Death on 2014-09-08

Greetings! Before I start I just want to clarify- this is an absolutely true story- and nothing about it is made up- it's about my grandfather who sadly I have never met (you'll know why). It has been narrated to me by several persons including my dad and specifically my grandma who naturally rememb...

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Hiieeee val:) sorry was busy studying and preparing for an exam so didn't read anything on YGS this past 2 months! Came online today and opened to see if you'd written anything new first! And as usual both your stories are lovely! Heart warming and pure smile inducers! So thankful to your mother and you for this story! I know I'm late but merry Christmas and happy (almost) new year:)) )
Thanks a lot sheetal:) :)
Glad you enjoyed reading it:) :)
Date: 2014-10-17
I agree totally with notJustme... Maji very politely, clearly, and maturely handled:)
Date: 2014-10-17
Woaaah! This really is very confusing! I would also like to know whether they were solid toys that remained until days later... And the first thing that came to my mind was, like elnora said- maybe your parents kept them there... But then eventually sometime or the other, they would tell you or give up right!
This one is definitely a puzzler!
Date: 2014-10-16
Hahhaha don't worry I am safe! That road isn't a busy one! Anyway let's not take away from your wonderful story! Thanks again for the lovely share:)
Date: 2014-10-16
Val:-* since you already know you are my favourite here, I won't go on with that! I read your name on top and I actually got sooooo excited- I was on my way out so I had decided I'll read it once I'm back! But I couldn't resist so I actually opened it in my cell and read it while walking, even while crossing the road!
Once again, beautiful story! Love your son for taking care of angel, and simba for coming back just in time! As elnora said, I would love to give you a tight hug right now! Always keep smiling! Take care:)) )
Thanks for another beautiful story!
Date: 2014-10-13
This is a beautiful story sushantkar... Firstly let me just tell you how lovely I think it is of you and your mother to provide for the needs of that lady. Secondly to call her mausi is also so pleasant and touching. So extremely thoughtful of your mom to make her fresh food and of you to understand her need and look after it daily for years. Yes I think it was her coming to say thanks and goodbye. It's sad though that such a young life was lost. In india there is sadly little concern for human lives, especially those of the financially dependent and female populations...
Anyway awesome story. Thanks for the share!
I really liked your stories Aggers! Would definitely want to read more! So glad the happy ghost was there to save you and your mother from your dad... Wish you had that photo too! Would've been so nice to see it! Looking forward to more! Take care:)
Date: 2014-10-07
I'm really sorry for your loss sushantkar... That was a lovely story you shared. I feel sorry for Tanya. And at the same time, I find it extremely sweet of her to come say bye to your mom before she departed... Thanks for the share:) hope she rests in peace!
Date: 2014-10-06
Hey fergie:)) ) I saw one of your comments and was fascinated to see you had 26 stories! Wow! You have had some life huh! So full of the paranormal... And it's great to know that the ones I've read so far are all pleasant experiences!
What a coincidence that I should read this one today! 6th oct, 2014! Happy bday to your dad:) this is a lovely story! It must have felt so good to know he's visiting you:)
Thanks for the share:) I really enjoyed it!
Date: 2014-10-03
Hey Mayank:) Patna is a lovely city:) hehe and yes Indian parents and their obsession with engineers, doctors, lawyers and CAs right! Lol! Don't even get me started!
About the story, well it's pretty interesting. How the rajai can disappear is quite fascinating since you say the driver didn't even open the door in those 10 minutes, and that you were fully alert that entire time. And as the others have pointed out, it's possible the driver knows something more about it... Sad he wouldn't tell you! One question though, since it was dark and the car was in motion- is it possible the rajai slipped from under the seat backwards, and you missed spotting it? As in you know- where people sitting on the back seat would keep their feet. Don't know if the front seat had a way through but some cars have that, so it maybe a possibility. And since it was dark, maybe you didn't see it. And the next morning, the driver spotted it. Just a possibility. I once dropped my cell in my car when I was driving and I couldn't spot it for so long until my friend finally threw in his cell torch light and we found it below the back seat.
But I don't doubt the possibility of it being related to paranormal as well. Glad it didn't harm you in any way. Hope the driver isn't troubled either.
Also I must say- a well written story...:) take care
Aaawwww this is just so adorable:) I'm sure it's angel coming to check on her daughter and to say thank you to you for taking care of her little one so lovingly so that she doesn't miss her mommy's presence:)) ) thank you so much for sharing:)
Date: 2014-09-25
Wow! Never really saw it that way! Yes, had you stayed, things would be so different. Leave it on val to find something positive in the worst of situations too:)
Hehe and yes I do get what you mean lol!
Take care val:) always keep smiling:)
Date: 2014-09-25
Oh my god val... I read the entire narrative and it literally brought me to tears... And then I just sat and wondered for I don't know how long over what to comment. I really am out of words here. I can't believe your father has treated you so badly and yet, in his worst days, you were the one who looked after him. I know he is sorry now and has tried appearing to you many times to tell you the same; but at that point in your life, to forgive, forget and then give back so much love- I can't imagine what a big heart you must have. Respect! Genuinely!
About the bad spirit, that's terrible and very scary! Firstly to trouble you on a day you were so low and then to hit and throw things at you- that's one mean spirit! Or as you say- must have been one mean person in his lifetime! I really would've been terrified, specially when I had to play tug-of-war with the invisible... It's a surprise you had such a bad experience with spirits too. Because like we have discussed before, and you wrote in the story too- you have only spoken about the good ones. And it really did seem like there were just the sweet ones!
Once again I'm really sorry for what you had to go through. You are, truly, one of the nicest persons I've come across:)
Take care! Thanks for sharing your account. It must have been extremely painful to go through it all over again... Thank you:)
Aaawwww! I find this cute! Little naughty boy looking for something to play with!
Date: 2014-09-25
Woooaaahhhhh! I think this is the best ghost story I've read that could've summed it up in such few words. So direct and yet, so so scary!
Thanks for sharing:) goes to my favourites!
Date: 2014-09-24
Wow that's interesting! [at] valkyrie and notJustme- I find it fascinating because Hindus too have a 14 day period where we donate food and clothes to the dead. It's around the same time as yours, only a little later. Indian "shraad" as we call it, got over today. So say it was roughly mid to end September this year (it changes with lunar months like yours too... It follows the Hindu calendar which I'm not so well versed with. My apologies). We too are forbidden from being out too late (nobody follows that now), to not wash your hair and wear fragrances, etc because apparently it attracts the spirits who are visiting earth at this time. However it's not particularly scary like yours. It's rather a time we miss the people from our family who died, and we donate food and clothes to a priest in their name. That's that:)
PS- I find it pretty sweet that we should have similar, if not the same, tranditions across borders:)
And by the way, interesting story. Feel bad for the poor boy: (
Thanks for sharing. Take care:)
Date: 2014-09-24
Oh my goddddd! This is soooo scary! It reminded me of conjuring a little bit, except you actually held it:-o and heard it more clearly! This story has gone to my favourites... It's cute though! To imagine a kiddie ghost wanting to play too! What did he feel like? I mean skinny yes but was it cold and chilly?
Hey harsha:) congratulations on your first submission! Firstly let me tell you, you've written the story really well... Like elnora said- it was easy to read and very well written:) About the baby crying, I agree with you- it's unheard of for any local aamchi Mumbai animals that make such sounds. So I believe you when you say it was a baby's sound. About the sound changing into a lady's laugh- well that's creepy! Like I would actually get freaked out big time! But I do think it's a little difficult to digest. I'm sure your neighbour didn't lie or anything but maybe a crying baby becoming an evil lady who kills people is far fetched. Though not totally ignoring the possibility. If it's true then definitely this is extremely creepy. And yes the alarm story is a mystery too... Did it happen again after that day? Your alarm ringing even after you switched it off?
Date: 2014-09-23
Freaky links Valkyrie! Like I said before, I trust whatever you felt... Must have been creepy for you and your friend! Although you should look into the history Of that room if possible to see if there was a wrist slitting death there... And great links! Second one is particularly scary! Take care:) looking forward to reading more:)